Illusion Islands

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Illusion Islands
Illusion Islands RoTK intro.png
The opening cutscene for Illusion Islands.
Main game Revenge of the King
Mid-boss(es) Fire Lion, Mr. Tick-Tock
Boss Lololo & Lalala's Revenge
Level order
Purple Plants Crash Clouds
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Illusion Islands is the second stage of Revenge of the King from Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is a harder version of Float Islands from Spring Breeze, as it has similar topography, the same theme music, a similar opening cutscene, and a similar boss, in the form of Lololo & Lalala's Revenge. Apart from the different coloration, some differences include tougher and different enemies, and a generally expanded topography.

Illusion Islands retains the purple foliage from the previous stage, Purple Plants. It also takes place during the nighttime.

In the opening cutscene, Kirby is fishing in the water. Instead of fishing out a Blipper, Kirby catch a Flotzo, who latches its suction tentacles onto Kirby.


Kirby in a cave area of Illusion Islands.

The stage begins on the coastline overlooking bottomless bodies of water.

The first door leads to a cave section. It leads upward past tough enemies, including a pool with a Flotzo inside.

The door leads out of the cave and onto the islands, where Kirby will have to dodge the extremely quick Cawcun.

The next door leads to another cave section, where Grumples can be found in large numbers.

Back outside, Kirby can progress toward a castle, though the path is nothing if not perilous.

Inside the castle, Kirby has to contend with the Mid-Boss Fire Lion. After defeating it, a Warp Star appears to take Kirby to the next area.

Kirby lands on the walls of Castle Lololo, and must progress up the steps, though they are swarming with foes. The door leads to the boss encounter (detailed in section below).

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities

Boss: Lololo & Lalala's Revenge

Kirby attempts to roast Lololo's Revenge.

Inside the castle, Kirby has to contend with the two teardrop-shaped twins, though they seem angrier than usual. Fundamentally, the fight isn't too much different from the regular one, though sometimes, they will push Gordos instead of the usual blocks.

Defeating Lololo & Lalala's Revenge yields a Sparkling Star, and allows Kirby to progress to the next level, Crash Clouds.