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The Off-Roader Super Transformation

The Off-Roader is a Metamortex Transformation in Kirby's Epic Yarn. The transformation first appears in Pyramid Sands, where Kirby or Prince Fluff turn into a car with an off-road appearance and start driving as long as they accelerate. Dusk Dunes is the earliest bonus area specifically for the Off-Roader transformation.

The Off-Roader always competes with other opponents, usually Waddle Dees on cars to be the first one to finish the race. Kirby or Prince Fluff must use the boosts available to destroy obstacles or stomping enemies in order to avoid slowing down and losing beads. If they finish first, they are won with a considerable amount of beads. Off-Roader form in Pyramid Sands when two players are participating, if either Kirby or Prince Fluff does not touch the Metamortex while the other does, they transform into a booster. The booster can help the car go faster, destroy obstacles, and plow through enemies without any ill-effect. The booster gets fatigued after firing too much, and firing longer makes the duration of the exhaustion even longer. When the booster is exhausted, he cannot ignite a boost for the car.

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