Sphere Doomer

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Enemy InfoBox
Sphere Doomer arena.png
The Arena portrait of Sphere Doomers
Debut Game Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Latest Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
(as Holo-Doomers)
Copy Ability Fire (Red projectiles)
Spark (Green projectiles)
Ice (Silver projectiles)
Similar Enemies Doomer
Greater Doomer
Grand Doomer
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Sphere Doomers are a collection of mid-bosses first appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.


Sphere Doomers are creatures from another dimension that are attracted to Energy Spheres. Kirby must locate Sphere Doomers by using Super Abilities to find holes in reality, which lead him to an alternate dimension. Kirby has proceed through an obstacle course with a moving rift wall before he can encounter the feathered enemies.

Sphere Doomers always yield Kirby two Energy Spheres upon defeat, except for the purple and red pair fought in Dangerous Dinner, who yield one each.


Regular Form

There are four various color-types of Sphere Doomers, encountered at different points of the game.

  • Purple Sphere Doomers have no special characteristics and are relatively easy to defeat.
  • Red Sphere Doomers use fiery charge attacks and fire projectiles that leave small fires behind.
  • Green Sphere Doomers fire projectiles that detonate into bursts of electricity.
  • Silver Sphere Doomers can shoot freezing projectiles and use a close-range ice burst attack.

In The Arena, all four of them are fought in one battle but they don't yield any Energy Sphere. They are fought in the following order:

  • Green
  • Purple & Red
  • Silver

EX Form

The True Arena portrait of Sphere Doomers EX

In Extra Mode and The True Arena, Sphere Doomers appear in their EX form. Their appearances are modified slightly, as they now have one eye as opposed to two. They also gain new attacks and can fire more projectiles at once. Silver Doomer EX can even flip the screen like Dark Mind does.

Holo Form

Main article: Holo Defense API
in Kirby: Planet Robobot

Two Sphere Doomers, one purple and one red, appear as holograms known as Holo-Doomers in Kirby: Planet Robobot, projected by Holo Defense API the boss. They have less health then their normal counterparts, but otherwise attack in the same way.



  • Examined closely, one might notice that each subsequent type of Sphere Doomer has one more tail feather than the previous. This is a direct indication of their power, as the ones with more feathers are stronger than the ones with less.
    • Purple Sphere Doomer has 2 tail feathers.
    • Red Sphere Doomer has 3 tail feathers.
    • Green Sphere Doomer has 4 tail feathers.
    • Silver Sphere Doomer has 5 tail feathers.
    • Greater Doomer has 7 tail feathers.
    • Grand Doomer has 13 tail feathers.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スフィアローパー
Sufia Rōpā
Sphere Roper