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Waddle Dee Café

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Waddle Dee Café
KatFL Waddle Dee Cafe screenshot.png
The Waddle Dee Café, as it appears in Waddle Dee Town.
Game(s) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Inhabitant(s) Café-Staff Waddle Dee, Café-Manager Waddle Dee
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Welcome to the Waddle Dee Café, the coziest little bistro in town!
— Café-Staff Waddle Dee in reference to Waddle Dee Café, from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Waddle Dee Café is a building partially based on the real-world Kirby Café in Waddle Dee Town of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It is constructed after rescuing at least 60 Waddle Dees and is located just to the left of Kirby's House and next to Waddle Dee-liveries. Here, Kirby can purchase four different types of food from Café-Staff Waddle Dee. He can choose to take one to go as a Stock Item later for replenishing health whenever he pleases—how much this replenishes his health depends on the dish chosen. He can also eat it at the café itself straight away. The latter triggers a short cutscene where he is served the chosen dish on top of the café's roof at a table. This will replenish his health the same way as taking the food to go. Kirby will usually eat with Elfilin during the cutscene, and Bandana Waddle Dee will join as well if in co-op mode. During the time Elfilin is captured, he will not appear in the cutscene.

In addition, there is also a Sub-Game located at the café, called Waddle Dee Café: Help Wanted!, which can be played by talking with Café-Manager Waddle Dee and rewards Star Coins. In it, Kirby has to serve the aforementioned dishes to Waddle Dees in quick succession.

Making at least 14 purchases from the café is required to obtain the Café-Staff Waddle Dee figure, and is thus required to attain 100% completion in the game.


Waddle Dee Café has the following items on its menu:

Waddle Dee Café menu  
Item Cost to obtain Description Health recovery
KatFL Cafe Car-Mouth Cake select screenshot.png
Car-Mouth Cake
Star Coin×20 "Recover some of your health." 20%
KatFL Cafe Kirby Burger select screenshot.png
Kirby Burger
Star Coin×20 "Recover some of your health." 20%
Star Coin×50 "Recover a lot of your health." 50%
Star Coin×100 "Recover all of your health." 100%


"Kirby Hamburger & Meat Sauce Pasta with steamed vegetables" dish, as seen in Kirby Café, one of the many Kirby Burger dishes throughout the café's history
  • The percentage of health recovered from eating an individual food item is equal to its price.
  • As Waddle Dee Café is somewhat based on the real-world Kirby Café, a Car-Mouth Cake dish was made available in the real-world at Kirby Café after the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, called the "ヘンケイ!くるまほおばりケーキ" (Transformation! Car-Mouth Cake). Additionally, the Kirby Burger resembles the physical "カービィバーガー" (Kirby Burger) family of dishes in Kirby Café, and may be directly based off it.
  • In-game, Kirby Burgers are depicted with typical brown buns, but in other official media, they are depicted with pink buns instead. The real-world dish which resembles a Kirby Burger from Kirby Café notably has pink buns.
  • Inside the kitchen, a frying pan can be seen which has the same design as the official Kirby-themed pancake pan merchandise.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワドルディカフェ
Wadorudi kafe
Waddle Dee Café
Dutch Waddle Dee-cafetaria Waddle Dee cafeteria
German Waddle-Dee-Café Waddle-Dee-Café
Korean 웨이들 디 카페
Weideul Di Kape
Waddle Dee Café
Spanish Cafetería de Waddle Dee Waddle Dee's Cafeteria