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Endless Explosions - Stage 6

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Endless Explosions - Stage 6
KTD Endless Explosions Stage 6 select.png
Stage 6 on the Endless Explosions level hub.
Level Endless Explosions
Sun Stones 1 (Grand Sun Stone)
Boss Pyribbit
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Endless Explosions - Stage 6.

Stage order
Endless Explosions - Stage 5 Endless Explosions - Stage 7 EX
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Endless Explosions - Stage 6 is the boss stage of Endless Explosions in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This stage is a battle against Pyribbit. It requires 10 Sun Stones to enter, and clearing it grants access to Royal Road.


The stage begins with a ride up a series of Tilt Gondolas to the top of an active volcano. On solid ground, Kirby can grab an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee and has his choice of the Ice, Fighter, and Bomb Copy Essences. As Taranza continues to escape with the still-unconscious King Dedede, Kirby enters a door at the peak of the volcano to reach a pool of lava. Inside the caldera, Taranza tosses a boulder at a giant, sleeping frog named Pyribbit, who then gets upset and battles Kirby when the boulder ends up in his hands.

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Pyribbit spends most of his time off the stage, which can make him difficult to hit. As such, his fight tends to last longer than the prior bosses' fights. Within his first phase, he attacks primarily by spewing fire at close range, and can also grab Kirby from the background using his long tongue. He can expel flaming rocks from the caldera upon his head, as well, which can be copied for the Fire ability or otherwise spat back as a Star Bullet.

When reaching half health, Pyribbit summons four stone platforms out of the lava that float in the air, and a volcano in the background. These become fixtures for Pyribbit to perform more attacks from. He can summon pillars of lava from the background, spew longer trails of fire than before, and jump into the volcano as it erupts to menace Kirby from above. He spends very little time in the foreground in this phase, meaning that Kirby should focus on dealing as much damage as possible before he returns to the background.

Upon defeat, Pyribbit gets knocked into the background lava pit, where he then surfaces and starts roaring. The pillars the boss summoned during his second phase then inexplicably fly in toward the crying toad and crash into him, burying him beneath the surface of the lava and destroying him. The Grand Sun Stone emerges from above for Kirby to collect, which causes the Dreamstalk to grow to its full height and reveal the final main level, Royal Road.

Boss and Abilities[edit]