Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!

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Sub-Game InfoBox
Guest Star Title.jpg
Title screen for Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
Type(s) Speedrun - Team
Levels 5
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Star Allies
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Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! is an Extra Game in Kirby Star Allies, unlocked once the Story Mode is completed. The main premise involves a team of Friends and/or Dream Friends running through the stages in one long time attack run without Kirby's help and defeating a special boss at the end of the game.


The story is largely the same as the main Story Mode. However, instead of collecting the pieces of the Jamba Heart, Hyness and his generals are attempting to open an inter-dimensional portal. Once they are defeated, Galacta Knight appears from out of the portal, and gets ready to fight the allies again as he normally does. However, just before the fight can begin, a strange butterfly lands on Galacta Knight's lance and causes him to disintegrate. In his place, the butterfly transforms into the Reborn Butterfly Morpho Knight, who fights the allies in Galacta Knight's stead. Defeating him causes this new knight to gracefully vaporize, completing this game.

Gameplay Differences

the player needs to choose a particular Friend to play as before the game begins, and will stick with that friend for the remainder of the game. As such, this friend is given the ability to toss Friend Hearts to recruit other allies to help clear away obstacles and perform Friend Abilities. Instead of entering each stage individually, all the stages are played in one long run, with checkpoints in the interim. They are split into five 'levels' which are timed separately. Along the way, entering side areas and accessing hard-to-reach spots can yield Power-Up Hearts, which raise the stats of the allies when collected. These stats can be raised to a maximum of 5, and will reset when a new level is accessed.

In addition, there are a number of areas in the stages which have been reconfigured into 'ambush zones', where enemies appear in sequence which the allies must defeat. There are a number of unique areas to run through, which do not appear at all in the main story mode. The layout of the run also changes based on which ally is being used, with certain areas only appearing for certain allies. Lastly, while there are many heart-shaped Point Stars and Picture Pieces to find, there is very little in the way of Food or other healing items. Instead, the allies will need to rely on either their own abilities, the Big Switches, or the health-boosting Power-Up Hearts to recover lost Stamina.

A separate high score is kept for each individual ally, though only one run needs to be finished to 'complete' the game. Once this one run is completed, Dream Friends are made available to play as.

Interestingly enough, the Friend Star is never utilized in this game mode. In its place, several more Friend Train sections are added.

List of Allies

List of Allies in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!  
Ally Title Dream Friend?
Blade Knight Guest Star Blade Knight Staying Sharp Xmark.png
Sir Kibble Guest Star Sir Kibble Cutting in Style Xmark.png
Poppy Bros. Jr. Guest Star Poppy Bros. Jr. Bombs Away! Xmark.png
Rocky Guest Star Rocky Rock the World Xmark.png
Wester Guest Star Wester Wild-West Whip Xmark.png
Bonkers Guest Star Bonkers Banana Mania Xmark.png
Bio Spark Guest Star Bio Spark Savage Silence Xmark.png
Gim Guest Star Gim Up-and-Down Dynamo Xmark.png
Jammerjab Guest Star Jammerjab Staff Striker Xmark.png
Burning Leo Guest Star Burning Leo Roaring Fire Xmark.png
Chilly Guest Star Chilly Chill Winds Xmark.png
Waddle Doo Guest Star Waddle Doo Beam Land Xmark.png
Plugg Guest Star Plugg Powered Up Xmark.png
Driblee Guest Star Driblee Rinse and Repeat! Xmark.png
NESP Guest Star NESP Psych Out! Xmark.png
Birdon Guest Star Birdon Freedom in the Sky Xmark.png
Broom Hatter Guest Star Broom Hatter Spring Cleaning Xmark.png
Knuckle Joe Guest Star Knuckle Joe The Contender Xmark.png
Bugzzy Guest Star Bugzzy What's the Bug Idea? Xmark.png
Beetley Guest Star Beetley Unbeatable Beetle Xmark.png
Como Guest Star Como A Tangled Web Xmark.png
Parasol Waddle Dee Guest Star Parasol Waddle Dee Floaty Dreamer Xmark.png
Vividria Guest Star Vividria A colorful ❤ Xmark.png
Chef Kawasaki Guest Star Chef Kawasaki Flavor Attack Xmark.png
King Dedede Guest Star King Dedede Fight for the Crown Yescheck.png
Meta Knight Guest Star Meta Knight Scourge of Darkness Yescheck.png
Bandana Waddle Dee Guest Star Bandana Waddle Dee The Legend of Dee Yescheck.png
Rick & Kine & Coo Guest Star Rick & Kine & Coo Animal Trio Yescheck.png
Marx Guest Star Marx Galactic Ambition Yescheck.png
Gooey Guest Star Gooey Who...Me? Yescheck.png
Adeleine & Ribbon Guest Star Adeleine & Ribbon Artful Adventurers Yescheck.png
Dark Meta Knight Guest Star Dark Meta Knight From the Shadows Yescheck.png
Daroach Guest Star Daroach Enter the Space Thieves Yescheck.png


All of the main Story Mode bosses are fought in this mode, with the exception of Grand Mam and Void Termina. In place of the latter, the allies fight Morpho Knight instead.

Guest Star Kirby Glitch

The high score screen for Kirby in 'Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!'.
Main article: Glitches in Kirby Star Allies

In Version 2.0.0 of the game and earlier, it is possible to play this mode as Kirby. If while in handheld mode, the player taps a specific area on the screen in the main menu between 'New Game' and 'Best Time', they will be taken to a scoreboard for 'Guest Star Kirby' and asked if they want to start. Doing so begins a run of this mode as Kirby. There are a few elements to this that would suggest this is a glitch rather than an easter egg. These are as follows:

  • Kirby's pause description text, regardless of what ability he is using, reads as (未せつてい) in all regions, which can be translated as 'Not set'.
  • Kirby does not vocalize as he normally does when activating Friend Platforms or using the Dream Rod.
  • Reset Platforms do not take away Kirby's ability, and Kirby does not lose his ability when calling upon a Friend from it.
  • Kirby cannot interact directly with Copy Essences or discarded ability hats by touching them. He can still use them by tossing Friend Hearts at them or Inhaling the latter.
  • Tutorial signs do not display any characters, nor do they get marked when the shown action is performed.
  • Kirby's 1-Up portrait changes depending on which ability he is using, along with the title displayed in the pause menu. (e.g. 'Guest Star Sleep')
  • The title that shows in the credits will display the name of the Friend who corresponds to Kirby's currently-equipped ability. Despite this, any scores will still be saved to Kirby's score table.
    • If Kirby has no ability which corresponds to an ally, the title will default to one of his allies, or to a completely different ally if he has none.

As of Version 3.0.0, the main menu's design has been changed to accommodate for the addition of multiple save files at once. As the Continue button is now permanent, this glitch no longer works.


  • The title of this Sub-Game is meant to be a placeholder for whichever ally is picked. The title officially changes based on which ally is played.
  • Like at the end of the Dream Land stage in Story Mode, a false credits sequence plays after Hyness is beaten.
  • In Level 5, at the end of the castle section, there is an ambush where the team will have to fight multiples of whichever character the player is playing as. I.e. if Blade Knight is the team leader, the ambush will be several Blade Knights.
  • When playing as any of the downloadable Dream Friends, several levels feature entirely new rooms not seen in the Story Mode or in the runs with other characters.
    • Additionally, several areas resemble stages from the games in which these Dream Friends originate.
    • Near the end of the run for these friends, a special pseudo HAL Room can be found which spells out the name of the friend being played. Accessing it requires utilizing the specific move-set of the friends.
  • The look of the final boss chamber changes depending on which characters are being played. For all allies that came with the base version of the game, the area looks like it does in Story Mode. When playing as any of the Wave 1 Dream Friends (Marx, Gooey, and Rick & Kine & Coo), the area changes hue, the background flips upside-down, and the arena itself starts to grow over with strange energy pooling in the floor. When playing as any of the Wave 2 Dream Friends (Adeleine & Ribbon, Daroach, and Dark Meta Knight), this change becomes even more pronounced, with the floor also taking on a red hue with effects similar to the ones used in the fight in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. What this progression means is unknown at this time.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の○○○○ スターフレンズでGO
○○○○ of the Stars: Star Friends GO!
Chinese 星之○○○○ 新星盟友GO!
○○○○ of the Stars: Star Friends GO!