Shadow Dedede

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Shadow Dedede.jpg
Shadow Dedede, just after emerging from the Dimension Mirror.
Debut Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Relative(s) King Dedede
Similar to Masked Dedede
King D-Mind
Parallel Dedede
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Shadow Dedede is the penultimate boss in DededeTour! in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and appears as the second of the Nightmare Four from the True Arena in that game. He appears to be an evil doppelganger of King Dedede, though his pause description describes him as a miserable automaton, lashing out in anger because he knows nothing else. Shadow Dedede looks more or less the same as King Dedede, but with an obviously darker color scheme, and a different symbol on his coat and hammer, resembling a monochrome bulls-eye.


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Kirby faces off against Shadow Dedede in The True Arena.

This fight effectively serves as the DX version of the fight with Masked Dedede in the Main Game. However, there are a couple key differences. Firstly, Shadow Dedede only has one life bar, and he switches to the axe portion after it is halfway depleted. Secondly, he possesses some oddly different attacks, including one where his belly sash opens up into a mouth, and fires out orbs of dark energy.

Once defeated, Shadow Dedede turns into a silhouette, then bursts into shards of glass.