Copy Palette

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The standard Copy Palette with two items inside.

The Copy Palette is an inventory of sorts that Kirby has access to in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It allows Kirby to store up to five different objects in his belly for later use.


Whenever Kirby touches or swallows a Bubble, it will enter his Copy Palette, should he have room for it. At such a time that Kirby then needs to use the item inside the bubble, the player can tap on the bubble containing it using the Nintendo DS stylus to activate that item, if applicable. Kirby can discard a bubbled item if the player drags it out the top of the Copy Palette, causing it to be spat out into the air. Certain items, while inside the Copy Palette, can also be combined together if they are dragged on top of each other. Items stored within the Palette (with the exception of Treasure Chests) will remain there until the game is quit or won.

Some Treasure Chests contain alternate Copy Palette designs, which can be applied from the Collection Room. There are a total of six different designs, being purely cosmetic in nature. The edges of the Palette will also change color to match Kirby's current Spray Paint color.

Items that can be stored inside the Copy Palette include the following: