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KAR Frozen Hillside 3.png
Kirby riding a series of rails in Frozen Hillside
Type Device
Function Carries an Air Ride Machine quickly along a set path
Found In race courses and City Trial
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
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A Rail is an object in Kirby Air Ride which Kirby and other playable characters can ride by contacting one end of it or in some cases touching down on any part of its length. Rails are typically long and winding, and will force the rider to travel (usually at high speed) from one end of the other without the option of getting off early or turning around while on the rail. While on a rail, racers may only brake, boost, Quick Spin or use an Inhale, Copy Ability, or held item. Rails may also have boost sections on them, which function like Dash Panels.

While most rails are stationary, some - like the fork rail in Magma Flows - may move left and right. Rails may also appear and disappear, such as those found on the Light course in Top Ride.

Checklist objectives[edit]

Rails are involved in the following checklist objectives:

Air Ride[edit]

  • "CELESTIAL VALLEY: Over one race, ride on both the left and right bridge railings!"
  • "MAGMA FLOWS: Use all the volcano rails and finish in 1st place!"

Top Ride[edit]

  • "Top Ride: LIGHT Ride the grind rail 50 times or more!"
  • "Top Ride: LIGHT Take 1st and grind the rail 5 times or more!"

City Trial[edit]

  • "City Trial: Let time run out while all players are on the rails!"
  • "City Trial: Use the grind rail to break into the crater!"