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Speed Eaters

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Speed Eaters
KatAM Speed Eaters title.png
The opening screen of Speed Eaters.
Type(s) Reaction based eating contest
Levels 3
Players 4
Appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Comparable to Quick Draw
Samurai Kirby
Speedy Teatime
Kirby Card Swipe
Flash Fishing
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— Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Speed Eaters is one of the Sub-Games available from the start of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Speed Eaters is a sub-game based around anticipation and reaction, and it pits four Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, green) in a competition to inhale the most food.

A similar Sub-Game was later featured in Kirby: Squeak Squad, known as Speedy Teatime, and it can be considered as the successor to Speed Eaters.


The four Kirbys surrounding the plate.

The player only uses the A button in Speed Eaters. The objective is for each Kirby to fill themselves up with food before their opponents do. Their fullness amount is represented by a small icon. The first Kirby to fill their icon wins at the Sub-Game.

In Speed Eaters, the four Kirbys are standing around a dinner table, surrounding a dish covered by a silver lid. Each of them are holding a fork and knife (although they do not use them). Either four apples or bombs are usually hiding beneath the platter. Right when the lid vanishes, two red exclamation marks appear on screen, and either item is revealed on the plate. If they are apples, Kirby must quickly inhale them before his opponents, but must avoid swallowing the bombs. If the Kirbys have the same reaction speed, the apples or bombs are shared between them.

If the Kirbys attempt to inhale before the lid lifts, a red X appears above their head, prohibiting them from competing until the next round. Swallowing bombs has a similar effect, because it penalizes the Kirby from participating in the following round. It also darkens the Kirby and knocks him down.

The first Kirby to swallow eight apples in total wins. The Kirbys share a ranking if they end with a tied meter, or by filling themselves first. Kirbys in first place are ranked as "Winner".

Like the other Sub-Games, Speed Eaters has three difficulty levels, and Kirby's opponents react more quickly in higher difficulty levels.



  • The Sub-Game's official Japanese website has a wallpaper based on Speed Eaters. This is also the case with the other two Sub-Games, Crackity Hack and Kirby Wave Ride.
  • Like with Quick Draw from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Speed Eaters was directly ported into a Flash game on the official Japanese website. The Flash game and its dimensions were designed to fit into the screen of a pink Game Boy Advance SP image. The player would use their computer mouse as a substitute for the A button, either by clicking on the Flash screen (with an icon of the A button for the mouse cursor), or by clicking the A button on the Game Boy Advance SP image itself.[1] Crackity Hack and Kirby Wave Ride, the other two Sub-Games, did not receive a port.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 刹那せつなのつまみぐい
setsuna no tsumami gui
Snatching Food in a Flash
刹那せつな (setsuna) means "in a flash" and was previously used in the Japanese title for Samurai Kirby.
French Croc'vite
German Maximampf Maxi munch
Italian I Trangugiatori The Gobblers
Spanish El gran atracón The big binge