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This article is about the kingdom and setting of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and should not be confused with Floria.

Floralia is a kingdom featured in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and apparently a part of Popstar. It consists of six floating islands, each higher up in the sky than the last, with the highest being the seat of power in the kingdom. It is the home of the People of the Sky, as well as the arthropod wizards Taranza and Queen Sectonia. During the events of Triple Deluxe, it became connected to Dream Land via the Dreamstalk, a giant beanstalk-like plant that serves as Kirby's means of travelling to and through the kingdom.


Floralia consists of six distinct islands, each with their own climate, relics, and inhabitants. True to its name, most every island has excessive vegetation, with numerous flowering plants. Before the Dreamstalk grew, the islands were entirely separate from each-other, though this was not an issue for the People of the Sky, who could all fly freely between them.

Floralia is also home to a large array of insectoid creatures, who served under Queen Sectonia during the events of Triple Deluxe. They primarily occupied the last island, Royal Road. Apart from them, most of the islands' denizens are the same as the ones below in Dream Land and Popstar at large, including a healthy population of Waddle Dees as always.

In Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Just prior to the events of Triple Deluxe, Queen Sectonia gained enough power to take over the entire kingdom of Floralia and subsequently imprisoned all of the People of the Sky. In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, they devised the Dreamstalk seed and tossed it down to Dream Land to bring up a hero to save them.

When the Dreamstalk took root in Dream Land's soil, it brought up not one, but two objects from the countryside; Kirby's house and Castle Dedede. In a pre-emptive attempt to stop the hero and under orders from the queen, Taranza flew down to the rising dwellings, targeting the more-important-looking castle and kidnapped King Dedede with his magic, leaving Kirby to give chase. From there, Kirby pursues them throughout all six of Floralia's islands, defeating Taranza's traps and freeing the People of the Sky in the process. Once Kirby finally catches up with the arachnid mage and his hostage, he battles a possessed Masked Dedede, then proceeds to fight Queen Sectonia directly, defeating her with the help of Dedede, the People of the Sky, and even Taranza, who had a change of heart after Sectonia dismissed him for his failure to subdue the real hero.

Once Queen Sectonia was defeated, the Dreamstalk, having momentarily been possessed by her, enters full bloom, remaining as a permanent fixture of Dream Land, and as a bridge between the two kingdoms.


Levels of Floralia
Name Image Name Image
Fine Fields
KTD Fine Fields hub screenshot.png
Wild World
Wild World Entry.png
Lollipop Land
Lollipop Land Entry.png
Endless Explosions
Endless Explosions Entry.png
Old Odyssey
Old Odyssey Entry.png
Royal Road
Royal Road Entry.png

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

Pirika meets Taranza near the abandoned castle in Floralia.

In the Kirby novel series, Floralia appears in Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands!. At the start of the story, Pirika comes to Floralia to see the castle where Queen Sectonia once lived. There, she meets Taranza, and after hearing her admiration for the queen, offers to explain her story.

In the end of the story, one of the Dreamstalk fruits that Pirika has thrown at Gooey is carried by the wind to Floralia, where Taranza finds it. He plants the Dreamstalk seed and waters it, hopeful to see it grow strong.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フロラルド
fuyū tairiku furorarudo
Portmanteau of フロラル (floral) and ワールド (world).
Floating Continent Florald
French Floralia -
German Floralia -
Italian Floralia -
Korean 플로랄드
Spanish Floralia -