Grape Garden - Stage 3

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Grape Garden - Stage 3
Grape Garden NinDL Stage 3.jpg
Kirby traverses the blimp flotilla. (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)
Level Grape Garden
Big Switch Yescheck.png
Stage order
Grape Garden - Stage 2 Grape Garden - Stage 4
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Grape Garden - Stage 3 is the third stage of Grape Garden, the fourth level of Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.


This stage takes place in four main areas. The first is on the ground in a dry place. Here, Kirby can find the first Fuse Cannon, though its use is optional.

From there, Kirby finds himself high in the air, flying between blimps propelled by the wind. There are many places to go here, with three doorways along the bottom of the area. The leftmost leads to an optional room which contains a Maxim Tomato, and the rightmost leads to a room with a Big Switch inside. The middle door leads forward.

In the next area, Kirby will work his way down a long hallway lined with propellers. At the end is a Warp Star which, once Kirby hops on, will cause the blimp to take off, leaving Kirby and his star behind.

The Warp Star lands in a cloud canopy, with cloud steps leading upward. Past a number of Laser Balls and other enemies, the stage exit is located at the top of the staircase.


Sprite (Adv/NinDL) Name Copy Ability Sprite (Adv/NinDL) Name Copy Ability
KA Bomber sprite.png KNiD E Bomber.png Bomber Crash KA Laser Ball sprite.png KNiD E LaserBall.png Laser Ball Laser
KA Bounder sprite.png KNiD E Gip.png Bounder/Gip None KA Parasol sprite.png KNiD E Parasol.png Parasol Parasol
KA Bronto Burt sprite.png KNiD E BrontoBurt.png Bronto Burt None KA Shotzo sprite.png KNiD E Shotzo.png Shotzo N/A
KA Broom Hatter sprite.png KNiD E BroomHatter.png Broom Hatter None KA Sir Kibble sprite.png KNiD E SirKibble.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KA Cappy sprite.png KNiD E Cappy.png Cappy None KA Starman sprite.png KNiD E Starman.png Starman Hi-Jump
KA Hot Head sprite.png KNiD E HotHead.png Hot Head Fire KA Sword Knight sprite.png KNiD E SwordKnight.png Sword Knight Sword
KA Kabu sprite.png KNiD E Kabu.png Kabu None KA Waddle Dee sprite.png KNiDL Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None