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Shadow Dedede

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Shadow Dedede
KTD Shadow Dedede.png
Shadow Dedede, just after emerging from the Dimension Mirror.
First game Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Copy Abilities Bomb (missiles)
Beam (Axe Shot)
Relative(s) King Dedede
Similar to Masked Dedede
King D-Mind
Parallel Dedede
Theme music

Clip of Shadow Dedede's theme from Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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In the depths of a mysterious mirror hanging in the hall of the queen waits the dark king, Shadow Dedede! He wages battle against all comers, but Shadow Dedede's true opponent is the darkness in his own heart.
— VS Shadow Dedede, Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Shadow Dedede is the penultimate boss in Dededetour! of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and appears as the second of the Nightmare Four from The True Arena in that game. Shadow Dedede appears to be an evil doppelgänger of King Dedede, though his pause description describes him as a miserable automaton, lashing out in anger because he knows nothing else. Shadow Dedede looks more or less the same as King Dedede, but with an obviously darker color scheme, blank white eyes, and a different symbol on his coat and hammer, resembling a monochrome bulls-eye.

Shadow Dedede comes out of the Dimension Mirror after King Dedede defeats Queen Sectonia DX in Level 6 of Dededetour!.


King Dedede facing down his dark duplicate in Dededetour!.

This fight effectively serves as the DX version of the fight with Masked Dedede in the Story Mode of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. However, there are a couple key differences. First, Shadow Dedede only has one life bar, and he switches to the axe portion after it is halfway depleted. Second, he possesses some oddly different attacks, including one where his belly sash opens up into a mouth, and fires out orbs of dark energy.

The following are all of Shadow Dedede's attacks. Note that attack names are conjectural:

Shadow Dedede's attacks in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Attack Description
Head Slide
Shadow Dedede runs and then dives at Kirby or Dedede a much further distance than Masked Dedede. He may do this attack twice in a row.
Super Dedede Jump
Shadow Dedede leaps into the air and then lands suddenly in another location, before repeating two more times. In the second phase, these jumps create shockwaves upon landing.
Hammer Slam/Axe Slash
Shadow Dedede raises his hammer and slams the ground with it twice in a row. If Kirby or Dedede is airborne, then Shadow Dedede will jump up and swing the hammer in midair. When he lands, a shockwave emanates from it. In the second phase, he does this attack with his axe instead, with each swing on ground level causing shockwaves.
Hypernova Inhale
Shadow Dedede inhales, creating a big vortex. If Kirby or Dedede don't run fast enough from the suction, they will be sucked up and then spat out at the screen.
Shadow Dedede Missile
Shadow Dedede preps his hammer, which opens up and shoots out four missiles. The missiles can be swallowed for the Bomb ability.
Shadow Dedede preps his hammer, which opens up and shoots out a large gout of flame.
Shadow Dedede surrounds himself with dark energy while taking in air and starts hovering toward Kirby or Dedede. He ends the attack by spitting out an Air Bullet and falling back to ground level.
Second phase only  
Axe Dance
Shadow Dedede wildly swings his poleaxe about, aiming for Kirby or Dedede as he does so, and turning with his strikes as needed. He finishes with a series of long lunge attacks.
Axe Bomber
Shadow Dedede jumps into the air with his poleaxe, and then comes crashing down, creating a large explosion where he lands. He does this attack three times in a row compared to Masked Dedede.
Belly Black Matter
Shadow Dedede flies into the background and his belly opens up into a big maw. Out of this maw, a series of eight dark orb blasts are fired. Shadow Dedede then flies on-stage and fires three larger blasts which can bounce around.
Axe Tornado
Shadow Dedede spins his axe rapidly around in an attempt to catch Kirby or Dedede in his dance. He gets dizzy afterwards.
Shining Axe
Shadow Dedede charges his poleaxe in the center of the stage, then releases two waves of spiky energy orbs across the stage that cover almost every portion of it.
Axe Shot
Shadow Dedede charges his poleaxe, then releases a series of energy orb projectiles that slightly home in on Kirby or Dedede. Inhaling these projectiles will yield the Beam ability.
Flying Axe
Shadow Dedede spins rapidly around with his axe surrounded by dark energy and takes to the skies, flying in and out of the arena. He gets dizzy afterwards.

In phase 1, Shadow Dedede attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Head Slide x2
  2. Super Dedede Jump
  3. Hammer Slam
  4. Hypernova Inhale
  5. Head Slide
  6. Shadow Dedede Missile
  7. Head Slide
  8. Super Dedede Jump
  9. Hammer Slam
  10. Flamethrower
  11. Hover
  12. Hammer Slam

In phase 2, Shadow Dedede attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Axe Dance
  2. Super Dedede Jump x3
  3. Axe Bomber
  4. Head Slide
  5. Belly Black Matter
  6. Head Slide
  7. Axe Tornado
  8. Shining Axe
  9. Head Slide
  10. Axe Slash
  11. Axe Shot
  12. Flying Axe
  13. Axe Dance
  14. Hypernova Inhale

Once defeated, Shadow Dedede turns into a silhouette, then bursts into shards of glass.


  • The English, French, German, Italian and Spanish flavor texts misinterpret the last sentence. According to the original Japanese and the localized Korean versions, it should be "King Dedede's true opponent is the darkness in his own heart."[1][2] The Japanese version also calls him ブラデ (Burade) for short, which is an abbreviation of his full Japanese name ブラックデデデ Black Dedede.
    • The Japanese abbreviation could be a parody of Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising (Black Pit in Japanese), who is nicknamed ブラピ (Burapi) in that version for short.
  • King D-Mind is named "MaskedBlackDedede" in the internal game files of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. "Black Dedede" is the Japanese name of Shadow Dedede, and King D-Mind's moveset can be considered an even more souped-up version of Shadow Dedede despite them being two different characters.
  • When Shadow Dedede opens up his belly sash to reveal a mouth, he spurts off blood. This is one of the few Kirby bosses with on-screen depictions of blood; with the others being Zero, , Dark Meta Knight's Revenge, Star Dream Soul OS and Void Termina's First Core.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブラックデデデ
Burakku Dedede
Black Dedede
Canadian French Dadidou ombre Shadow Dedede
European French DaDiDou ombre Shadow Dedede
German Shadow-Dedede -
Italian Dedede Ombra Shadow Dedede
Korean 블랙 디디디
Beullaek Dididi
Black Dedede
Spanish Dedede oscuro Dark Dedede


  1. "女王の間に かざられていた なぞのカガミ。
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    りゃくして ブラデ があらわれた!
    大王が のりこえるべき あいて…
    それは、大王じしんの 心のカゲだった。
    " –VS Shadow Dedede (Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Japanese version)
  2. "여왕의 방에 걸려 있던 수수께끼 거울.
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