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Old Odyssey - Stage 2

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Old Odyssey - Stage 2
KTD Old Odyssey Stage 2 select.png
Stage 2 on the Old Odyssey stage select.
Level Old Odyssey
Hypernova Section? No
Sun Stones 3
Keychains 4
Rare Keychain 10 Kirbys
Mid-Bosses Bonkers
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Old Odyssey - Stage 2.

Stage order
Old Odyssey - Stage 1 Old Odyssey - Stage 3
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Old Odyssey - Stage 2 is the second stage in Old Odyssey. There are three Sun Stones and four keychains in this stage. The rare keychain is one depicting 10 Kirbys from Kirby Mass Attack.


The stage begins high in the dry cliffs, with fragile bridges spanning the bottomless pit. The next area features huge rocky pillars which conveniently fall toward Kirby when he approaches.

The next area has Kirby riding a long Tilt Gondola across the chasm, with more falling pillars in tow. From there, Kirby has to descend the cliffs along floors with Kabu on them.

From there, Kirby has to contend with Bonkers before proceeding. From there, Kirby can use his new Hammer to bust up some pillars down the next path. This leads up to the stage exit.

Sun Stone & Rare Keychain Guide[edit]

  • Sun Stone 1 - Along the Tilt Gondola ride, Kirby can find a Key. Taking this key for a ride, then jumping onto the high platform at the end allows Kirby to access the foreground area, where the sun stone can be found at the top of the hill.
  • Sun Stone 2 - While descending past the Kabu, a Big Kabu sits in front of a side door to the right. In this door, Kirby needs to navigate crumbling bridges with a Key while avoiding enemies, including a Hunter Scarfy, to get this stone.
  • Sun Stone 3 - On the path with the pillars, Kirby has to avoid breaking the last one, then ride a 3D Warp Star to the area where it could have fallen to collect this stone from a Treasure Chest.
  • Rare Keychain - After defeating Bonkers, a stake can be found to the right of the door forward which conceals this keychain.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

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