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Forgo Land

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Forgo Land
KatFL Forgo Land select screenshot.png
Level Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams
Boss(es) Forgo Leon
Morpho Knight
Blueprint Morpho Knight Sword
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Forgo Zone Last stage
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Forgo Land is the seventh and final stage of Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This stage is unlocked after completing Forgo Zone and requires Kirby to have collected at least 250 pieces of Leon's Soul to enter. In this stage, Kirby and Elfilin attempt to revive Leon with the pieces of his soul, but they are interrupted by Soul Forgo, who takes control of Leon's body and fights them. When Kirby comes out on top, Soul Forgo tries to attack more directly, but is absorbed by a butterfly, who turns into Morpho Knight and initiates battle with Kirby instead. When Morpho Knight is vanquished, the Beast Pack appear to return the remaining pieces of Leon's soul to its body, reviving their leader and bringing him back to his former self.

There are no Capsules or Rare Stones to collect in this stage, but Kirby does receive the blueprint for Morpho Knight Sword at the end.

Unlike other Forgo Dreams stages, rather than being named after the level in question, this stage's name is a reference to the English title of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Stage overview[edit]


Kirby and Elfilin heading down the ominous lab hallway.

The stage begins in an area reminiscent of the main entrance hall to the central chamber in Lab Discovera, completed with a warped version of the "Dream Discoveries Tour" theme and voiceover. Kirby and Elfilin walk through the hall and enter the main chamber, where they see Leon's body suspended in a fetal position in a bubble. Elfilin approaches and restores all the pieces of Leon's Soul that Kirby had collected to their owner, which seems to revive Leon and bring him back to his senses. Their task seemingly accomplished, Kirby and Elfilin do a victory dance, which Leon joins in by the end. Shortly after the dance concludes, however, Leon is overtaken and re-possessed, and forced to fight Kirby again, known now as Forgo Leon.

Forgo Leon[edit]

Leon being fully possessed by Soul Forgo.
Main article: Forgo Leon

At the start of the fight, Elfilin gives Kirby a Maxim Tomato and Ability Items for Cutter and Bomb to use against Forgo Leon. The first phase of the fight is more-or-less the same as the second phase of the battle against Leongar in Lab Discovera. When the first health meter is depleted, however, it replenishes for the second phase, where Soul Forgo emerges as a shadowy silhouette and infuses itself directly into Leon's mind, giving him a similar possessed appearance to the enemies that held Leon's Soul pieces in previous stages. In this form, Forgo Leon uses many of his attacks from the first phase against Leongar, but with new effects added on top, such as shockwaves, flames, and lightning bolts. Partway through this fight, Soul Forgo also appears to attack Kirby directly by throwing energy waves and blasts at him, thus forcing Kirby to dodge two attackers at once.

When Forgo Leon is defeated, Soul Forgo loses control of Leon and he is thrown back into his seat, motionless. The psychic beast then takes matters into its own hands and prepares to engage Kirby directly. At that moment, however, a familiar ethereal butterfly flies into the scene, lands on Soul Forgo's nose and absorbs it, then transforms into Morpho Knight and does battle with Kirby.

Morpho Knight[edit]

The Butterfly landing on Soul Forgo.
Main article: Morpho Knight

The battle against Morpho Knight is similar in many ways to its battle in Kirby Star Allies, possessing most of the same attacks, just adapted for a 3D space. Morpho Knight mainly attacks by teleporting and using sword swipes, throwing fiery projectiles, and shooting out waves of fire. Morpho Knight also retains its "Sukhavati Scale Wave" attack which has been adapted to confuse Kirby's vision when it hits him, since he has no Friends to take control of this time. When Morpho Knight is defeated, it rises into the air gracefully and then dissipates in a flash of light, leaving a brief dark shadow that then vanishes in its wake.

After this, Kirby is awarded the blueprint for Morpho Knight Sword and is free to check in on Leon. He and Elfilin try to get Leon to come to, but he seems to be comatose. At that moment, when all seems lost, Clawroline and the rest of the Beast Pack show up and hand over the remaining pieces of Leon's soul to their owner, allowing him to be fully revitalized. Kirby and Elfilin celebrate as the Beast Pack celebrates the recovery of their king and the game goes to the second credits sequence.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

There are no differences in the stage between Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses
  • None

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)

  • None


  • If Kirby gets defeated during this stage, then four Copy Essences (containing the Tornado, Bomb, Cutter, and Ice abilities) will appear in the hallway at the beginning of the area.


Forgo Leon battle[edit]

Morpho Knight battle[edit]


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Forgo Land.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フォルガトゥン・ランド
Forugatun Rando
Forgo-tten Land
Note that "forgotten" would normally be transcribed in Japanese as フォーゴトン (fōgoton), with フォルガトゥン (forugatun) being an unusual spelling to invoke フォルガ from the Japanese name of Fecto Forgo. While the game is named "Kirby of the Stars: Discovery" in Japanese, this name evokes the English title.
Traditional Chinese 被遺忘的·陸地
Bèi Yíwàng de Lùdì
Forgotten Land
While the game is named "Kirby of the Stars: Discovery" in Chinese, this name evokes the English title.
Simplified Chinese 被遗忘的·陆地
Bèi Yíwàng de Lùdì
Dutch Lab Vergeto Lab Forgo
French Labo Oublio Lab Forgo
German Labor Ver'Ges Lab Forgo
Italian Terra Perdis Forgo Land
Korean 포가튼 랜드
Pogateun Raendeu
Forgotten Land
While the game is named "Kirby of the Stars: Discovery" in Korean, this name evokes the English title.
Spanish Tierra Olvi Forgo Land