Blaze Wheelie

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Screencap of a Blaze Wheelie

Blaze Wheelie is an object found in the Attack Riders battle mode from Kirby Battle Royale. It is similar to a Wheelie, but it does not move on its own, like the Wheel-based vehicles from Kirby Air Ride.

Blaze Wheelie appears specifically in the 'Attack Biker' stage of Attack Riders. It is dumped onto the arena via a central spinning ramp every now and then, waiting for a contestant to hop on and start riding. It is capable of moving very quickly on the ground, can make sharp turns, and can perform a single jump. Its main feature however is its charge attack, which can be used to ram opponents and deal a lot of damage. A gauge to the top-left tells the player when another charge can be used.

Blaze Wheelie is tough, but it doesn't protect its driver when not charging. A single hit will cause the driver to be knocked off. If two Blaze Wheelies charge into each-other, they will be sent flying away from each-other in the recoil, but neither rider will be thrown off.