Prism Plains - Stage 5

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Prism Plains - Stage 5
Kirby uses the Tornado ability to destroy a barrel.
Level Prism Plains
Mid Boss(es) Xmark.png
EX Stage? Xmark.png
Treasure(s) Copy Palette / Check
Stage Order
Stage 4 Boss stage
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Prism Plains - Stage 5 is the fifth stage of Prism Plains in Kirby: Squeak Squad.


This stage consists of only one room. To the right, a Hot Head guards a ladder going up. Above are several large barrels, which Kirby can bust open with the Fire ability to obtain some items. After several levels of barrels, the stage exit can be found to the right, past a barrier that can be lowered by pressing a switch in the middle of the room. However, there is a hidden chest up above, inside another barrel.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
Palette Checker.png Copy Palette / Check Change your palette style.
Kirby can choose the lower screen to have a checker pattern.
PrismPlains-5 Treasure1.png