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Wheelie Rider

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This article is about Wheelie Rider, and should not be confused with Wheelie Bike.

Wheelie Rider
KSSU Wheelie Rider Kirby artwork.jpg
Artwork of Wheelie Rider Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
First game Kirby Super Star (1996)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Other game(s) Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (keychain)
Obtained from Jumping on a Helper Wheelie
Power(s) Ride on a Wheelie.
Similar to Wheel, Piggyback, Wheelie Bike, Blaze Wheelie
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Wheelie Rider is a Copy Ability and special form of Piggyback primarily accessed by hopping on a friendly Wheelie. When paired up like this, Kirby and Wheelie can ride extremely quickly and turn on a dime, as well as perform an Infinity Jump, making the ability overall more advantageous to use than the Wheel ability on its own.


Wheelie Rider only appears as an ability in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. In addition to creating Wheelie from an ability found out in the open, Kirby can also obtain the Wheelie Rider ability through Copy Essences Deluxe; but he must first create the helper to ride. Kirby's visual appearance changes by the addition of a motorcycling hat and goggles. Using Wheelie Rider, Kirby can move very quickly, much more so than on the standard Wheel ability. This ability is given to Kirby by default in the very last section of Revenge of Meta Knight, when he is escaping the falling Halberd.

Wheelie Rider skills  
Skill Button Execution
Rider Dash/Release
Rider Jump
Rider Dash + (opposite direction)
Turn Jump
Dash + Repeatedly turn
(up) + A/X/Y
*You can slide down or climb ladders while riding

In co-op mode, player 1 controls Kirby while player 2 controls the Wheelie. This means that player 2 handles the steering, while player 1 gains a new move to compensate: the ability to fire Star Shots. These shots can be fired with the standard attack button and aimed in any of the eight cardinal directions. They are somewhat smaller than ordinary Star Bullets and fizzle out much more quickly, but they are a comparatively powerful weapon that become especially useful during Boss fights.

Other appearances[edit]

While Wheelie Rider only appears as an ability in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, it has been seen or referenced in the following games:

Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
KSS Box NA.jpg Kirby Super Star With a partner or alone, Wheelie Rider will be a great ride! When riding double, use teamwork to race past the bad guys!
KSS Ultra box art.png Kirby Super Star Ultra Hop on your bike, Wheelie Rider! Go for a drive with a friend. Use teamwork to roll ahead!


  • If Kirby is under the effect of Invincible Candy, he will automatically grant invincibility to his Wheelie Helper upon mounting it, without having to use a Face-to-Face.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィリーライダー
Wirī Raidā
Wheelie Rider
Chinese 特技轮骑士
Tèjì lún qíshì
Stunt Wheel Rider
Dutch Wheeliecoureur Wheelie driver
French Pilote Roulli Wheelie Pilot
"Roulli" is the French name of "Wheelie"
German Wheelie-Pilot Wheelie-Pilot
Italian Kirby Ruotaccio Wheelie Kirby
"Ruotaccio" is the Italian name of "Wheelie"
Korean 타이어라이더
Tire Rider
Portuguese Piloto Rodolho Wheeleye Pilot
"Rodolho" is the Portuguese name of "Wheelie"
Spanish Piloto de Wheelie Wheelie Pilot