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Reason: Temporary Patches are not considered as actual patches.

All Up Patch Large.jpg
Artwork of All Up Patch from Kirby Air Ride.
Use Improving machine stats
Obtained Boxes and out in the open in City Trial, other Kirbys
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Comparable to Attribute stones in Story Mode: The Destined Rivals
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This article is about the item type in Kirby Air Ride. For the stage-unlocking patches from Kirby's Epic Yarn, see Area Patch.

A Patch is an item appearing in Kirby Air Ride, exclusive to City Trial. A Patch can improve a machine's ability, such as gliding or acceleration, by 1 point. However, when the machine touches a gray colored Patch, the corresponding ability is reduced by 1 point. Patches can be found almost anywhere, or when a character breaks a blue box. Blue boxes can contain up to four Power-Ups or "Power-Downs". Racers can also steal Patches when attacking opponents (specifically HP if the opponent has acquired no Patches).

The Power-Up points can have a maximum of 18 or a minimum of -14 as shown in the City Trial results (or the "Pause Screen Power-Ups" if this feature is unlocked through completing the specific task in City Trial's Checklist). However, the internal points actually range from -16 to 16, and unlike Air Ride and City Trial's Stadium/Free Run mode (in these modes, all internal points begin with 0), all internal points of Kirbys, except for HP, begin with -2 (displayed as 0 in actual gameplay) in City Trial's main mode. Thus, HP Power-Up points still has a maximum of 16 in City Trial, and cannot be lowered by any means.[1]

It is possible to bump into Fake Patches, which closely resemble real Patches. These Fake Patches do a variety of damage to a machine that runs into it. However, Fake Patches appear only in one event, if events are turned on.

There are also other types of Patches like temporary Power-Ups that increase certain stats for a short amount of time. These items are found in green boxes.

The results showing the enhancement Patches on the machine.

List of Patches[edit]

Permanent Patches[edit]

Below is a table that includes all possible Patches which provide a lasting enhancement to one or more stats:

Picture Name Description
HeartPatchKAR.png HP Patch Increases the machine's HP level. There is no fake, or gray, version of this Patch. Any HP Patches found in blue boxes is just one Patch instead of 2 or more, unless an event occurs.
OffensePatchKAR.png Offense Patch Increases the machine's offensive capabilities, which includes collision damage, Quick Spin, and damage output of items and abilities.
ChargeKar.png Charge Patch Increases the machine's charging rate, allowing it to build up boost power faster.
DefenseKAR.png Defense Patch Increases the machine's defensive capabilities, reducing all forms of damage taken.
KAR Turn Patch.png Turn Patch Increases the machine's handling. May be a detriment if too many are collected.
KAR Top Speed Patch.png Top Speed Patch Increases the machine's top speed. May be a detriment if too many are collected.
KARBoost.png Boost Patch Increases the machine's boosting power after a charge-up and prevents sliding during a charge. Also increases acceleration (The Japanese term for the Boost stat is actually カソク acceleration).
KAR Weight Patch.png Weight Patch Increases the machine's weight, preventing the machine from levitating upwards. Also helps the machine fare better during collisions and slightly improves speed. The more Weight points the machine has, the less damage it takes, and vice versa.[2]
KAR Glide Patch.png Glide Patch Increases the machine's gliding capabilities. Increases the jump height of machines which cannot glide. The more Glide points the machine has, the more damage it takes, and vice versa.[3]
KAR All Up Patch.png All Up Patch Increases all the machine's abilities by 1 point. This rare Patch is usually found in events such as the UFO, or very rarely in blue boxes, or simply appearing. There are no fake or gray versions of this Patch. This patch cycles through all the colors of the other patches, rather than having any one specific color. These Patches appear normally (by appearing or being found in blue boxes) more often when the player plays Stadium: Vs. King Dedede, but they are still rare.

Temporary Patches[edit]

There are also quick fix items that temporarily boost a machine's ability (these Patches can be found only in green boxes):

Picture Name Description
AttackUpKAR.png Mach Attack Temporarily boosts the machine's offensive capabilities.
DefenseupKAR.png Mach Guard Temporarily boosts the machine's defensive and speed capabilities.
KAR Speed-Up Patch.png Mach Speed Temporarily boosts the machine's top speed.


  • Whenever Kirby changes machines in City Trial, he will automatically drop a portion of his collected patches, and will need to pick them up again before they disappear or are stolen. The number/type of patches dropped is proportional to the number of patches he has collected prior to mounting a new machine. This can be avoided if Kirby jumps and lands on top of a machine, causing him to ride the machine and keep all his patches.
    • If a sufficiently large number of patches were collected prior to mounting a new machine, Kirby may drop an All-Up Patch, even if he had never collected one in that game.