Smash Ride

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Smash Ride

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Type(s) Arcade whack game
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Squeak Squad
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Quote1.png Ram your rivals and send 'em flying! Quote2.png
— in-game description of the game

Smash Ride is a sub-game playable in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It features Kirby facing off against Spinni and other red Squeaks while riding on a Smash Star. This Smash Star can be sent in any direction using the stylus[1]. Here, Kirby must try to push the squeaks off the edge, rather than physically attack them. Every time he knocks one of the edge, he gets one point. They respawn however, meaning Kirby must be on his guard at all times. He can charge up his hits by keeping the stylus on him. This is known as a "smash attack[2]. The amount of Squeaks with Spinni depend on what level Kirby has chosen, with the most appearing in level 3, and the least appearing in level 1.


This stage appears to be made out of stone. It appears to be circular and set in space. It has light stones surrounding smaller dark stones, in a similar way of a dart board. In the center is a circle filled with many light stones and some stone Star Blocks. In the sub-game, Spinni is found in the middle, with various other squeaks being found on the other parts of the edge. Kirby himself is put at the bottom.


  • This is the only sub-game in Kirby: Squeak Squad which does not involve some sort of bombs. Treasure Shot sometimes substitutes the sweets for bombs, Speedy Teatime sometimes replaces the strawberries in the cakes with bombs, and Boss Endurance allows Kirby to use the Bomb copy ability.


  1. "Slide the smash star in the direction you want to fly" - in-game description
  2. Hold the smash star and slide to smash attack!