Nutty Noon

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Nutty Noon
Nutty Noon.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 5
World Popstar
Stages 6
Energy Spheres 20
Lor Starcutter Part Mast
Mid-Bosses Moundo (5-2 , 5-5), Sphere Doomer (5-2 , 5-4), Super Bonkers (5-4), All Other Mid-Bosses (5-5)
Boss Grand Doomer
Super Abilities Flare Beam (5-2), Grand Hammer (5-4), Ultra Sword (5-6)
Level Progression
White Wafers Egg Engines
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Level 5: Nutty Noon (known in Japan as Nuts Noon) is the fifth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and the last level on Planet Popstar. It features a general sky theme, with lots of cloud stages as well as castles situated in the air. Completion of the boss battle against the Grand Doomer yields the mast to the Lor Starcutter. There are twenty Energy Spheres in this level, four in all stages, excluding the boss level.


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Stage Energy Spheres / Ship Parts Super Ability Notes
Stage 1 4 None.
Stage 2 4 Flare Beam
Stage 3 4 None.
Stage 4 4 Grand Hammer
Stage 5 4 None.
Stage 6 - Grand Doomer Mast Ultra Sword
A portion of the Nutty Noon Lobby.


  • The music that plays in Stage 3 and parts of Stage 4 is a remix of the Grape Garden theme from Kirby's Adventure. It later returns in Kirby: Triple Deluxe in Old Odyssey's Extra Stage.
  • Stage 5 is an example of the recurring 'Tower of Mid-Bosses' format, wherein one stage is a gauntlet of all (or most) of the Mid-Bosses in the game.
    • Additionally, in Stage 5, if one listens to the wind backdrop closely, one can hear the Nutty Noon Hub theme playing gently.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナッツヌーン
Nattsu nūn
Nuts Noon
French Ascension Azurée Azure Ascent
Spanish Nubes de Nata Cream of Clouds