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Royal Road - Stage 6

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Royal Road - Stage 6
KTD Royal Road Stage 6 select.png
Stage 6 on the Royal Road level hub.
Level Royal Road
Boss Masked Dedede, Queen Sectonia
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Royal Road - Stage 6.

Stage order
Royal Road - Stage 5 Eternal Dreamland
Royal Road - Stage 7 EX
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Royal Road - Stage 6 is the boss stage of Royal Road in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This stage is a battle against Masked Dedede and Queen Sectonia in succession. It requires 7 Sun Stones to enter, and clearing it leads directly into Eternal Dreamland.


The stage begins as Kirby wanders through an empty royal hall. A 3D Warp Star to the foreground allows him the choice of Circus, Bell, Beetle, and Archer Copy Essences, the four new Copy Abilities introduced in this game. He then passes by Bandana Waddle Dee, who tosses an Assist Star, before Kirby enters a grandiose, gear-powered doorway to a moonlit balcony.

A cutscene titled "Taranza, the master of puppetry" immediately plays. In this scene, Taranza reveals himself to Kirby and comments on his persistence in chasing him to his royal homeland. He explains that the People of the Sky are the ones who sent down the Dreamstalk in hopes that the hero of the lower world would rescue them. However, Taranza saw through their plan and kidnapped the "hero" himself. Using his puppetry magic, he decides to give the hero back to Kirby, though more hostile—and donning a familiar mask.

Masked Dedede fight[edit]

For the first fight, Kirby has to battle Masked Dedede, who is being controlled by Taranza in the background.
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So begins the fight with Masked Dedede, who starts with his familiar hammer and set of usual attacks. In the background, Taranza's strings can be seen controlling Dedede's moves as he Head Slides, Super Dedede Jumps, swings his hammer, and uses a souped-up inhale. He also keeps some of his attacks from his previous appearance in Kirby Super Star Ultra, such as the flamethrower and missiles spawned from his hammer.

When Masked Dedede's health is depleted, his mask shatters in half along with his hammer. Taranza manages to revive him with his magic, however, which gives him a purple color scheme and forces him to grab an axe from one of the background pillars. This turns him into Masked Dedede's Revenge as his iconic theme song begins to play. In this form, Dedede can strike multiple times in succession, fire energy beams from front and behind, and dive across the stage. He also can rapidly spin about with his axe, though doing so will leave him dizzy and vulnerable.

Once Dedede's second form is defeated, the mask shatters completely, freeing him from Taranza's influence as he falls unconscious. A cutscene titled "Divine beauty" begins to play. Taranza, taken aback, suddenly realizes that he stole the wrong "hero", and that Kirby is the true threat. In desperation, Taranza calls upon his master, Queen Sectonia, who proceeds to swat him away for his incompetence. Sectonia gives a short speech where she declares herself the ruler of the heavens, and threatens that nothing will stop her from crushing all that Kirby holds dear.

Queen Sectonia fight[edit]

Kirby next battles Queen Sectonia, who has a number of powerful magic attacks.
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Sectonia's boss fight proceeds directly from here, and has three main phases. In the first phase, Sectonia attacks from the main balcony, using various nonchalant magical attacks and teleporting from various locations to strike at Kirby. She wields two staves which she can use to fire energy beams or bolts of black lightning, and can also turn them into a set of rapiers to rapidly stab Kirby. She can additionally summon a large ring around her thorax, which Kirby must avoid.

When a third of her health is depleted, Sectonia grows mad, and summons a large ruby that floats in the sky, then shoots Kirby up from the ground into the sky with a gust of wind. With the ruby as her battlefield, she performs similar attacks to her first phase, with the added caveat of diving in from the foreground. She also gains the ability to spawn golden discs that she lobs at Kirby, as well as Antler enemies, which he can either swallow for various Copy Abilities or spit back out as a Star Bullet. Because of the smaller playing field, this phase is slightly more difficult to maneuver in, and Kirby should watch where he falls.

After three-quarters of her health are gone, Sectonia uses her staves to shatter the ruby, which tosses Kirby back to the main balcony; his landing is cushioned by the knocked-out Dedede. In this segment, Sectonia combines attacks from her previous two phases. She can still summon golden discs and Antlers, as well as perform a new attack where she rapidly teleports from the background before swiping her rapiers to catch Kirby off guard. After defeating this last phase, Sectonia finally goes down.

In a third cutscene titled "She who holds the stars," King Dedede wakes up, and Kirby happily celebrates with his recovered friend. Sectonia, however, is not willing to admit defeat. As she explains, true beauty is control, and so she decides to merge herself with the Dreamstalk that has guided Kirby up until now. This creates a new foe that threatens to infest the entirety of Floralia, Dream Land, and Popstar itself, and segues directly into the true final level, Eternal Dreamland.

Boss and Abilities[edit]