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Battle Bonuses are awards given at the end of battle series in Kirby Battle Royale. They award points to individual combatants for performing certain actions in the battles, and have a chance of swinging the results. At least one Battle Bonus is awarded per battle fought in the series, and the specific bonus applied is random. Battle Bonuses can be turned off or on in the options. Battle Bonuses do not appear in Dedede's Cake Royale or in online multiplayer.

Battle Bonuses are each worth 20 points, and can be awarded to multiple combatants if they tie for the bonus objective.

List of Battle Bonuses[edit]

Bonus Battle Mode Description Notes
Charge Attack Captain Battle Arena Performed the most charge attacks!
Damage Dealer Battle Arena Dealt the most damage!
KO Chief Battle Arena Knocked out the most opponents!
KO Speedster Battle Arena First to knock out an opponent!
Apple Harvester Apple Scramble Harvested the most apples from Mini Whispy Woods!
Apple Launcher Apple Scramble Hit opponents with the most apples!
Apple Stacker Apple Scramble Carried the most apples at once!
Great Apple Thief Apple Scramble Stole the most apples from the rival team's area!
Coin-Grabbing VIP Coin Clash The one who took the most coins away from rivals!
Coin Guardian Coin Clash Kept coins from being stolen the longest!
Ghost Dodger Coin Clash Turned into a ghost the least!
Treasure Hunter Coin Clash Got the most coins from treasure!
Nimble Runner Attack Riders Got hit the least by vehicle attacks!
Survival Rider Attack Riders Rode vehicles for the longest time!
Ride Sideswiper Attack Riders Knocked rivals out of vehicles the most!
Ruthless Rider Attack Riders Struck others with vehicle attacks the most!
Lone Leader Crazy Theater Succeeded single-handedly the most times!
Rival-Chucking Champ Crazy Theater Threw the most rivals!
Victory Blocker Crazy Theater Damaged the most rivals that were one win away from victory!
Zero-Damage Elite Crazy Theater Cleared without taking damage the most times!
Fuel Thief Rocket Rumble Got the most fuel from rivals' rockets!
Mega Fueler Rocket Rumble Got the most Mega Fuel!
Nick-of-Time Pilot Rocket Rumble Last to board a rocket!
Timer Bomber Rocket Rumble Hit rivals' rockets with the most timer bombs!
Missile Master Robo Bonkers Hit Robo Bonkers with the most missiles!
Punch Dodger Robo Bonkers Took the fewest punches from Robo Bonkers! Also includes laser and sparked floor hits.
Rival Blaster Robo Bonkers Put the most rivals into cannons!
The Finisher Robo Bonkers Delivered the finishing blow to Robo Bonkers!
Bonus Striker Slam Hockey Hit the most bonus targets with discs!
Puck Dancer Slam Hockey Got hit by a puck the least!
Super Catcher Slam Hockey Caught the most flying pucks!
Ore Collector Ore Express Carried the most ore at once!
Ore Hauler Ore Express Dropped ore the least!
Ore-Throwing Pro Ore Express Hit rivals with the most ore!
UFO Buster Ore Express Defeated the most UFOs!
Ball-Keeping Pro Flagball Held the ball for the longest time!
Flag Defender Flagball Carried the rival's flag on defense for the longest amount of time!
Slam-Dunk Hero Flagball Scored the most dunk shots!
Speedy Scorer Flagball Scored a point in the shortest amount of time!