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Screencap of a Blaze Wheelie

Blaze Wheelie is an object found in the Attack Riders battle mode from Kirby: Battle Royale. It is similar to a Wheelie, but it does not move on its own, like the Wheel-based vehicles from Kirby Air Ride.

Blaze Wheelie appears specifically in the 'Attack Biker' stage of Attack Riders. It is dumped onto the arena via a central spinning ramp every now and then, waiting for a contestant to hop on and start riding. It is capable of moving very quickly on the ground, can make sharp turns, and can perform a single jump. Its main feature however is its charge attack, which can be used to ram opponents and deal a lot of damage. A gauge to the top-left tells the player when another charge can be used.

Blaze Wheelie is tough, but it is not invulnerable, and can be destroyed with enough hits. It can also be hijacked if the rider is attacked.