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Fine Fields - Stage 5

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Fine Fields - Stage 5
KTD Fine Fields Stage 5 select.png
Stage 5 on the Fine Fields level hub
Level Fine Fields
Sun Stones 1 (Grand Sun Stone)
Boss Flowery Woods
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Fine Fields - Stage 5.

Stage order
Fine Fields - Stage 4 Fine Fields - Stage 6 EX
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Fine Fields - Stage 5 is the boss stage of Fine Fields in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This stage is a battle against Flowery Woods. It requires 5 Sun Stones to enter, and clearing it grants access to Lollipop Land.


Taranza using his magic on a small flower to transform it into a more formidable obstacle for Kirby.

The stage begins with a short stroll through a grassland where Kirby picks up an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee, as well as his choice of Beam, Fire, or Beetle Copy Essences. In the background, Taranza can be seen carrying the unconscious King Dedede, prompting Kirby to enter a large door to the boss arena. Here, Taranza enhances a diminutive flower with his magic, which causes it to sprout up into a large tree known as Flowery Woods.

Main article: Flowery Woods

Flowery Woods starts off with only two attacks, and the battle is markedly similar to the one with Whispy Woods in the early games. Once Flowery is down to half-health however, it jumps into the background and unleashes a great deal of new attacks, much more than Whispy had, even in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Whenever Flowery Woods is in the background, it cannot be damaged directly. However, Kirby can attack its roots (in any of their forms) whenever they are present in the foreground, which damages the boss as if it were being hit directly. Objects that can be inhaled and spat out at Flowery Woods (or its roots) in the second phase of battle are the pollen boulders, the razor-sharp blossoms themselves (which can instead be swallowed to gain the Cutter ability), and the Stars that appear following the majority of Flowery Woods' attacks.

When defeated, Flowery Woods flies into the air and bounces around before landing on the platform from Phase 2, which slants, with Flowery sliding down. It then relinquishes a Grand Sun Stone for Kirby to collect. This causes the Dreamstalk to grow further and give Kirby access to the next level, Lollipop Land.

Boss and Abilities[edit]