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Onion Garden

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Onion Garden
KSS Onion Garden.png
Screenshot of Kirby and King Dedede racing in Onion Garden in Kirby Super Star.
Theme music

Clip of the Gourmet Race theme which plays in Onion Garden.

Stage order
Corn Hall Last stage
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Onion Garden is the final of the three race courses in Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. This stage features an extremely contorted path, as well as large pools of water, spikes to avoid, copy abilities to utilize, and many hidden Maxim Tomatoes to find.


The race begins by moving up a steel hillside into a chamber where five Copy Essences can be found. In order, these contain Jet, Parasol, Ninja, Wing, and Wheel. From there, the path drops past another chamber into a small hall with Star Blocks piled up ahead. Up ahead, Kirby will need to Hover up a spike-lined vertical column and then bond to the right past some shallow pools of water. The path drops past layers of blocks that break when stood on to reveal a cloudy path that extends to the left and splits in two. The lower path will require Kirby to bust through some Star Blocks to proceed. After a while, the paths converge and then move up and down through more narrow vertical columns. From here, further left is a large body of suspended water which the two will need to swim up through. The path continues to the left and then bends a great many times through narrow corridors, then splits in two again near the end on the way up. Once the paths converge again, the finish line can be found just to the right.

There are 59 normal food items and 9 Maxim Tomatoes on the stage. Maxim Tomatoes are worth three points each. All the food together is worth 86 points.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たまねぎガーデン
Tamanegi Gāden
Onion Garden
French Raid des Radis Radish Raid
German Zwiebelzirkus Onion Circus
Italian Giardini Cipolla Onion Gardens
Spanish Jardín de las Cebollas Onion Garden