Distant Traveler (Dedede's Drum Dash)

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Distant Traveler

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Host game Dedede's Drum Dash
Time limit 1:45
Silver score 31000
Gold score 37300
Platinum score (unclear, somewhere just below 42000)
Theme music

Magolor, the Distant Traveler

Clip of the music that plays in Distant Traveler

Stage Progression
Dedede's Theme Last stage
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This article is about the stage in Dedede's Drum Dash. For the song that plays here, see Magolor, the Distant Traveler.
Quote1.png A challenging bonus stage for those who've mastered the other levels. Good luck! Quote2.png
— In-game caption for Distant Traveler from Dedede's Drum Dash

Distant Traveler is the final stage in Dedede's Drum Dash, in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This stage is unlocked after attaining a Gold Medal or better in the previous three stages. It is an ultra-fast-tempo stage set to the version of the song Magolor, the Distant Traveler first heard in Magolor Race 3, and features lots of enemies, along with very wide gaps spanned by very fragile drums. In this stage, King Dedede has only three hearts, as opposed to the normal five.


This stage spans a total of 55 drums from beginning to end, though there are a much greater number of gaps between the drums in this stage than the previous ones. The stage does not pull any punches, immediately throwing Dedede into the deep end in terms of obstacles as he must squeeze through tight gaps made by the big Gordos. From here, a great number of Soarars, Bouncies, and Sodorys must be contended with as the coin arches lead past them. Further in, Dedede will need to jump carefully to grab the coins around Gordos placed in annoying locations, while also looking for coins hidden inside clouds. Even further into the stage, the margins for error become even smaller as the Gordos increase in number. Due to the fast-paced nature of this stage, however, it can end much more quickly than the others if a good pace is kept, and the last drum is reachable past one more set of Gordos.


The following enemies can be found in Distant Traveler: