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Fling, Twirl, Return! Hit the Switches

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Fling, Twirl, Return! Hit the Switches
KatFL Fling Twirl Return select screenshot.png
Stage select screen for Fling, Twirl, Return! Hit the Switches.
Level Everbay Coast
Difficulty ★★
Ability/Mode used Chakram Cutter
Unlock criteria Rescue 20 Waddle Dees in Everbay Coast.
Stage time 2:30 (2:00 in Wild Mode)
Target time 1:00
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Slash and Slice! Sword Trial With Gusto! Turn the Windmills
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Fling, Twirl, Return! Hit the Switches (Chakram Cutter Treasure for short) is a stage in Treasure Road, found in Everbay Coast. This stage tasks Kirby with completing a challenge revolving around the use of Chakram Cutter, making use of its curving blades to hit switches. The stage is unlocked after rescuing 20 Waddle Dees in Everbay Coast. Since it makes use of Chakram Cutter, Kirby cannot play this stage unless he has that ability unlocked. The stage is marked by two stars of difficulty and has a stage time of two and a half minutes (two minutes in Wild Mode), with a target time of one minute.

Stage details[edit]

This stage consists of a number of isolated platforms, most of which are connected by barrier blocks that appear when Kirby hits the switches using his Chakram Cutter blades. There are four different areas where switches need to be hit, with the third set involving switches that move in and out, and the last set hanging over spike pits behind moving walls. Along the way, Kirby will need to battle enemies that appear on the bridges or try to attack him on the platforms. The Rare Stone platform can be reached after hitting the last set of switches to make one more bridge appear.


The following are tips on how to attain the target time for this stage:

  • The window to attain the Target Time in this stage is fairly generous, so there is no need for Kirby to rush. Instead he should get in a good position to throw his cutters at each set of switches.
  • It may be helpful for Kirby to deal with the Sir Kibbles on the path, so they do not interrupt his attempts to hit the switches.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Fling, Twirl, Return! Hit the Switches.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Lancers tournoyants sur les interrupteurs ! Twirling throws on the switches!
German Werfen, wirbeln, weiter! Triff die Schalter Throw, twirl, further! Hit the Switches
Korean 빙글 돌아와라! 스위치 온
Binggeul Dorawara! Seuwichi On
Twirl and Return! Switch On
Spanish ¡Lanza, gira y recupera! Activar los interruptores Fling, twirl and return! Hit the switches