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Parallel Twin Kracko

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Parallel Twin Kracko
KSA Parallel Twin Kracko splash screen.png
Splash card for Parallel Twin Kracko
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Weakness(es) Blizzard
Relative(s) Kracko
Twin Kracko
Parallel Big Kracko
Similar to Twin Woods
Theme music

no music given

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Parallel Twin Kracko, titled Unearthly Storm Front, is a duo boss who first appeared in Heroes in Another Dimension of Kirby Star Allies. This boss is based on Twin Kracko in the main Story Mode, though it is fought at the start, and later transforms into Parallel Big Kracko.


All worlds—whether in another dimension or some far-flung galaxy—are bound by earth and sky. And where there is sky, there is Kracko! Made of fallen tears and the scattered mists of his enemies, Kracko roars with dark power.
— VS Parallel Twin Kracko (English)

The English localization of Parallel Twin Kracko's pause flavor text doesn't fully describe their origin. The following is the original Japanese and localized Korean texts:

そこが 異空間アナザーディメンションだろうと、まった別次元べつじげん世界せかいだろうと、
天地てんちは かならず そこにある! そして、そこにそら
あるかぎり、モクモクとどろき 何度なんどでもまれる!

— VS Parallel Twin Kracko (Japanese)
그곳이 이공간이든 전혀 다른 차원의 세계이든
하늘과 땅은 반드시 존재한다! 그리고 그곳에
하늘이 있는 한 몇 번이고 뭉게뭉게 되살아난다!
눈물을 흘리며 떠나 버린 동족의 강한 마음이
이공간의 하늘에 지금 모였다!

— VS Parallel Twin Kracko (Korean)

They describe that Parallel Twin Kracko was made of tears and the rebellious hearts of Kracko's fallen fellows (どうほう達, 동족). In other words, the origin of Parallel Twin Kracko is similar to Parallel Woods: They were born from their grudges of being defeated countlessly by Kirby throughout the series. Strangely enough, Kracko's parallel counterpart was born as twins, being the stronger version of Twin Kracko instead.

Parallel Woods, Parallel Twin Kracko/Parallel Big Kracko, Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede are the "Otherworldly Four Heavenly Kings" as described in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Parallel Twin Kracko and Parallel Big Kracko have a much darker color scheme than Kracko. Their bodies consist of black clouds with red spikes around and yellow eyes with red and black pupils.

The two parallel twin Krackos are as big as the original Kracko and his duplicate were during his own second phase.

Boss Battle[edit]

Parallel Twin Kracko appear in the following game modes:

Mode Level HP
(Star Bullet=52)
Heroes in Another Dimension Dimension II 800 They appear as the boss at the end of Dimension II.
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters Level 4 800 They replace the Kracko boss battle at the end of Level 4.
The Ultimate Choice Soul Melter EX 600 They appear in the first half of the 4th battle.

Parallel Twin Kracko possesses both the exact same attacks and fight in the exact same way as Twin Kracko on the Gabbel Moon; the only difference is that they deal more damage. Their Twin Waterfall attack can still be frozen by Blizzard-element attacks or eletrocuted by Zap-element attacks.

Both Parallel Krackos attack in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Twin Waterfall x3
  2. Twin Enemy Drop
  3. Twin Dancing [W motion]
  4. Twin Lightning Rain
  5. Enemy Drop
  6. Twin Beam [starting on one side and then moving to the other]
  7. Twin Dancing [regular tackle]
  8. Twin Waterfall
  9. Enemy Drop
  10. Twin Dancing [ground swoop]
  11. Twin Lightning Rain [green lightning bolts]
  12. Twin Beam x2 [stationary in two positions on the arena each]
  13. Enemy Drop
  14. Twin Dancing [W motion]
  15. Twin Dancing [regular tackle]
  16. Twin Dancing [ground swoop]

When Parallel Twin Kracko is defeated, the two thunderheads merge into one and become Parallel Big Kracko, continuing the boss battle.

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Battle with Parallel Twin Kracko and Parallel Big Kracko in Kirby Star Allies (The Ultimate Choice).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異空いくう叢雲そううん アナザーツインクラッコ
Ikū no Sōun Anazā Tsuin Kurakko
Other-Sky Gathering Clouds, Another Twin Kracko
Traditional Chinese 異次元雙重獨眼雲
yì cì yuán shuāng chóng dú yǎ yún
Another-Dimension Double Cycloptic Cloud
Simplified Chinese 异次元双重独眼云
yì cì yuán shuāng chóng dú yǎ yún
Dutch Parallelle Twin Kracko Parallel Twin Kracko
French Orage surnaturel, Duo Kracko parallèle Unearthly thunderstorm, Parallel Kracko Duo
German Jenseitiges Sturmtief, Ein anderer Doppel-Kracko Otherworldly Storm Front, Another Double Kracko
Italian Un altro doppio Kracko Another Double Kracko
Korean 이공간의 재앙 구름 어나더 트윈 크랙코
Igong-gan-ui Jaeang Guleum Eonadeo Teuwin Keuraegko
Other-Space Disaster Clouds, Another Twin Kracko
Spanish Gemelos Kracko paralelos Parallel Kracko Twins