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The Meta-Knights in Kirby: Planet Robobot

The Meta-Knights are an enigmatic group of knights who are led by Meta Knight himself. They first appeared in Kirby's Adventure, where they were frequently fought as Mid-Bosses in their own distinctive arenas. However, their biggest role was in Kirby Super Star (Ultra), in the Revenge of Meta Knight sub-game, where they served as the primary antagonists.

When fought, they typically attack as a group, fighting until their last member is defeated. They possess formidable weapons, but, unlike their leader, are not immune to being inhaled and spat out. Despite their arsenal, none of them yield Copy Abilities when swallowed.

In Kirby: Planet Robobot's Meta Knightmare Returns, Meta Knight summons them in his "Meta Knightmares" attack, which deals massive damage to all enemies on the screen. They also appear on the results screen after the mode is completed.

Meta-Knight Members

Ax Knight


Ax Knight basic appearance is that of a minuscule skull, sporting a viking helmet atop its head, and, respectively, wields an ax. Ax Knights normally appear in randomized areas. However, one particular Ax Knight assists Meta Knight in the main cabin of his starship, the Halberd.

Ax Knight typically moves back and forth, and tosses its ax like a boomerang, similar to Sir Kibble. It may also swing its ax in a forward motion as it sweeps across the floor.

Mace Knight


Mace Knight is the largest in size, sporting heavy blue armor and wielding a large mace, true to its namesake. It moves back and forth, swinging the mace above its head, then letting it fly in the direction it wants to a fair distance. Mace Knight is perhaps the most dangerous of the knights in close range, and has more hit points than the other knights.

Trident Knight


While somewhat short in stature, Trident Knight is distinguished by its bright purple armor, the crescent on its helmet, and the tridents it tosses toward Kirby. These go for decent range, traveling upward, then downward in a large arc. While they can be a nuisance, the tridents' slow speed make them easy to avoid.

Javelin Knight


The rarest of the Meta-Knights, this creature resembles a robot moreso than the others. It bounds across the air, spinning its javelin around in an attempt to hit Kirby with it. It will also toss its javelin on occasion.

Other Knights

Often, Blade Knight and Sword Knight are considered to be Meta-Knights as well, and even serve under Meta Knight in the TV show. However, they have never been specifically identified as Meta-Knights in any of the games.

Additionally, creatures who resemble knights but are not Meta-Knights include Sir Kibble, Ghost Knight, Masher, Lanzer, Kibble Blade, Gigant Edge, and most notably, Galacta Knight.

Put simply, there are a lot of knights in the Kirby universe, and they all seem to have their own separate factions. The Meta-Knights simply have the distinction of being the most well-known one.