Friend Circle

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Friend Circle
Friend Wheel.png
Artwork of Friend Circle
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Specific Location Use
Requirements Four friends
Power(s) Roll down hills while invincible.
Comparable to Wheel, Friend Train
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When friends combine their power, they can form a ring! This big hoop rolls down slopes, picking up items, and if you hold the jump button, the hoop will spring high--BOING! It's a great way to avoid gaps.
— Kirby Star Allies Pause Screen description

Friend Circle is a situational Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies. It allows Kirby and his friends to form up and take the shape of a wheel, allowing them to roll down hills, crushing any foes in the way. To activate this ability, four Friends are needed (it doesn't matter which friends) and a Friend Platform must be found in the stage. Once activated, the Friend Circle allows the friends to move quickly down hills. While moving, they are invulnerable to attack, but they can still fall into bottomless pits. To prevent this, they can perform a single jump, which can vary in height depending on how long the player holds down the button.


The Friend Circle is used in the following stages:


  • If Kirby falls into a bottomless pit while using Friend Circle (and entered the area while using it), he will be reset along with his friends from the start, still in formation. In Story Mode, Kirby will still lose whichever ability he had on hand, however.
  • One of Kirby's Stone transformations in Star Allies resembles the Friend Circle formation as depicted in the main artwork.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンズころがり
Furenzu Korogari
Friends Circle
Traditional Chinese 盟友滾輪
méng yǒu gǔn lún
Friend Circle
Simplified Chinese 盟友滚轮
méng yǒu gǔn lún
Dutch Vriendenkring Friend circle
French Cercle d'amis Friend circle
German Freundeskreis Friend circle
Italian Circolo amici Friend circle
Russian Дружеский круг
Druzheskiy krug
Friend circle
Spanish Círculo de amistad Friend circle
Polish Friend Circle[1]