Gamble Galaxy - Boss

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Gamble Galaxy - Boss
Dark Nebula Fight.jpg
Kirby does battle with the final opponent, Dark Nebula.
Level Gamble Galaxy
Boss(es) Dark Daroach
Dark Nebula
EX Stage? Xmark.png
Treasure(s) Boss Battle Badge
Stage Order
Stage 3 Last stage
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Gamble Galaxy - Boss is the final boss stage of Kirby: Squeak Squad, in which Dark Daroach and Dark Nebula are battled. Defeating both of these bosses completes the game, and awards Kirby with the Strawberry Shortcake stolen by the Squeaks at the beginning of the game.


Main article: Dark Daroach

The stage begins along a thin outer space platform. Three bubbles are made available, containing the Cutter and Parasol abilities, as well as a random item. The door to the boss chamber is just beyond.

Daroach is looking a bit more evil today...

The chamber itself is a simple flat area. Daroach appears again, but this time he bears a different color scheme. His attacks are much like they were before, but with the exception of the Triple Star Cane, have all been made more powerful. Once Dark Daroach is defeated, he falls unconscious and reverts to his normal self, a dark star jumping out of him. It bounces around for a bit, then rushes off to the right. Kirby then obtains the Triple Star cane from Daroach and chases after it.

Main article: Dark Nebula

From there, Kirby must run to the right, chasing the dark star as it bounces along, dealing with pitfalls and enemies in the process. This continues through a Warp Star flight path, then up a vertical shaft, as Kirby must dodge boulders and collect some more bubbles in the process. Once Kirby gets on another Warp Star, it takes him to a crystal-laden arena, where the dark star expands itself to reveal its true form, Dark Nebula. Here, Kirby has to do battle with it, fighting it with the Triple Star's projectiles as it changes form and unleashes elemental attacks. After Dark Nebula takes enough hits, it dissipates, finally defeated, completing the level, and the game.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses
  • None.

Copy Abilities

Treasure chests and collectibles[edit]

Picture Name Description
BossBattleBadge.png Boss Battle Badge Collect all for a new mode!
Shortcake Treasure.jpg Shortcake Strawberry cake.


  • The last two treasures, obtained after defeating Dark Nebula, are the only ones that Kirby acquires without opening them from chests.