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Glitches in Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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Most glitches need more thorough testing for more specific criteria and possibilities.

Listed below are the glitches in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Flapping underwater[edit]

In order to perform this glitch, Kirby needs to bring the Wing copy ability to an area with waterfalls (the hub of Onion Ocean, White Wafers - Stage 4 or Egg Engines - Stage 4). Kirby must use Condor head into a waterfall, after which the player has a narrow window to have Kirby flap. If successful, Kirby will behave as if he were in the air. He may use any of Wing's aerial attacks. Following up the attack with another flap preserves him in the state, while finishing the move animation where applicable will return him to a submerged state. Much like when touching ground, reaching the bottom of the body of water will cancel out his hovering state. Should an underwater flying Kirby use a move which results in him leaving the waterfall (Dive Bomb or Shuttle Loop), he will travel a significant distance through the air, preserving the momentum of the attack.[1]

Invisible hammer glitch[edit]

Due to certain abilities' weapons being treated as separate entities, certain situations can force them to behave differently.

For instance, if Hammer Kirby uses the Hammer throw in such a way that upon releasing the hammer from his hands he enters a body of water before losing the ability, he retains it, but the hammer becomes invisible for all attacks except another Hammer Throw. Entering a different room returns the hammer back to normal.

Alternatively, when in multiplayer, if a Hammer Kirby other than player 1 uses an attack with the Hammer and gets teleported to player 1 at the same time, a similar effect is achieved.[2]

Open tomato box glitch[edit]

This glitch can only be performed in multiplayer. A player other than player 1 must grab a Maxim Tomato box and throw it while player 1 gains distance. As soon as the box opens, the box must be grabbed again while player 1 gets out of range, thus forcing the character holding the box to teleport. If done correctly, the latter should be holding the bottom of the box, which is now treated as a normal item. If thrown again, the box returns to normal and can be opened again.[3]

Piston clip[edit]

This glitch can only be performed in multiplayer. In Egg Engines - Stage 5, two players must be standing under the semi-solid platform in the piston section, one piggybacking on the other. Shortly before the piston reaches the ground, the player at the bottom must jump. If the clip is done successfully, the character that was piggybacking will take damage and wind up at the top of the piston, soon to be crushed at the ceiling.[4]

Spinning Magolor Soul[edit]

This glitch requires Kirby to have an ability with an invincible dash move at the Magolor Soul fight. Due to the nature of its hitbox, Ninja is the most suitable ability. Kirby must reach the second phase of the fight and wait for the boss to use his variant of the Flare Beam attack. Kirby must dash through Magolor at the same time as the latter rams into the screen. If done correctly, he will now be rapidly spinning without his Flare Beam shield until his attack finishes. While in this state, he can still damage Kirby if they come in contact.

Undead Magolor softlock[edit]

To perform this glitch, a Kirby must have the Ultra Sword ability and destroy Magolor's shield, while another character has an ability capable of dealing damage midair without requiring consistent inputs (e.g. Spear Copter, Waddle Copter or Spark Barrier). The latter must position the character slightly above Magolor in the direction of Ultra Sword Kirby's upcoming attack and ready their own. Once executing it, Ultra Sword Kirby should strike Magolor and trigger the quick-time event. If done correctly, during its span Magolor's health will be depleted. Magolor will behave as if Kirby failed the quick-time attack, while all the players are simultaneously invincible and unable to attack, thus softlocking the game.[5]