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Map (item)

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KaTAM Candy Constellation Chest 3.png
Kirby finds a Map in Candy Constellation.
Use Allows the player to view a map of how the rooms of an area connect
Obtained Treasure Chests
Game(s) Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
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This article is about the collectable items in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. For maps in a general context, see Map.
Check these maps by pressing SELECT on the Pause screen. Once you've found an area map, you can view the layout of that whole area.
— Kirby & The Amazing Mirror manual

Maps are items which can be collected from large Treasure Chests in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. These allow the player to view a map of the areas the items are found in, showing rooms which have not yet been explored along with the connections to them. While not required to complete the game, collecting every map is required for 100% completion.


The following table shows each map in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror along with the rooms they are found in:

Maps in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 
Map Location Notes
K&TAM World Map Item.png
World Map
Labyrinth Entrance Stage This map shows the connections of the Big Switches. It is the only map that must be collected to proceed.
Rainbow Route - Hub 1 This is the only map that is found in a hub room.
Moonlight Mansion - Entry
Cabbage Cavern - Goal This is the only map that is found in a goal room.
Mustard Mountain - Chest
Carrot Castle - Chest 2
Olive Ocean - Chest 2
Peppermint Palace - Chest
Radish Ruins - Chest 2
Candy Constellation - Chest 3