Cabbage Cavern

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Cabbage Cavern
KatAM S CabbageCavern2.PNG
Kirby, traveling through Cabbage Cavern.
Level Nr. 3
Room count 21
Goal Game count 1
Connected level(s) Rainbow Route
Olive Ocean
Radish Ruins
Mid-Bosses Batafire
Box Boxer
Boss Moley
Level Progression
Moonlight Mansion Mustard Mountain
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Cabbage Cavern is the third cardinal area of the Mirror World. The few Mirror Portals leading to it are characterized by a rocky brown frame in contrast to the mostly purple colored area. Few of the areas deviate with blue colored walls such as the area surrounding the Mid Boss Batafire and Boss Moley. Kirby navigates many narrow tunnels, and close quarter enemy encounters. Horizontally striking Copy Abilities are most useful for this area. In a few niches, a pounding ability such as Hammer or Stone will allow access to new unlockable Treasure.

Unique treasures found in this area include two Spray Paints, sapphire and chocolate. Two Sound Files can be found in out of the way treasure chests. And a single Mirror Shard is being guarded by Moley deep in the Cabbage Caverns. When any of the three large switches are activated a corresponding room with a mirror portal will be opened to access other areas. From the many rooms of the Cabbage Cavern it is possible to travel to areas in Rainbow Route, Olive Ocean, and Radish Ruins.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities in Cabbage Cavern[edit]

Regular Enemies in Cabbage Cavern Mid-Bosses in Cabbage Cavern

Abilities in Cabbage Cavern


Cabbage Cavern Area Map
Cabbage Cavern - Hub 1Cabbage Cavern - Hub 2Cabbage Cavern - Hub 3Cabbage Cavern - Room 1Cabbage Cavern - Room 2Cabbage Cavern - Room 3Cabbage Cavern - Room 4Cabbage Cavern - Room 5Cabbage Cavern - Room 6Cabbage Cavern - Room 7Cabbage Cavern - Room 8Cabbage Cavern - Room 9Cabbage Cavern - Room 10Cabbage Cavern - Room 11Cabbage Cavern - Room 12Cabbage Cavern - Room 13Cabbage Cavern - Room 14Cabbage Cavern - Room 15Cabbage Cavern - Room 16Cabbage Cavern - GoalRainbow Route - Central CircleRainbow Route - Room 13Rainbow Route - Hub 2Rainbow Route - Room 15Rainbow Route - Central CircleOlive Ocean - Room 1Radish Ruins - Room 1Cabbage Cavern - BossCabbage Cavern Map.jpg
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Cabbage Cavern is a fairly small area, consisting primarily of a single path through its breadth. It has numerous connections to Rainbow Route from above, but has very few connections to anywhere else. Under normal circumstances, Kirby and his clones will not spend too much time traveling through this area. Overall, there are 16 normal rooms, three hubs, and one Goal room.

Cabbage Cavern is bordered to the north by Rainbow Route, to the south-east by Olive Ocean, and to the west by Radish Ruins.

Cabbage Cavern has one Goal room. Completing this room takes Kirby and his clones to the Goal Game, then returns them to the Central Circle of Rainbow Route.

For a full synopsis of what's in each room, click on any room on the map to head to the corresponding page.


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