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Good recommendations

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Welcome to the Good recommendations page! On this page, you can recommend that an article on WiKirby receive a Good badge, which can later lead to the article being featured on the front page! Before you nominate a page, however, make sure you understand what the base requirements are for a Good page, which you can read up on here!

Once you have a page that you think is deserving of Good status, add a link to it to the bottom of the list, and then sign with your name using four tildes. (~~~~) Feel free to add a short blurb explaining why you think the page deserves Good status, but please don't overdo it, or your article suggestion will not be considered. Also, please only nominate one page at a time, and do not arbitrarily withdraw your nomination once you've put it up.

A Patroller+ can then come along and review the page to see if it warrants a badge. Please be patient, as the review process may take time, and there may yet be issues with articles that may need to be fixed. Once the staff member has approved or rejected the recommendation, they will remove the item from the list, and if rejected, will provide a reason for doing so in the edit summary. If this happens, feel free to try nominating your page again once the issues brought up have been resolved. Don't spam nominations though, or you'll get in trouble.

WiKirby looks forward to your recommendations!


Add your recommendation below this line using a # sign followed by the name of the page, any comments you may have on it, and then your user signature (four tildes ~~~~).

Recommendations archive[edit]

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