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Electricky Dooter

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Electricky Dooter
KRtDLD Electricky Dooter screenshot.png
Screenshot of Electricky Dooter from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023)
Copy Abilities Spark (Dooter Skulls)
Relative(s) Mr. Dooter
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays when fighting Electricky Dooter.

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Electricky Dooter calls this dimension his home. Born from focused electricity, he loves to perform shocking tricks. As an underling, he was told to gather Fruit Fragments for their powerful life energy.
— VS Electricky Dooter Special Page from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Electricky Dooter is the boss of Aerogree Dimension from Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. He is an electric-themed counterpart to Mr. Dooter, wearing a green and yellow color scheme and more closely resembling a wizard rather than a djinn. He also has a light bulb inside his hat and has cuffs and other parts of his clothing which resemble gears, similar to Magolor himself. Upon defeating him, Magolor will receive a Fruit Fragment that lets him use his Magolor Surge and Magolor Cannon.

In addition to being faced in Aerogree Dimension - 1-BOSS, he is also an opponent in The True Arena.


Electricky Dooter attacks in a similar manner to Mr. Dooter, but most of his attacks have been altered to incorporate electricity. He can also summon Green Snakes (グリーンスネーク) instead of Mr. Dooter's red and Mr. Dooter EX's yellow, and Darpas and Dippas instead of Babuts. The following lists all of Elecktricky Dooter's attacks in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. Attacks in green are used in the second phase of the fight only.

Electricky Dooter's attacks in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe  
Attack Description
Electric Bound
Electricky Dooter performs a series of three jumps across the stage. Upon impact, he will shock the ground with electricity. The last jump ends in a stomp that sends a wave of electricity across the ground.
Electricky Dooter juggles three objects for a moment, while hopping forward. After a short time, he will levitate these objects and attempt to throw them at Magolor or Kirby. Depending on the object, it can be deflected while levitating, or inhaled while it is being thrown. Objects include electric Dooter Skulls and purple bombs. In the second phase of the fight, Electricky Dooter will mix up the objects by throwing both Dooter Skulls (which will grant the Spark ability when inhaled) and Gordos at the same time. The objects will also be larger.
Thunderbolt Jump
Electricky Dooter charges up and jumps high into the air in a tornado spin. He will hover in the air above the screen, moving left to right in an attempt to target Magolor or Kirby and occasionally sending down lightning strikes. After two strikes, he will stomp down on the ground and send a wave of electricity across the stage. In phase 2, Electricky Dooter may charge up and jump high into the air in a tornado spin before stomping down at rapid speed three times, sending shockwaves across the ground every time he lands and jumping up again after the attack.
Hat Magic
Electricky Dooter pulls his wizard hat off, and commands Green Snakes, Darpas, or Dippas out of it to attack Magolor or Kirby. In the first phase, he will summon one snake or three Darpas, while in the second phase he will summon three snakes or three Dippas.
Hat Electrick
Electricky Dooter jumps into his wizard hat, which will float in the sky and send down a few lightning strikes. At the end, his hat will move from one end of the stage to the other while sending down a sustained lightning strike during this movement, after which Electricky Dooter will reappear from his hat.
Rocket Punch*
Electricky Dooter steps forward, and performs either a series of three punches, each covering a larger distance or a singular strong punch straight forward. Upon hitting the wall, the punch sends out a shockwave that sweeps across the wall and the ground. It will also cause Dooter Skulls to fall from the sky.
Hat Cut Trick
Electricky Dooter jumps into his wizard hat, which will then summon a large scimitar that it will swing at Magolor or Kirby multiple times, after which Electricky Dooter will reappear from the hat.
Most attack names are taken from official Japanese strategy guides, while others are conjectural and are marked with an *.


  • The lightbulb in Electricky Dooter's hat lights up while he is using electric-based attacks.


Video walkthroughs[edit]

Battle with Electricky Dooter in Magolor Epilogue.
Battle with Electricky Dooter in The True Arena.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エレトリックダウター
Eretorikku Dautā
Eletrick Doubter
Traditional Chinese 電阱達烏塔
Diànjǐng Dáwūtǎ
Electric Trap Douta
Simplified Chinese 电阱达乌塔
Diànjǐng Dáwūtǎ
Dutch Elektricky-Dooter Electricky Dooter
French Raddjah voltilège Voltsorcery Raddjah
"Raddjah" is a corruption of "rajah", a title for a Hindu ruler. Meanwhile, "voltilège" is a portmanteau of "volt" (the SI unit of electromotive force) and "sortilège" (meaning sorcery or witchcraft).
German Elektricks-Dschinn Electricks-Jinn
Italian Mr. Turbantik elettro Electric Mr. Turbantik
"Turbantik" is a corruption of "turbante", turban in Italian.
Korean 일렉트릭 두터
illegteulig duteo
Electric Dooter
Portuguese Sr. Genial alta voltagem High Voltage Mr. Great/Genius
"Sr." is short for "Senhor", meaning "Mister". "Genial" also refers to "gênio", the Portuguese word for genie, which can also mean genius.
Spanish Enigmante eléctrico Electric Enigmante
"Enigmante" is a corruption of "enigmático", enigmatic in Spanish.

Name with title[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異空いくう電導師でんどうし エレトリックダウター
ikū no dendōshi eretorikku dautā
Otherworldly Elevangelist, Eletrick Doubter
Pun on 電導でんどう (dendō, electrical conduction) and 伝道師でんどうし (dendōshi, evangelist).
Traditional Chinese 異空間的導電師 電阱達烏塔
Yìkōngjiān de Dǎodiànshī Diànjǐng Dáwūtǎ
Another Dimension's Electric Teacher, Electric Trap Douta
Simplified Chinese 异空间的导电师 电阱达乌塔
Yìkōngjiān de Dǎodiànshī Diànjǐng Dáwūtǎ
Korean 이공의 전도사 일렉트릭 두터
igong-ui jeondosa illegteulig duteo
Otherworldly Elevangelist, Electric Dooter
Pun on 전기 (electricity) and 전도사 (evangelist).