Mt. Dedede Sky

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Mt. Dedede Sky
Mt. Dedede Sky RotK intro.jpg
The opening cutscene of Mt. Dedede Sky.
Main game Revenge of the King
Boss Kabula
Theme music

no music given

Stage order
Crash Clouds The Revenge
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This article is about the stage in Revenge of the King that precedes The Revenge. For Mt. Dedede in a more general context, see Mt. Dedede.

Mt. Dedede Sky is the fourth stage of Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra. This stage consists solely of a battle against Kabula using the Starship.

Opening cut-scene[edit]

In the intro, Kirby hops on a Warp Star from a cloud and flies in toward Castle Dedede. As he approaches, he is bombarded by cannonballs from Kabula. One of the cannonballs hits the Warp Star and shatters it, sending Kirby tumbling through the air. Just before Kirby hits the ground, the three Sparkling Stars he had collected in the prior levels coalesce into a Starship and pick Kirby back up. Using this new ship, Kirby flies back up to deal with Kabula.

Boss: Kabula[edit]

Kirby battles Kabula using the Starship.

Kirby engages Kabula using the Starship. The fight is very similar to the original version from Kirby's Dream Land, but Kabula has a number of new tricks. In addition to firing standard shot, she can also fire Gordos at Kirby which cannot be shot down. In addition, Kabula can charge Kirby with a diving attack. Finally, she can open up her main blimp to fire giant Bullet Bill-like projectiles at Kirby. As soon as Kabula is defeated, she has flames coming out of her as she plummets down towards the ground.

Defeating Kabula leads into the final level of the game, The Revenge.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マウントデデデ上空
Maunto Dedede Jōkū
The Sky Over Mt. Dedede