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Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land

KatFL Boxart NA.jpg

KatFL Japan cover art.png

Box art of Kirby and the Forgotten Land from various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) March 25th, 2022
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Supported languages Japanese, American English, Canadian French, European French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone 10+
PEGI: 7+
CERO: All Ages
Game size 5.8 GB
Game chronology
Kirby Fighters 2 Kirby's Dream Buffet
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It's Kirby's first full 3D action game! Use new powers like Mouthful Mode and Evolved Copy Abilities as you explore a mysterious world where civilization and nature have fused together. By sharing a Joy-Con controller, two people can even play together!
— Past Adventures section in Kirby's Dream Buffet and Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a main-series Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch, which released on March 25th, 2022. In this installment, Kirby is sent through a dimensional vortex to a new world full of the crumbling ruins of a long-lost civilization, where he has to free Waddle Dees who have been trapped by a new villainous force called the Beast Pack. Accompanied by a flying chinchilla-like creature named Elfilin, Kirby uses his familiar Copy Ability along with evolved enhancements to said abilities and a new power to wrap himself around large objects to gain their properties.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first main-series title to take place in a full 3D environment rather than a side-scrolling 2D space, though still maintaining the largely-linear level and stage format. The game was announced in a Nintendo Direct on September 23rd, 2021,[1] with its proper release date being given in a separate video on January 12th, 2022. A playable demo for the game was released on March 3rd, 2022. Since its release, Kirby and the Forgotten Land has enjoyed the strongest sales of any game in the Kirby series; with 7.52 million copies sold as of March 2024, it is the best-selling Kirby game of all time, surpassing the original Kirby's Dream Land's 5.13 million copies sold.[2] On top of this, Kirby and the Forgotten Land won the award for "best family" game of the year at The Game Awards 2022.[3]


A scene from the first stage of the game where Waddle Dees are being captured by the Beast Pack.

The story of Kirby and the Forgotten Land begins with Kirby taking a stroll through Dream Land, and then taking a ride on his Warp Star. His carefree ride is interrupted, however, by a huge storm containing rifts to a different dimension. Kirby and many other residents of Dream Land (mostly Waddle Dees) are sucked into the rifts, and while Kirby is tossed about in the confusion, his body contorts in strange shapes. Kirby later wakes up in a new world, washed ashore on a tropical beach. After coming to his senses, he explores his surroundings and finds the ruins of an ancient civilization, now overgrown with grass and moss. Along the way, he discovers that traveling through the rift has given him a new ability that allows him to take on the shape and properties of large objects he tries to swallow, and by taking the form of a car, he travels along the roads until he sees his fellow Dream Landers (the Waddle Dees) being kidnapped by birds with cages. Moving toward the source of the commotion, he finds the ruins of a village where more Waddle Dees are being captured. He also sees a strange flying blue sprite with giant ears being hounded by the animals and caged. Kirby steps in and defeats these beasts to free the sprite, who reveals his name to be Elfilin. Elfilin pleads with Kirby to help him rescue the captured Waddle Dees, and Kirby agrees, forming a partnership between the two. Bandana Waddle Dee also joins the group, having found his way to the village as well.

As Kirby and Elfilin travel through the world and free Waddle Dees, they learn more about the forces responsible for their capture, a group of intelligent animals known as the Beast Pack. Some of the former Dream Landers, including Bonkers and Mr. Frosty, have also joined the pack. The most notable of these inductions however is King Dedede, who Kirby must fight; although Kirby defeats him, he still manages to capture Elfilin and flees with him. Kirby must then pursue Dedede to a new continent known as the "Forbidden Island", where the Beast Pack are assembling. After a long journey and freeing more Waddle Dees, Kirby eventually catches up with Dedede, who is now wearing a pig-like mask. After Kirby defeats him, the mask breaks, and Dedede finally comes to his senses. He stands his ground against the oncoming Beast Pack who had possessed him, and gives Kirby and some Waddle Dees a chance to get away.

In Lab Discovera, Kirby discovers that Elfilin was the missing half of a strange creature dubbed "ID-F86".

After freeing Dedede, Kirby takes an elevator up to a place known as Lab Discovera, where it is explained over a pre-recorded intercom that the builders of the ancient ruins had attained the power of space-time travel by containing and harnessing the energy of an immensely powerful and dangerous creature known as "ID-F86". It is said that a lab accident caused this creature to separate into two entities, one of which escaped and hasn't been found since, and the other being left behind when all of the people of the old civilization transcended their original world. Kirby makes his way to the chamber containing one half of this creature, known as Fecto Forgo, which is guarded by the leader of the Beast Pack: a lion named Leongar. Unlike the other beasts, Leongar can speak fluently to Kirby, and explains that he is seeking the power of this creature so that he and his pack can follow the civilization that had "abandoned them". He reveals that Elfilin is the other half of the creature, and then proceeds to fight Kirby to prevent him interfering. When Kirby gains the upper hand in the fight, it is revealed that Leongar was merely being used like a puppet by Fecto Forgo, who only formed the Beast Pack in order to give sustenance to their own body. They then subsume many other beasts and become a grotesque, semi-fluid amalgam. Kirby tries to stop them, but they swallow up Elfilin and finally become whole again, turning into the "Ultimate Life-Form": Fecto Elfilis.

After a lengthy struggle, Kirby weakens Fecto Elfilis enough to allow him to retrieve Elfilin from their body, causing the creature to start to grow unstable again. With the last of their strength, Fecto Elfilis tries to punish Kirby by dragging his homeworld of Popstar into the new world so both will be destroyed. When all seems lost, a big-rig truck appears for Kirby to utilize, and Elfilin powers it to allow Kirby to fly through the sky using the truck's engine. After one great push of energy on both sides, Kirby and Elfilin overpower Fecto Elfilis and destroy them for good. From here, Kirby and Elfilin wind up on Popstar, but the crash is still in progress. Elfilin uses the last of his power to stop the crash from happening, and nearly dies in the process, only being saved by Clawroline, a repentant Beast Pack member. In the end, the Beast Pack and the Waddle Dees make amends and a stable connection between Popstar and the new world is established, but Leongar seems to be lost for good.

After the main game, Kirby and Elfilin head into Forgo Dreams and recover Leon's soul, so he can be brought back to the light.

In the post-game story, Kirby and Elfilin agree to help Clawroline get Leongar's soul back by delving into the dream realm left behind by the memory of Fecto Forgo. Leongar was originally a benevolent king named Leon, but after accidentally discovering Fecto Forgo, he began speaking a strange language and assembling the Beast Pack, becoming a ruthless leader. Clawroline, real name Carol, only took on her role within the Beast Pack to keep an eye on Leon. After passing through many trials and collecting the scattered pieces of the lion's soul, Kirby and Elfilin reach the dormant body of Leon, who is being possessed by the remnant of Fecto Forgo. They return the pieces of Leon's soul to him, and it seems to go well at first, but Leon is once again possessed by Fecto and forced to fight. Kirby manages to break Fecto's hold on Leon, and Fecto turns their attention to attack Kirby directly, but at that moment, a mysterious butterfly shows up and absorbs Fecto's essence, then transforms into Morpho Knight for a fight. When Morpho Knight is dispelled, Kirby, Elfilin, and the rest of the Beast Pack are able to fully revive Leon and bring him back, concluding the story. However, Soul Forgo escapes, having absorbed Morpho Knight's power to become the even stronger Chaos Elfilis, which flies away.

A rift opens up in the Colosseum, which allows Kirby to participate in The Ultimate Cup Z, letting him face all the phantoms of Forgo Dreams. The newly formed Chaos Elfilis is fought here, and Kirby defeats his final threat. A lingering remnant of their soul approaches Elfilin, and he accepts it into his heart, allowing his two halves to finally become whole for good.


A gameplay scene, showing Kirby exploring the Downtown Grassland.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first mainline Kirby game to take place in a 3D setting, albeit with Kirby having much of the same moveset as in the 2D games. He can walk, dash, and jump to move around each level. He can hover as always, but it has a limited height and duration in this game, unlike most 2D titles. Kirby can also crouch/guard against incoming attacks and dodge out of harm's way, as well as use his slide (which is modified when using certain Copy Abilities). Lastly, he keeps his trademark ability to inhale objects, including larger ones, and spit them out as projectiles. Unlike in previous games, Kirby swallows ability-yielding objects automatically, though this setting can be disabled.

The familiar Copy Abilities also return, now with expanded attacks that take advantage of the third dimension. The Ranger ability in particular allows Kirby to target enemies from a distance. Kirby also has a new ability, separate from Copy Abilities, called Mouthful Mode, which allows him to inhale oversized objects and use their properties. A second player can join the game and play as Bandana Waddle Dee, who utilizes his spear as his main form of attack.

Screenshot showing Kirby using Car Mouth - one of the new Mouthful Modes - to traverse the Point of Arrival.

The game is structured like most Kirby platformers, with levels divided into stages. These stages are much more open-ended than in previous installments, however, and doors are fewer in number. In each regular stage, Kirby rescues Waddle Dees by finding them trapped in cages, and by fulfilling certain missions specific to each stage. In addition to regular stages, special challenge stages can be found through dimensional rifts, as part of a series called Treasure Road. In these stages, Kirby has a limited time to clear a set of areas similar in look to stages from Kirby's Blowout Blast using a specific Copy Ability or Mouthful Mode. These stages are reminiscent of the Challenge Stages from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Collectibles along the way include food, capsules, Star Coins, blueprints for Evolved Copy Abilities, and Rare Stones, which are found in Treasure Road. Star Coins and Rare Stones can be used to make purchases in Waddle Dee Town. There is no extra life system, with Kirby instead losing a hundred Star Coins and restarting the current segment when defeated.

There are two difficulty modes to select from: Spring-Breeze Mode, which gives Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee extra health, and Wild Mode, which adds more enemies, but rewards more Star Coins at the end of stages. The difficulty is first selected upon starting the game, and can be freely changed outside of each stage.

Hub areas[edit]

Kirby and his new friend Elfilin in Waddle Dee Town.

In-between playing through stages, Kirby has a hub area to return to called Waddle Dee Town. Here, he can get tips from the Wise Waddle Dee, play Sub-Games, battle at the Colosseum, relax at home, evolve his Copy Abilities by visiting Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop, collect figures from Gotcha Machine Alley, and more. The town grows and gains more features as more Waddle Dees are rescued, eventually reaching 300 Waddle Dees in total.

Stages themselves are visited via a World Map where Kirby flies to each area on a Warp Star, similar to the level hubs for World of Miracles - Planet Popstar and Far-Flung Starlight Heroes in Kirby Star Allies. Unlike those previous examples, the map in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is more expansive and continuous.


There are two control types to choose from in the Control Options. Type A is the default one, and Type B resembles the controls in Kirby Super Star. Solo Joy-Con controls have the players hold the Joy-Con horizontally.

General controls  
Control Type A (dual Joy-Con) Type B (dual Joy-Con) Type A (solo Joy-Con) Type B (solo Joy-Con) Notes
Move / Dash Left Stick Control Stick Kirby's movement speed is determined by how far the stick is tilted, with a full tilt being a dash and a lesser tilt being a walk.
Attack B Y Down Left Kirby can walk slowly, rotate 360 degrees or fix his direction by holding L/R/ZL/ZR when inhaling (similar mechanics from Kirby 3D Rumble and Kirby's Blowout Blast). Kirby can still obtain the Mouthful Mode via inhaling even if he already has a Copy Ability.
Jump A B Right Down Kirby will get tired after hovering for 5 seconds. Kirby can only hover up to a certain height, and can't go any higher, even if he isn't tired yet. The same limit also applies to Bandana Waddle Dee's Infinity Jump.
Use Stock Items X Up Kirby can consume a stocked takeaway food from Waddle Dee Café or temporary boost item from Waddle Dee's Item Shop in a similar manner to the Assist Star.
Drop Ability Press and hold Y, or press - Press and hold A, or press - Press and hold Left Press and hold Right This is also used to drop the Mouthful Mode (prioritized to drop before Kirby's Copy Ability). Unlike in previous titles, Kirby can drop multiple ability hats.
Swallow Press L/R/ZL/ZR after inhaling an object Press SL/SR after inhaling an object An option for Auto Swallow is available so Kirby will automatically swallow an enemy or a hat that gives a Copy Ability. This option is turned on by default.
Crouch Guard Press and hold L/R/ZL/ZR Press and hold SL/SR
Slide Guard + A Guard + B Guard + Right Guard + Down Sliding lightly homes in on nearby enemies. Can be cancelled with Jump.
Dodge Guard + L-Stick in any direction Guard + Control Stick in any direction Kirby dodges by performing a handstand bounce in the direction indicated. The bounce distance is determined by how far the stick is tilted. When an enemy attack is dodged successfully within 10 frames (about 0.16 seconds), the game will momentarily slow down for 100 frames (about 1.66 seconds).
Appeal Directional buttons or + Control Pad N/A Kirby performs an appealing pose responding to the pressed Direction Button (similar to Taunts in the Super Smash Bros. series). If Kirby appeals to Waddle Dees in Waddle Dee Town, they will greet back.
Camera Control R-Stick N/A Hold down the R-Stick button to zoom in. Press the R-Stick button to reset the camera.
Pause + If using the left Joy-Con horizontally, - functions as Pause instead.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Screenshot showing one of Needle Kirby's moves: Needle Ball.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land features fewer Copy Abilities than most previous main-series games, at only 12. These are accentuated with several evolved variants, detailed in the next section. Kirby and the Forgotten Land has the following base Copy Abilities:

Base Copy Abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Ability Image Provider(s) Description Notes
New Abilities
Drill KatFL Drill Kirby artwork.png Digguh Kirby gains a drill hat that he can use to bore into the ground and burst out to attack enemies or uncover buried treasures. Kirby can't drill into metallic surfaces or move to otherwise inaccessible locations underground. If a platform retracts he is forced out.
Ranger KatFL Ranger Kirby artwork.png Bernard Kirby gains a small blunderbuss that he can use to fire star bullets at enemies, including from very far away. Some stages feature flying targets that can only be hit with this ability, even if it might look like they could be hit by other attacks or projectiles.
Returning Abilities
Bomb KatFL Bomb Kirby artwork.png Poppy Bros. Jr., Foley, Balloon-Meister Kirby can pull out bombs and toss them at his opponents. Bomb Kirby's hat and bombs have been updated in appearance slightly. Bombs cannot hurt Kirby and take a while to explode unless they hit something when thrown, an enemy walks into them or if there are too many around.
Crash KatFL Crash Kirby artwork.png Bomber Kirby can create a giant explosion to wipe out nearby enemies. Can only be used once.
Cutter KatFL Cutter Kirby artwork.png Sir Kibble, Chaos Elfilis (Blazar Cutter) Kirby can throw a bladed boomerang to attack enemies and grab certain objects. The cutter boomerangs can be charged up after they're thrown to make them more powerful on the return trip. Charging them also locks them in place, while they continue to hurt enemies around them.
Fire KatFL Fire Kirby artwork.png Hot Head Kirby can breathe fire at enemies and burst forward as a fireball through the air. Fire Kirby's hat has been updated somewhat. Continuously attacking mid-bosses and bosses will result in them gradually catching fire, causing cumulative damage.
Hammer KatFL Hammer Kirby artwork.png Mookie, Wild Bonkers, King Dedede's hammer Kirby wields a big wooden hammer that can pound enemies and stakes down. This is the first game where Hammer can be obtained from a standard enemy: in this case, Mookie.
Ice KatFL Ice Kirby artwork.png Chilly, Corori, Wild Frosty Kirby can skate along the ground and freeze enemies with his breath, then kick them forward. Has a special guard. Kirby can also skate on the surface of water, lava, mud and even poison when using this ability.
Continuously attacking mid-bosses and bosses will result in them gradually slowing down until they freeze, taking a significant chunk of damage once they thaw out.
Needle KatFL Needle Kirby artwork.png Needlous, Totenga, Jabhog Kirby can shoot out lots of needles from his hat, and turn into a rolling spiky ball to catch enemies. While rolling, regular enemies and many objects will stick to the ball. This also preserves momentum, while releasing the button will launch anything stuck on the ball. In addition, the ball is unaffected by strong winds.
Sleep KatFL Sleep Kirby artwork.png Noddy Kirby falls asleep and recovers health for a moment, and cannot do anything until he wakes up. Limited-duration. The player has a mild amount of control of Kirby's movement before he falls asleep. Button mashing reduces the sleep duration.
Sword KatFL Sword Kirby artwork.png Blade Knight, Wild Edge, Clawroline's knives, Meta Knight Kirby gains a sword and can use it to battle opponents. The design of the sword has been updated somewhat.
Tornado KatFL Tornado artwork.png Twister, Fleurina Kirby can spin around like a tornado to cover lots of ground and catch enemies in the gale. This is the first game where this ability can be obtained from a Mid-Boss: in this case, Fleurina.

Evolved Copy Abilities[edit]

Kirby battling Clawroline using Noble Ranger—an Evolved Copy Ability.
Main article: Evolved Copy Ability

New to Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Kirby can find blueprints and then spend Star Coins and Rare Stones to have his Copy Abilities upgraded at Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop in Waddle Dee Town. Most Copy Abilities have two upgraded forms; Hammer and Sword have three each, and Crash and Sleep only have one each. The following are all of the Evolved Copy Abilities in the game:

Evolved Copy Abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Ability Image Description Notes
Chain Bomb KatFL Chain Bomb Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Bomb. The bombs Kirby throws get connected and explode after the sixth bomb is thrown.
Homing Bomb KatFL Homing Bomb Artwork.png A second-level version of Bomb. The bombs Kirby throws are now drone-like and home in on enemies, and also chain together.
Time Crash KatFL Time Crash Artwork.png A more powerful version of Crash that allows Kirby to freeze time. The size of the explosion and the number of enemies hit increases the duration of the slowdown. Kirby can run into enemies during the freeze to hit them and keep the effect going.
Chakram Cutter KatFL Chakram Cutter Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Cutter that allows Kirby to throw a pair of chakrams, blades that tend to curve in a direction when returning. This is one of the Evolved Copy Abilities that Kirby unlocks when he unlocks Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop.
Buzz-Saw Cutter KatFL Buzz-Saw Cutter Kirby artwork.png A second-level version of Cutter that resembles a power saw. The sawblades that shoot from the hat can rebound off of walls at a mirror angle and do so multiple times unless they come in contact with Kirby.
Pencil Drill KatFL Pencil Drill Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Drill, resembling a pencil in a pencil sharpener. When Kirby pops out of the ground, he shoots the pencil out as an additional projectile.
Twin Drill KatFL Twin Drill Artwork.png A second-level version of Drill that gives Kirby two drills, allowing him to dig faster and farther. He can also attack enemies above ground while digging, and shoot out two projectiles upon emerging.
Volcano Fire KatFL Volcano Fire Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Fire that allows Kirby to blast enemies with pyroclast from a distance. Similar to Burning Stone from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Also one of the Evolved Copy Abilities that Kirby unlocks when he unlocks Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop.
Dragon Fire KatFL Dragon Fire Kirby artwork.png A second-level version of Fire that allows Kirby to soar through the air like a dragon and greatly increases the range of his flame breath.
Toy Hammer KatFL Toy Hammer Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Hammer that allows Kirby to hit more quickly with larger strikes.
Wild Hammer KatFL Wild Hammer Artwork.png A second-level version of Hammer which gives Kirby a stone hammer. It is slower than the Toy Hammer, but stronger. Based on Wild Bonkers.
Masked Hammer KatFL Masked Hammer Render.png A third-level version of Hammer which gives Kirby two hammers, which he can use to perform powerful spin attacks and launch homing embers at foes. Based on Forgo Dedede.
Frosty Ice KatFL Frosty Ice Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Ice which allows Kirby to conjure snowmen with his breath, and leave a trail of them behind while sliding when using Ice Storm. Based on Wild Frosty.
Blizzard Ice KatFL Blizzard Ice Kirby artwork.png A second-level version of Ice with sharp icicles that allows Kirby to shoot shards of ice from his mouth from a distance. Ice Storm is also upgraded where icy spikes come out when he performs the move, and his ice shield and trails now damage enemies on contact.
Clutter Needle KatFL Clutter Needle Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Needle with multiple sharp implements, which throws out small projectiles while Kirby rolls. Similar to Needle-Needle from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Crystal Needle KatFL Crystal Needle Kirby artwork.png A second-level version of Needle with spiky crystals, which can leave spike traps on the ground. Far-traveling projectiles also pop out whenever Kirby retracts his needles.
Noble Ranger KatFL Noble Ranger Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Ranger with a pair of blunderbusses that can rapid-fire shots at enemies. The charged attack unleashes a barrage of shots, making it very useful for hitting moving targets.
Space Ranger KatFL Space Ranger Artwork.png A second-level version of Ranger with a laser gun that can rapid-fire lasers at high speed. The full charge attack creates a giant energy blast similar to those of Plasma. The blast will linger on impact and continues to damage enemies.
Deep Sleep KatFL Deep Sleep Artwork.png A more powerful version of Sleep, which lets Kirby sleep in a bed. After waking up, Kirby is fully healed and powered up with one random effect equal to Life Up, Attack Boost or Speed Boost.
Gigant Sword KatFL Gigant Sword Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Sword that has extra range and can hit much harder. Kirby also gains a shield with which he can move forward while holding up, albeit slowly. The shield negates most damage from the front and sides. Based on Wild Edge.
Meta Knight Sword KatFL Meta Knight Sword Artwork.png A second-level version of Sword, which gives Kirby a sword similar to Galaxia. This lets Kirby strike rapidly and fire sword beams at full health, and gives him a version of Upper Calibur. Based on Meta Knight. Can also be obtained if Kirby swallows Galaxia when Meta Knight drops it, regardless of which version of Sword he has equipped. With the Life Up effect, sword beams can be fired regardless of health, until the second health bar is depleted entirely.
Morpho Knight Sword KatFL Morpho Knight Sword Render.png A third-level version of Sword, which gives Kirby Morpho Knight's sword. This blade has the power to cause fiery pillars to erupt when charging, and gives Kirby a teleport dodge. It can also momentarily change in length and power to match Gigant Sword when charging all the way, and can recover some health when hitting enemies with the final hit of its standard combo and some other moves. Based on Morpho Knight.
Fleur Tornado KatFL Fleur Tornado Kirby artwork.png A first-level version of Tornado. Its vortex grows over time. It also has a longer travel time than the standard Tornado. Based on Fleurina.
Storm Tornado KatFL Storm Tornado Artwork.png A second-level version of Tornado. This lets Kirby strike enemies with lightning while spinning.

Mouthful Mode[edit]

Kirby inhaling a car to gain one of the new Mouthful Modes.
Main article: Mouthful Mode

New to Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a mechanic that allows Kirby to wrap himself around various objects to gain their properties. These are obtained at specific points in stages and serve a similar function to the Robobot Armor and other such special modes. Kirby's Mouthful Modes are as follows:

Mouthful Modes in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Mode Image Obtained from Description
Arch Mouth KatFL Arch Mouth artwork.png An archway Contorts Kirby into a paraglider shape, allowing him to glide long distances.
Car Mouth KatFL Car Mouth artwork.png A car Allows Kirby to drive along the ground quickly and ram into enemies.
Coaster Mouth KatFL Coaster Mouth screenshot.png The "Spaceship Wondaria" Allows Kirby to follow a roller coaster track, and lean to the sides to collect items on the track as he goes.
Cone Mouth KatFL Cone Mouth artwork.png A traffic cone, speaker or an ice cream cone. Allows Kirby to pierce various objects by falling onto them upside-down.
Dome Mouth KatFL Dome Mouth screenshot.png A dome, usually as a lid that cover up things. Allows Kirby to open a dome.
Light-Bulb Mouth KatFL Light-Bulb Mouth artwork.png A light bulb Allows Kirby to illuminate dark areas while walking through them and power certain devices that are sensitive to light.
Pipe Mouth KatFL Pipe Mouth screenshot.png A detatched pipe Allows Kirby to roll around at high speed in a fixed direction, similar to Friend Circle.
Ring Mouth KatFL Ring Mouth artwork.png A large metal hoop Allows Kirby to fire gusts of wind, which can be used to power watercrafts, defeat enemies, and cause fans to spin.
Scissor-Lift Mouth
KatFL Scissor-Lift Mouth screenshot.png
A scissor lift Allows Kirby to ascend up to certain otherwise inaccessible paths and hit switches on ceilings.
Stairs Mouth KatFL Stairs Mouth Screenshot.png Staircase Allows Kirby to move stairs from one place to another and crush enemies.
Storage Mouth
KatFL Storage Mouth screenshot.png
Set of lockers Allows Kirby to move a set of lockers out of the way.
Vending Mouth KatFL Vending Mouth artwork.png A soda vending machine Allows Kirby to spit soda cans at his foe, similar to the Ice-Spark Power Combo from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Water-Balloon Mouth KatFL Water-Balloon Mouth artwork.png Water from a pipe Fills Kirby with a large glob of water, which he can use to spray at enemies and clean up mud, lava, and toxic goo.
Big-Rig Mouth KatFL Big-Rig Mouth screenshot.png A "big-rig" truck. Kirby wraps himself around a large truck, which he uses to stop Fecto Elfilis from causing Popstar and the new world to collide. Elfilin lends his power to propel Big-Rig-Mouth Kirby through the air for this final encounter.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land features an impressive number of distinct characters for a Kirby game. The following characters are in the game:

Characters in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Character Role
Main protagonists
Kirby serves as the main protagonist of this game, when he is sucked through the vortex into the new world and subsequently gets involved saving Elfilin and the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack's cages using his new Mouthful Mode ability along with his usual powers. In the process of doing this, Kirby eventually encounters and defeats the main villain of the story, saving both Popstar and the new world from destruction as well as making peace with the Beast Pack.
A cyan fuzzy rodent-like creature with mystical powers who serves as Kirby's companion. Midway through the story, Elfilin is kidnapped by King Dedede and taken to Lab Discovera, where it is revealed that he is part of the "ultimate life-form" Fecto Elfilis. When the two parts merge again, Kirby has to battle this creature to free Elfilin from them, and then obliterate their remains with Elfilin's help.
A stalwart Waddle Dee who carries a spear into battle alongside Kirby and pairs up with him for Mouthful Mode transformations. He appears as the second player character in co-op play, otherwise being available to talk as an NPC in Waddle Dee Town.
Secondary protagonists
His Royal Nemesis appears twice as one of the Beast Pack's lackeys, and is responsible for kidnapping Elfilin at the end of Winter Horns. However, it is later revealed that Dedede was acting villainously due to having been mind-controlled by Fecto Forgo, and this control is broken when Kirby defeats him as Forgo Dedede. From here, King Dedede rushes to the defense of Kirby and the Waddle Dees.
Meta Knight shows up in Waddle Dee Town shortly after the Colosseum is built, and there challenges Kirby to a friendly duel in the Meta Knight Cup. When not participating in the Colosseum battles, Meta Knight patrols the outskirts of town and fights off any Beast Pack members who try to attack the town again.
Beast Pack
A giant gorilla who serves as part of the Executive Council for the Beast Pack. His main job is to gather food and capture Waddle Dees.
A humanoid leopard who serves as part of the Executive Council for the Beast Pack, and inspires the Pack with her grace and skill. She later turns into an ally when she saves Elfilin off-camera during the ending cutscene and then asks Kirby and Elfilin to help her save Leon from Forgo Dreams. She is also known as Carol.
A large bipedal armadillo-like creature who serves as part of the Executive Council for the Beast Pack. Its main job is to produce the wanted posters depicting Kirby and Elfilin and try to seek them out directly, though it often gets distracted by shiny things.
A giant bipedal lion-man who serves as the leader of the Beast Pack. Several years prior to the main story, he encountered specimen ID-F86 and was corrupted by it, leading his pack to do its bidding and learning to speak through its influence. After Kirby defeats him in Lab Discovera, his body and soul is subsumed into Fecto Forgo, and Kirby needs to wrestle both away from it in Forgo Dreams to recover the Beast Pack's leader. He is also known as Leon.
A fractured cosmic life-form which was captured and kept as a test subject by the new world civilization after it had attempted to invade their world. Using its superb psychic power, it took control of Leongar and King Dedede and used them to try and gather labor and power to itself, as well as capture and recover its missing piece: Elfilin. Near the end of the game, it succeeds at this task after a few setbacks, becoming its whole self again, but is shortly thereafter bested by Kirby and Elfilin freed. Later, Kirby and Elfilin venture into Forgo Dreams to prevent the soul of ID-F86 from possessing Leon's body, and the creature is absorbed into Morpho Knight, who is later defeated.

ID-F86 goes by many other names, including Fecto Forgo (for its larval state and its amalgam form), Fecto Elfilis (for its whole state after subsuming Elfilin), and Soul Forgo (for its spectral form in Forgo Dreams).

The "Fluttering Dream Eater" who subsumes Soul Forgo into itself in the last stage of Forgo Dreams and then battles Kirby. After Morpho Knight is defeated, its leftover life force along with that of Soul Forgo becomes the final opponent of the Colosseum: Chaos Elfilis.
Waddle Dee Town residents
The manager of the Waddle Dee Café, who Kirby can talk to in order to play Waddle Dee Café: Help Wanted!
A Waddle Dee who mans the Waddle Dee Café. Kirby can order food from this Waddle Dee.
The Waddle Dee responsible for admitting Kirby into the Colosseum and commentating over games.
The Waddle Dee who mans Waddle Dee-liveries, and to whom Kirby submits Present Codes.
The Waddle Dee who runs the Tilt-and-Roll Kirby sub-game.
The Waddle Dee who mans Waddle Dee's Item Shop.
A four-Waddle Dee band who appears outside the Waddle Dee Cinema to play at the Waddle Live! Corner Stage.
An otherwise nondescript Waddle Dee who speaks on behalf of King Dedede.
A Waddle Dee who shows up at the Gotcha Machine Alley to trade Rare Stones for figures that Kirby doesn't have yet.
The operator of the Waddle Dee Cinema, who checks Kirby in to watch films.
The operator of Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop, who receives blueprints to evolve or power-up Kirby's Copy Abilities, and can also provide tips on how to use certain abilities.
A scholarly Waddle Dee who sits in the main plaza and can give Kirby information, including the whereabouts of blueprints and records for various games.

Levels & Stages[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land features seven primary levels in its main story, with a total of 33 stages (counting Point of Arrival and Lab Discovera as stages), and 57 Treasure Road challenge stages. Boss stages are marked in bold in the table.

After the main game is completed, an additional Extra Mode opens up called Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams, which features seven longer stages, each made of sections from main game areas, and featuring tougher versions of main game bosses (with one surprise boss at the end).

Levels and stages in the main game of Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Level Nr. Level Stages Treasure Road stages Waddle Dees Boss(es) Notes
Prologue N/A None None None Kirby enters this level automatically after the opening cutscene for the game, and it has no World Map. It consists of only one stage, with many cutscenes throughout, and ends with Kirby rescuing Elfilin from a Beast Pack cage. This level can be revisited from Waddle Dee Town after completing it.
Level 1 46 Gorimondo
Level 2 47 Tropic Woods
Level 3 48 Clawroline
Level 4 49 King Dedede Upon completing this level, Elfilin is kidnapped by King Dedede, and Kirby must proceed without him until the end of the main game.
Level 5 49 Sillydillo
Level 6 61 Forgo Dedede
Level 7 N/A None None Leongar, Fecto Forgo, Fecto Elfilis This serves as the standard "final" Kirby level, with no proper stages or world map, instead consisting of a series of boss fights followed by the ending cutscene and the credits.

As usual, the first letters of each main game level spell out a word. In this case, it spells "NEWWORLD", if "Lab Discovera" is taken to contribute two letters. In the Japanese version, the letters are contributed by the katakana in each title; in the Spanish version, the levels spell "NUEVOMUNDO", with "Naturaleza Utópica", "Meseta Umbralia", and "Discovera Observatio" all contributing two letters; in the Italian version, the levels spell "NUOVOMONDO", with "Natura Unica" contributing two letters and "Oasi Voce d'Oceano" contributing three letters.

Stages in Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams  
Stage Boss(es) Pieces of Leon's Soul Notes
Phantom Gorimondo 50
Phantom Tropic Woods 48
Phantom Clawroline 51
Phantom King Dedede 51
Phantom Sillydillo 49
Phantom Forgo Dedede 51
Forgo Leon, Morpho Knight N/A Requires 250 soul pieces to unlock.
Total pieces of Leon's Soul: 300


Kirby avoiding a Gnawcodile - one of the game's new enemies - while traversing Abandoned Beach.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land features a decent variety of enemies. Nearly all of the new enemies it introduces are part of the Beast Pack to some degree or another. Unlike many previous games, all of the enemies here have been given proper localized names through their figures, with some returning enemies being given localized names for the first time. Kirby and the Forgotten Land features the following common enemies:

Neutral enemies in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Name Image New enemy? Description Notes
Awoofy KatFL Awoofy Screenshot.png Yes A bright orange and red fox-like creature who acts as the most basic enemy, replacing Waddle Dees for that role.
Big Kabu KatFL Big Kabu screenshot.png No A large brown stone head who spits out smaller Kabu from its mouth. Up until this game, this enemy was known as "Dekabu", from its given name in Kirby's Dream Land 3.
Big Red Tortuilding KatFL Big Red Tortuilding screenshot.png Yes A red turtle-like creature who wears a building as a shell and spits pyroclast at Kirby from a distance. It can only be defeated by breaking its shell using Cone Mouth.
Blipper KatFL Blipper screenshot.png No A round red fish with goggles that can typically be found swimming through or leaping out of water. Blippers also feature in the Flash Fishing sub-game.
Bouncy KatFL Bouncy screenshot.png No A pink spring-bound creature that hops in place or between specific points.
Bronto Burt KatFL Bronto Burt screenshot.png No A brash magenta flyer who usually flies close to the ground in set patterns or pursues Kirby.
Buffahorn KatFL Buffahorn screenshot.png Yes A large brown buffalo-like creature who attacks by charging in a straight line at Kirby and is hard to stop when it charges.
Cappy KatFL Cappy screenshot.png No A mushroom-like creature that will lose its cap first if Kirby tries to inhale it.
Gabon KatFL Gabon screenshot.png No A pill-shaped creature who wears a skull and throws bones at Kirby. If its skull breaks or is inhaled, Gabon will run away in fear.
Ghost Gordo KatFL Ghost Gordo screenshot.png No A phantasmal variant of Gordo with a single large eye for a face who can be found in dark areas and will pursue Kirby if he illuminates using Light-Bulb Mouth. This game was the first to give the localized name for this enemy. Ghost Gordo has received a visual and behavioral update from its previous appearance.
Gigatzo KatFL Gigatzo screenshot.png No A large red cannon that shoots big fireballs in a straight line.
Glunk KatFL Glunk screenshot.png No A green sea anemone with googly eyes that shoots out projectiles in a spread pattern from its mouth.
Gnawcodile KatFL Gnawcodile screenshot.png Yes A big black crocodile that swims in water and will try to eat Kirby if it passes by him. It can only be harmed using Mouthful Mode attacks.
Gordo KatFL Gordo screenshot.png No A spiky ball with eyes that sits in place or moves in a set pattern and cannot be defeated.
Gordo Bar KatFL Gordo Bar screenshot.png Yes An elongated variant of Gordo which serves the same purpose as its round cousin.
Kabu KatFL Kabu screenshot.png No A bright stone head that spins around and may teleport if angered.
Mr. Sandbag KatFL Mr Sandbag screenshot.png No A test dummy with a lot of health who Kirby can practice on in Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop. This game was the first to give the proper name for this enemy, as it had not been named even in Japanese.
Mumbies KatFL Mumbies screenshot.png No A bandage-wrapped ball who pursues Kirby when he isn't looking at it and cannot be inhaled.
Orabiroo KatFL Orabiroo screenshot.png Yes A big purple rabbit-like creature that tries to leap over Kirby and land on him quickly.
Pacto KatFL Pacto screenshot.png No A large yellow floating creature with a gaping maw who tries to eat Kirby if he gets close.
Phanta KatFL Phanta screenshot.png No A ghostly flyer who appears from thin air and pursues Kirby. This game was the first to give the localized name for this enemy.
Poison Croakom KatFL Poison Croakom screenshot.png Yes A big frog covered in toxic goop that spits its goop at Kirby and can only be defeated using Water-Balloon Mouth.
Primal Awoofy KatFL Primal Awoofy screenshot.png Yes A brown scruffy version of Awoofy which is more aggressive and has more health.
Rabiroo KatFL Rabiroo screenshot.png Yes A small rabbit-like creature that hops toward Kirby when it sees him.
Runaway Parade Car KatFL Runaway Parade Cars screenshot.png Yes A set of robotic parade cars that move quickly in set patterns and can be deflected using Water-Balloon Mouth.
Scarfy KatFL Scarfy screenshot.png No A deceptively cute flying creature that turns into an angry demon if Kirby tries to inhale or attack it.
Shotzo KatFL Shotzo screenshot.png No A small metal cannon that shoots projectiles in a straight line and cannot be harmed.
Spookstep KatFL Spookstep screenshot.png No A ghostly creature that appears out of thin air and then chases Kirby like a stereotypical movie monster. This game was the first to give the localized name for this enemy.
Squishy KatFL Squishy screenshot.png No A cream-colored squid who pursues Kirby whether it is on land or in water.
Sssnacker KatFL Sssnacker screenshot.png Yes A large upright snake that will quickly approach and then try to gobble up Kirby when it sees him.
Surprise Alien Board KatFL Surprise Alien Board screenshot.png Yes A cardboard cutout of a space alien that blocks Kirby's path in the Invasion at the House of Horrors stage. It can only be destroyed using Vending Mouth.
Tortorner KatFL Tortorner screenshot.png Yes A turtle-like creature that wears a concrete slab as a shell and sits in place, swiveling to lunge at Kirby with its jaws. It can be defeated by breaking its shell using Cone Mouth.
Tortuilding KatFL Tortuilding screenshot.png Yes A turtle-like creature who wears a building as a shell and tries to bite at Kirby. It can only be defeated by breaking its shell using Cone Mouth.
Twirling Star Rocket KatFL Twirling Star Rocket screenshot.png Yes A dangerous spinning amusement park ride that can be found in Wondaria Remains. It can only be destroyed using Water-Balloon Mouth.
Walf KatFL Walf screenshot.jpg No A small blue turtle-like creature which crawls around on land or swims through water. This game was the first to give the localized name for this enemy. Previously, "Walf" was simply its Romanized Japanese name.
Copy Ability-providing enemies in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Name Image New enemy? Ability Description Notes
Balloon-Meister KatFL Balloon-Meister screenshot.png Yes Bomb A large seal-like creature who tosses bombs in the form of inflatable balls at Kirby.
Bernard KatFL Bernard screenshot.png Yes Ranger A humanoid dog-like creature who wears an explorer's hat and carries a blunderbuss which it uses to shoot small cannonballs at Kirby.
Blade Knight KatFL Blade Knight screenshot.png No Sword A compact green knight who attacks Kirby using its sword.
Bomber KatFL Bomber screenshot.png No Crash A walking bomb that tips over a ledge and then explodes when it hits the ground.
Chilly KatFL Chilly screenshot.png No Ice A living snowman with a fez who has a few different freezing attacks.
Corori KatFL Corori screenshot.png No Ice A small penguin wearing a felt cap who rolls up big snowballs and pushes them toward Kirby. This game is the first to have Corori give a Copy Ability when swallowed.
Digguh KatFL Digguh screenshot.png Yes Drill A brown mole-like creature that can burrow and pop up elsewhere or throw dirt clods at Kirby.
Foley KatFL Foley screenshot.png No Bomb A propeller-bound creature that primes itself and falls on Kirby to explode when he gets close.
Hot Head KatFL Hot Head screenshot.png No Fire An orange tube-snouted creature with fire for hair that shoots fireballs at Kirby.
Jabhog KatFL Jabhog screenshot.png Yes Needle A large lavender-haired hedgehog that turns into a big spike ball when Kirby gets too close, and may also try to inch towards him wile its quills are extended.
Mookie KatFL Mookie screenshot.png Yes Hammer A red monkey with a menacing grin that throws wooden mallets at Kirby. This is the first common enemy in the series to provide the Hammer Copy Ability.
Needlous KatFL Needlous screenshot.png No Needle A striped spiky inchworm that rolls up into a ball to attack at high speed.
Noddy KatFL Noddy screenshot.png No Sleep A drowsy creature that is usually seen sleeping, but may lumber lazily toward Kirby when disturbed.
Poppy Bros. Jr. KatFL Poppy Bros Jr screenshot.png No Bomb A small jester who lobs big bombs at Kirby.
Sir Kibble KatFL Sir Kibble screenshot.png No Cutter A round yellow suit of armor who tosses the blade on his helmet at Kirby.
Totenga KatFL Totenga screenshot.png No Needle A tall cactus-like creature who tries to swivel to get in Kirby's way, and will shrink when hit, only being inhalable when just the head remains. This game was the first to give the localized name for this enemy. Previously, "Totenga" was simply its romanized Japanese name.
Twister KatFL Twister screenshot.png No Tornado A metal spinning top creature who spins itself into a tornado and then pursues Kirby.


Kirby battling Wild Edge, one of the new Mid-Bosses.

The following are the Mid-Bosses of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Notably, this game has very few Mid-Bosses compared to usual, having only one extra than that of the original Kirby's Dream Land.

Like in Kirby Star Allies, each mid-boss has a "tougher version" who otherwise looks the same, but uses more attacks and has more health:

Mid-Bosses in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
KatFL Fleurina screenshot.png
Tornado An anthropomorphic swan ballerina who is the only newcomer out of this game. She attacks by twirling herself along with gale force and throwing out tornado projectiles.
Wild Bonkers
KatFL Wild Bonkers screenshot.png
Hammer Bonkers after joining the Beast Pack. They resemble their normal counterpart, but with frazzled bluish fur and war paint on their arms and face. They also wield a stone chisel for a hammer and throw durians instead of coconuts.
Wild Edge
KatFL Wild Edge screenshot.png
Sword Gigant Edge after joining the Beast Pack. They resemble their normal counterpart, but with war paint on their armor and a fur collar around their neck. They also wield a stone sword and a spiky riot shield.
Wild Frosty
KatFL Wild Frosty screenshot.png
Ice Mr. Frosty after joining the Beast Pack. He resembles his normal counterpart, but is much larger, and with a more disheveled and unkempt appearance. He attacks by creating and tossing different sizes of snowballs, as well as snowmen. He also will attempt to crush Kirby and dash after him, sometimes managing to eat him.


The following are the bosses of Kirby and the Forgotten Land:

Bosses in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Boss Location(s) Description HP values Notes
Main game
KatFL Gorimondo boss title screenshot.jpg
Strong-Armed Beast
The Brawl at the Mall
Gathering of the Beast Council
Meta Knight Cup
The Ultimate Cup
A giant gorilla-like entity part of the Beast Pack's high council who first appears as the boss of Natural Plains, making him the first boss Kirby faces in the game. He primarily uses physical attacks, such as swinging his large hands and stomping, and sometimes pulls large rocks out of the ground to throw. 1,000 (The Brawl at the Mall)
600 (Gathering of the Beast Council)
700 (Colosseum)
KatFL Tropic Woods splash screen.png
Unfriendly Fronds
Tropic Woods
The Tropical Terror
Meta Knight Cup
The Ultimate Cup
A large tropical spin-off of the Whispy Woods family, resembling both a palm tree and a pineapple who first appears as the boss of Everbay Coast. It primarily uses its large roots and explosive coconuts to attack. 1,350 (The Tropical Terror)
945 (Colosseum)
Tropic Woods is the only main game boss to not be refought in Redgar Forbidden Lands.
KatFL Clawroline Boss Title Screenshot.jpg
Lethal Leopard
Danger under the Big Top
Gathering of the Beast Council
Meta Knight Cup
The Ultimate Cup
An agile anthropomorphic leopard entity who is a part of the Beast Pack's high council and is of a relatively normal size compared to other bosses in the series. She first appears as the boss of Wondaria Remains, and primarily attacks with her greatly extending claws, throwing knives, and pounces/dashes. 1,000 (Danger under the Big Top)
600 (Gathering of the Beast Council)
700 (Colosseum)
KatFL King Dedede Splash Screen.jpg
His Royal Nemesis
King Dedede
An Unexpected Beast King
The Ultimate Cup
The royal rival of Kirby who joins the Beast Pack and first appears as the boss of Winter Horns after being possessed, now with disheveled clothing and war paint. He primarily attacks with his hammer, large pillars, and attempts to slam/dash. 1,600 (An Unexpected Beast King)
1,120 (The Ultimate Cup)
KatFL Sillydillo Boss Title Screenshot.jpg
Armor-Plated Prancer
Collector in the Sleepless Valley
Gathering of the Beast Council
The Ultimate Cup
A large armadillo with cartoonish features who is a part of the Beast Pack's high council and first appears as the boss of Originull Wasteland. It primarily attacks by rolling, shaking Kirby up in a cage if it catches him, and spinning around with a puppet partner. 1,800 (Collector of the Sleepless Valley)
684 (Gathering of the Beast Council)
1,260 (The Ultimate Cup)
KatFL Forgo Dedede Splash Screen.jpg
His Primal Nemesis
Forgo Dedede
In the Presence of the King
The Ultimate Cup
The return of King Dedede who first appears as the boss of Redgar Forbidden Lands, now more strongly possessed, making him more versatile and powerful with a large hog mask and two hammers. He primarily uses more dangerous versions of several of his attacks from his original battle, in addition to throwing his hammers and pounding the ground to cause bouts of small flames. 1,700 (800+900) (In the Presence of the King)
1,190 (560+630) (The Ultimate Cup)
KatFL Leongar Splash Screen.jpg
King of the Beasts
Lab Discovera
The Ultimate Cup
A large possessed lion entity who is the leader over the Beast Pack and first appears as the first boss faced in Lab Discovera. He attacks primarily with claw strikes and pounces similar to that of Clawroline's, in addition to chomping, spewing a large beam out of his mouth, striking the air to send out crisscrossed beams, and slamming the ground to create shockwaves with his fists. 1,800 (Lab Discovera)
1,260 (The Ultimate Cup)
KatFL Fecto Forgo Splash Screen.jpg
Invasive Species
Fecto Forgo
Lab Discovera
The Ultimate Cup
An amalgamation of Leongar and many other members of the Beast Pack faced as the second boss in Lab Discovera, brought together after the "ID-F86" specimen is released from its confinement. It chases Kirby down a long pathway, attacking by reaching out its head of Leongar to chomp and throwing out globs of itself. 1,600 (Lab Discovera)
1,120 (The Ultimate Cup)
Fecto Forgo is unique compared to the rest of the bosses in the game, as it is fought in a long chase sequence instead of an open arena.
KatFL Fecto Elfilis Splash Screen.jpg
Ultimate Life-Form
Fecto Elfilis
Lab Discovera
The Ultimate Cup
The angelic complete form of "ID-F86", first faced as the final boss of the main game in Lab Discovera after having absorbed Elfilin. It attacks primarily with its mystically imbued polearm, making many aerial strikes with its ability to fly, in addition to creating homing projectiles, and tearing into other dimensions to bring in more dangerous hazards. It can also heal itself. 2,500 (Lab Discovera)
1,750 (The Ultimate Cup)
Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams (Extra Mode)
KatFL Phantom Gorimondo Splash Screen.jpg
Strong-Armed Illusion
Phantom Gorimondo
Forgo Plains
The Ultimate Cup Z
A neon doppelgänger of Gorimondo who first appears as the boss of Forgo Plains. It is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as throwing rocks which now home in, and swinging its hands in quicker succession. 1,800 (Forgo Plains)
1,260 (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Phantom Tropic Woods Splash Screen.jpg
Illusory Fronds
Phantom Tropic Woods
Forgo Bay
The Ultimate Cup Z
A neon doppelgänger of Tropic Woods who first appears as the boss of Forgo Bay. It is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as dropping down much larger coconuts and Gordos, and forcing a maze out of the ground which Kirby has to navigate through in order to deal damage. 2,000 (Forgo Bay)
1,400 (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Phantom Clawroline Splash Screen.jpg
Illusory Leopard
Phantom Clawroline
Forgo Park
The Ultimate Cup Z
A neon doppelgänger of Clawroline who first appears as the boss of Forgo Park. She is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as throwing knives more frequently, and creating three duplicates of herself who attempt to pounce on Kirby with her. 1,600 (Forgo Park)
1,120 (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Phantom King Dedede Splash Screen.jpg
His Illusory Nemesis
Phantom King Dedede
Forgo Horns
The Ultimate Cup Z
A neon doppelgänger of King Dedede who first appears as the boss of Forgo Horns. It is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as attacking with its hammer and a pillar much quicker, and rolling Gordo Bars across the arena while attacking with an aforementioned pillar. 1,700 (Forgo Horns)
1,190 (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Phantom Sillydillo Splash Screen.jpg
Armor-Plated Illusion
Phantom Sillydillo
Forgo Wasteland
The Ultimate Cup Z
A neon doppelgänger of Sillydillo who first appears as the boss of Forgo Wasteland. It is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as sometimes throwing out a set of bombs instead of swinging a cage, and making a sandstorm appear. 1,900 (Forgo Wasteland)
1,330 (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Phantom Forgo Dedede Splash Screen.jpg
Illusory Primal Nemesis
Phantom Forgo Dedede
Forgo Zone
The Ultimate Cup Z
A neon doppelgänger of Forgo Dedede who first appears as the boss of Forgo Zone. It is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as rocking the arena around to sink it into the surrounding lava, sometimes especially by raining down large meteors. 2,040 (960+1,080) (Forgo Zone)
1,360 (640+720) (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Forgo Leon Splash Screen.jpg
Possessed Beast
Forgo Leon
Forgo Land
The Ultimate Cup Z
The return of Leongar who first appears as the first boss of Forgo Land, now fully possessed after having his soul fragments returned to him, making him more versatile and powerful by having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as raining meteors when spewing a beam, and striking beams out much faster and in new variants. In addition, he is now assisted with attacking by Soul Forgo. 3,400 (1,400+2,000) (Forgo Land)
2,380 (980+1,400) (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Morpho Knight Splash Screen.jpg
Fluttering Dream Eater
Morpho Knight
Forgo Land
The Ultimate Cup Z
The sword-wielding caster of judgement who first appears as the final boss of Forgo Land and the Extra Mode overall after absorbing Soul Forgo. It primarily attacks similarly to that of Meta Knight, but is much quicker and can teleport. In addition, it can send variants of flames across the arena, cast out homing soul forms of "ID-F86", use soundwaves to distort Kirby's perspective, and use two much larger forms of its sword. 2,000 (Forgo Land)
1,500 (The Ultimate Cup Z)
KatFL Meta Knight splash screen.png
The Lone Swordsman
Meta Knight
Meta Knight Cup
The Ultimate Cup
The caped swordsman who solely appears as a boss in the Colosseum. He primarily attacks by using Galaxia and the variety of sword beams and small fire bouts created by it, in addition to raising large rocks out of the ground to rain onto Kirby, and attempting to catch the puffball in his Upper Calibur. 1,000
KatFL Phantom Meta Knight Splash Screen.jpg
The Lone Illusion
Phantom Meta Knight
The Ultimate Cup Z A neon doppelgänger of Meta Knight who solely appears as a boss in the Colosseum. It is much stronger and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, such as striking out sword beams much more often, and making a duplicate of itself when attempting to catch Kirby in its Upper Calibur. 1,000
KatFL Chaos Elfilis splash screen.png
Species Born of Chaos
Chaos Elfilis
The Ultimate Cup Z The ultimate divine entity of chaos, who absorbed the souls of the native beasts and the "ethereal butterfly" for one last shot at revenge. In addition to being much stronger than Fecto Elfilis and harder to avoid, having every attack from the original battle fleshed out, it has several new attacks, such as surrounding Kirby with angelic blades, creating large tornadoes and beams, making use of more dimensional rifts, and forming a colossal version of itself which swings at Kirby with its polearm.

Once this entity is defeated, the true spherical entity is removed from the physical body and faced. It attacks primarily by creating a black hole, quickly firing beams and globs of itself, and increasing its size to slam down and create shockwaves, in addition to using Deadly Sungrazer, Impact Pound, and Blazar Cutter.

3,400 (phase 1)
3,000 (phase 2)


Kirby and the Forgotten Land is compatible with amiibo. Scanning in a Kirby series amiibo (or a Qbby amiibo) while playing in the main mode will grant Kirby with a number of items, including a Stock Item and Star Coins. Scanning in any other amiibo figure will also grant items, but not as many. The player can't use more than five amiibo in a row, and the count will reset after clearing a stage.

amiibo Item list in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
amiibo Items
  • Life Up x1 (stock item)
  • Star Coins: red ×2 + green ×2 (30 points in total)
Meta Knight
  • Speed Boost x1 (stock item)
  • Star Coins: red ×2 + green ×1 + yellow ×1 (26 points in total)
King Dedede
  • Attack Boost x1 (stock item)
  • Star Coins: red ×2 + green ×1 + yellow ×1 (26 points in total)
Waddle Dee
other amiibo
  • Car-Mouth Cake x1 (stock item)
  • Cherries x1
  • Star Coins: yellow ×2 (2 points in total)


The title screen for the demo version.

On March 3rd, 2022, a demo version of Kirby and the Forgotten Land was released to the public via Nintendo eShop. This demo features the intro cutscene for the game, as well as the three stages Point of Arrival, Downtown Grassland, and The Brawl at the Mall, accessible by a simple menu rather than a world hub. Missions are only present in the Downtown Grassland stage; the demo ends after defeating Gorimondo in The Brawl at the Mall, and Kirby cannot visit Waddle Dee Town past its ruined state in the Point of Arrival.

The four accessible Copy Abilities—Cutter, Bomb, Sword, and Ice—automatically become Chakram Cutter, Chain Bomb, Gigant Sword, and Frosty Ice once Gorimondo is taken down, allowing the player to freely test them out. This can be reverted on the menu if the player so desires.

Completing the demo gives the player two Present Codes: "CLEARDEMO" and "NEWADVENTURE", the latter only if the player completes all missions in the Downtown Grassland stage, which can be redeemed at Waddle Dee-liveries in the full game.


The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby and the Forgotten Land:

Staff of Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Position Developer(s)
General Director Shinya Kumazaki
Director Tatsuya Kamiyama
Level Design Director Yuki Endo
Game Designers Yuya Kozuka
Kosuke Yamazaki
Ryosuke Sakamoto
Taku Koinuma
Mari Ueda
Hiroki Moriguchi
Mari Takahara
Yuki Takahara
Shota Yamada
Akira Oono
Keita Tanifuji
Yutaka Watanabe
Ryota Yamanaka
Technical Director Yudai Hirata
Lead Technical Programmer Hiroaki Nakano
Lead Action Programmer Katsuyoshi Sumitomo
Lead Character Programmer Takashi Nozue
Lead Rendering Programmer Munemasa Kimura
Procedural Field Programmer Ayumu Kato
Programmers Rui Uchida
Tomohiro Kamochi
Yu Arimatsu
Takashi Nemoto
Yushi Uchida
Kazuhiro Mizusawa
Takaaki Kawahara
Koji Ishii
Hajime Imaizumi
Yutaro Fujimura
Kakuya Maekubo
Masahiro Nakajima
Tatsuya Beppu
Satoru Nakanishi
Naoya Taki
Sho Tajima
Akihiro Yamashita
Kouji Kikkawa
Satoshi Ohtake
Art Director Riki Fuhrmann
Lead Character Artist Kenichiro Kita
Character Artists Kenichi Sakuma
Hitoshi Kikkawa
Tsukasa Kirinoe
Mamiko Sato
Kenta Miyamoto
Kaijiro Kojima
Fumiyasu Kato
Fumiaki Miyauchi
Ami Ishikawa
Yukiko Tagawa
Sayaka Yanaga
Lead Field Artist Daisuke Morishita
Field Artists Yuki Honda
Tadashi Hashikura
Saori Ono
Yuki Yoshioka
Sanae Matsuo
Natsuki Tsuji
Ayako Souma
Tomoka Ogura
Yusuke Ishikawa
Kensuke Fukumaru
Shingo Kabaya
Sunao Kashiwano
Yoshika Kitami
Shohei Takehara
Takashi Saito
William Okuda
Lead Environment Artist Akihiro Kanno
Lead Procedural Field Artist Natsumi Muraki
Lead UI Artists Shigeyuki Kawata
Haruka Itoh
UI Artists Masahi Fujiura
Naho Yoshizawa
Chihiro Sakaida
Asami Nakata
Movie D.A.G Inc.
Katsumi Nihommatsu
Hisanori Matsushima
Akiko Sasaoka
Hiroyuki Kojima
Yosuke Tanabe
Naruya Tsunoda
Sayoko Yamada
Akira Goto
Kasumi Saka
Ayaka Matsumoto
Tomohiro Kikuchi
Riki Kaneda
Masaya Homma
Yukihisa Wada
Emi Nago
Misato Nakajima
Yugo Sakai
Akira Ninagawa
Kaoruko Kitaichi
Lead Sound Yuuta Ogasawara
Lead Music Hirokazu Ando
Sound Jun Ishikawa
Yuki Shimooka
Voice Makiko Ohmoto (Kirby)
Kurumi Mamiya (Elfilin)

Kenta Miyake (Leongar)

Minami Takayama (Japanese Dream Discoveries Tour guide)

Kay Cal (English Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Cristina Lucía Jáuregui (Latin Spanish Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Fannie Senécal (French-Canadian Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Clémence Dieryck (French Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Stefania Montagnese (Italian Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Nina Rau (German Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Elizabeth Sanchez León (Castilian Spanish Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Saskia Doorschodt (Dutch Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
Bona Kim (Korean Dream Discoveries Tour guide)
FRAT Framework Programmers Tomokazu Tsuruoka
Shinya Watanabe
Ryoichiro Atono
Shinichi Kawaji
Tetsuya Noge
Tatsuya Murase
Shun Yasaka
Kazuya Suetsugu
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Nintendo eShop description[edit]

Join Kirby in an unforgettable journey through a mysterious world in a 3D platforming adventure

Float off on an all-new adventure as the powerful puffball, Kirby. Explore in 3D stages as you discover a mysterious world with abandoned structures from a past civilization—like a shopping mall?! Copy enemies' abilities like the new Drill and Ranger and use them to attack, explore your surroundings, and save the kidnapped Waddle Dees from the ferocious Beast Pack alongside the mysterious Elfilin. Hope you’re hungry for an unforgettable adventure!

Get a mouthful of real-world objects for all-new, powerful transformations

Feeling hungry? Kirby can inhale real-world objects and transform using Mouthful Mode! Why get one drink from a vending machine when you can swallow the whole thing? Then, use your boxy body to shoot out cans at baddies. Consume a car to gain some wheels and slam through walls. Sit back and take it all in...literally.

Join up with a pointy partner, Bandana Waddle Dee, in co-op play

Pass a Joy-Con™ controller to a buddy to play as the spear-wielding Bandana Waddle Dee and help each other explore and battle through this colorful world. While Kirby can float and inhale enemies, Bandana Waddle Dee can spin and stab with his sturdy spear. Find friendship in this forgotten world and save the Waddle Dees!

Float over obstacles and fight through enemies on your way to each stage's goal as you slash, poke, freeze, and hammer using Kirby's copy abilities. The tough puff is truly put to the test in dynamic boss battles that will keep you dancing about the arena. Choose from two difficulty modes for either a light, breezy adventure or a more challenging experience.

Each themed stage you travel through will hide several friendly Waddle Dees in peril! Save them to grow the home base of your adventure, the once-deserted Waddle Dee Town. The Waddle Dees you rescue will unlock shops, leaderboards, and the ability to evolve copy abilities to make them stronger. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of the townsfolk's favorite games. Use compatible amiibo™ accessories or Present Codes at Waddle Dee-liveries for useful in-game items. Track down cute collectibles to give Kirby's house some extra charm either at the Gotcha Machine Alley or during your adventure.

(This description was reused for the game on the My Nintendo Store.)[4]


  • The existence of the game was accidentally leaked on a schedule for the Nintendo Direct of September 23rd, 2021, only a few hours prior to its broadcast.[5] A similar leak previously happened with Kirby Fighters 2 on a similar date a year earlier.
  • The internal files for Kirby Fighters 2 contain partially complete code for "Kirby3d", which may be related to this game.[6]
  • The internal codename for this game is "Kirby15" or "K15", which likely refers to this being the 15th main-series Kirby game, counting remakes. This also breaks the tradition started with Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition of giving each game a food-related codename.
  • Several parts of the game feature an alien language that, when deciphered, is actually a direct 1:1 translation to English. This reveals some details about the setting, in particular highlighting three corporations whose branding can be found on many signs: "Holine", "Alivel", and "Lightron". Put together, the first letters of these corporations spell out HAL.
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first main-series game to feature spoken dialogue, though this only applies to the intercom voice heard in Lab Discovera. Almost all languages the game was translated in have unique dubs, but the Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions do not; these versions use the English voice instead (though the on-screen text is translated accordingly).


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ ディスカバリー
Hoshi no Kābyi Disukabarī
Kirby of the Stars: Discovery
Traditional Chinese 星之卡比 探索發現
Xīng zhī Kǎbǐ Tànsuǒ Fāxiàn
Kirby of the Stars: Explore and Discover
Simplified Chinese 星之卡比 探索发现
Xīng zhī Kǎbǐ Tànsuǒ Fāxiàn
Dutch Kirby en de Vergeten Wereld Kirby and the Forgotten World
Canadian French Kirby and the Forgotten Land -
European French Kirby et le monde oublié Kirby and the forgotten world
German Kirby und das vergessene Land Kirby and the forgotten Land
Italian Kirby e la terra perduta Kirby and the lost land
Korean 별의 커비 디스커버리
Byeorui Keobi Diseukeobeori
Kirby of the Stars: Discovery
Polish Kirby and the Forgotten Land -
Portuguese Kirby and the Forgotten Land -
Russian Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Latin American Spanish Kirby and the Forgotten Land -
European Spanish Kirby y la tierra olvidada Kirby and the forgotten land
Thai Kirby and the Forgotten Land[7]

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