Radish Ruins

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Kirby in front of the Radish Ruins entrance.

Radish Ruins are a set of ruins in the Mirror World of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Kirby explores the depths of Radish Ruins in order to obtain a Mirror Shard held by Dark Meta Knight. The style of artwork on the ruins bears many similarities to ancient Mayan stone works. An overhead view of the ruins can be seen in the southwest portion of the Mirror World map. This presumed ancient temple is an elaborate stone structure, despite its small size, navigating it is more difficult than expected as there are many one-way passages and areas requiring a certain Copy Ability to advance.

A small outdoor mountainous area can also be explored near the central upper most portion of the map. This region is full of enemies, sparse on food, and ends the stage with a Goal Ride.


Kirby is able to obtain the Emerald spray paint, a Vitality Heart, one Sound File, and the map for the Collection Room. In addition to the many 1-Ups, Energy Drinks, batteries, food, and Maxim Tomatoes.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities in Radish Ruins

Regular Enemies in Radish Ruins Bosses in Radish Ruins

Mid Bosses:

Abilities in Radish Ruins


Radish Ruins Area Map

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Radish Ruins is a very segmented area, consisting of a primary circuitous region to the lower-right, and two separate one-way paths to the upper-left. There are 23 normal rooms, one Hub, two Chest rooms (one of which contains the area map), and two Goal rooms. The boss of this area is Dark Meta Knight, disguised as Meta Knight.

Radish Ruins connects only to Cabbage Cavern below, and Carrot Castle above. There are no other ways in or out, apart from Kirby's personal Warp Star.

Radish Ruins has two Goal rooms. Completing the Goal Game in each room will take Kirby and any friends with him back to the Rainbow Route - Grand Central Hub.

For a full synopsis of what's in each room, click on any room on the map to head to the corresponding page.

Regions in the Mirror World

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