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Copy Palette

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The standard Copy Palette with four bubbles inside.
Once you're in a game stage, the copy palette will display on the bottom screen. This is where you’ll see the treasure chests and bubble items Kirby’s carrying. Kirby can carry up to five of these at a time.
— Kirby: Squeak Squad manual

The Copy Palette is an inventory of sorts that Kirby has access to in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It allows Kirby to store up to five different objects in his belly for later use.


Whenever Kirby touches or swallows a Bubble, it will enter his Copy Palette, should he have room for it. When the player desires to use the item inside the bubble, they can tap on the bubble containing it using the Nintendo DS stylus to activate that item, if applicable. Kirby can discard an item if the player drags it out to the top of the Copy Palette, causing it to be dragged to Kirby's mouth, which can then be spat out into the air or swallowed back.

Most items, while inside the Copy Palette, can be combined together if they are dragged on top of each other, although there are some limitations to combining. For example, Food items can be combined with each other to create another food item that restores more health. Copy Abilities can be combined to form others, acting as a type of mix. Certain combinations always give the same result, but the majority of the combinations wield random results.

Items stored within the Palette will remain there until the game is quit or won, with the exception of Treasure Chests, that are opened after a stage is cleared.

Some Treasure Chests contain alternate Copy Palette designs, which can be applied from the Collection Room. There are a total of six different designs, being purely cosmetic in nature. The edges of the Palette will also change color to match Kirby's current Spray Paint color. Four additional Copy Palette designs were distributed exclusively through DS Station pop-up locations at electronics and specialty shops in Japan in 2007, between March 29 and April 4.[1]


Bubbles can contain one of two things: an item or a Copy Ability. Kirby can collect these by either touching bubbles or swallowing things as they appear on a stage.
— Kirby: Squeak Squad manual

Items that can be stored inside the Copy Palette are the following:

Copy Abilities[edit]

Much like Copy Essences, these bubbles will give Kirby the corresponding Copy Ability if the player touches one. They can be found in stages, by using one of Bubble's attacks on an Ability-wielding regular enemy, or in the Copy Ability Room. Triple Star is the only Copy Ability not to have a bubble form. They can only be combined with other Copy Abilities, forming another in the process.


There are four main types of food items in this game: cherry, Energy Drink, meat on bone, and Maxim Tomato, with each healing more health than the previous. They can be found throughout the game, and they can only be combined with each other. The Maxim Tomato is the only exception, as it can also be gotten from the ? Bubble roulette, and it can only be combined with another Maxim Tomato or an Invincible Candy, always yielding a ? Bubble.

There is also other rarer food items that can only be found from opening already collected treasure chests: hamburger, nikuman, omurice, onigiri, and pudding. They can only be combined with each other, and always give a cherry as a result.

Invincible Candy[edit]

Invincible Candies in bubbles can found throughout the game or gotten from a ? Bubble roulette. When used, they give the exact same effect as a regular Invincible Candy. They can only be combined with another Invincible Candy or a Maxim Tomato, always yielding a ? Bubble.

Kirby Bubbles[edit]

A Kirby Bubble[2] consists of a small Kirby-like figure in a bubble. It can't be used alone; instead, it is meant to be combined with two other Kirby Bubbles to form a 1-Up that automatically gets consumed. They can be found throughout the game or gotten from a ? Bubble roulette, and they can only be combined with each other.


Stars can be obtained mostly by using Bubble's attacks on regular Ability-neutral enemies; doing so will always transform them into a small star bubble. These can be combined with each other to form a medium star, and combined again to form a big star. Touching a star will drag it to Kirby's mouth, allowing him to split out one Star Bullet. The size of the star will be the size of the star bullet. Big stars can also be gotten from a ? Bubble roulette.

? Bubble[edit]

There is a unique bubble with a question mark, that works similarly to the roulette from Magic. Once touched, the roulette will start, and the player can either stop it in the middle, or wait until it automatically slows down and stops. While most of the possible results of it are Copy Abilities, it can also give various items. It cannot be combined with any other bubble.

Its roulette is as follows:

Sleep → Invincibility Candy → Fire → Maxim Tomato → Spark → Tornado → Kirby Bubble → Beam → Big Star → Wheel → Bomb → Cupid → Ninja → Maxim Tomato → U.F.O. → Big Star → Fighter → Kirby Bubble → Ice → Bubble → Metal → Laser → Sword → Maxim Tomato → Magic → Animal → Kirby Bubble → Throw → Magic ↩

Treasure Chests[edit]

Treasure Chests are unique in that they are the only items that can be stored in the Copy Palette but aren't bubble items. As such, they can't be combined with other items, nor be used in any form during stages. They are to be stored until the end of the stage, where all are automatically opened.


Items can most of the time only be mixed with the same type of items, with a few exceptions. The following table details all possible combinations and results of item mixing:

What a mix looks like in Kirby: Squeak Squad
Item Mixing
Combination Result
Hamburger/Nikuman/Omurice/Onigiri/Pudding + Hamburger/Nikuman/Omurice/Onigiri/Pudding Cherry
Cherry + Cherry Energy Drink
Cherry + Energy Drink Meat on Bone
Energy Drink + Energy Drink/Meat on Bone
Meat on Bone + Cherry/Energy Drink/Meat on Bone
Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomato/Invincible Candy + Maxim Tomato/Invincible Candy ? Bubble
Kirby Bubble + Kirby Bubble Double Kirby Bubble
Double Kirby Bubble + Kirby Bubble/Double Kirby Bubble 1-Up (not a bubble item)
Small Star + Small Star Medium Star
Medium Star + Small Star/Medium Star Big Star

Copy Abilities, on the other hand, have a complete unique mixing mechanic. However, some combinations always give the same result:

Copy Ability Mixing: Fixed Results
Combination Result
Sleep + Sleep Ninja (without the Ghost Medal)
Ghost (with the Ghost Medal)
Sword + Fire Fire Sword (with the Sword Ability Scroll)
Sword + Ice Ice Sword (with the Sword Ability Scroll)
Sword + Spark Thunder Sword (with the Sword Ability Scroll)
Bomb + Ice Ice Bomb (with the Bomb Ability Scroll)
Bomb + Spark Thunder Bomb (with the Bomb Ability Scroll)

However, if the two Ability bubbles being mixed aren't one of the combinations listed above, they will give a pseudo-random Ability. Shaking the stylus as the two bubbles are being combined will cause a quick flash to appear, the smaller bubbles to change color (except the first time), and a different musical note to play. Letting go of the stylus during a color will change the selection of Abilities of the mix roulette, as detailed in this table:

Copy Ability Mixing Roulettes
Note and Color Possible Results
Do/Re, light blue Beam, Bomb, Cupid, Cutter, Fighter, Fire, Hi-Jump, Ice, Laser, Metal, Ninja, Parasol, Spark, Sword, Tornado, Wheel
Mi, red Bomb, Fire, Sleep
Fa, indigo Ice, Sleep
Sol, green Beam, Spark, Sleep
La, white Cutter, Sword, Sleep
Ti, yellow Animal, Bubble, Metal, Ninja, Sleep
Do, rainbow Animal, Bubble, Ghost, Hammer, Magic, Metal, Ninja, Sleep, Throw, U.F.O., ? Bubble, 1-Up



DS Station-exclusive designs[edit]


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