Computer Virus

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Screenshot from Kirby Super Star
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Computer Virus is a boss in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. In the Japanese version, it is referred to as Battle Windows. It is a living Role-Playing Game. Its strategy is similar to that of a turn-based RPG battle, except the enemy shown will pop out of the screen it is shown on when it is Kirby's turn to attack.

Computer Virus consists of three screens, one showing the actions, one showing the enemies heath, and one showing the enemy itself.

Game Appearances

Kirby Super Star

In Kirby Super Star, the Computer Virus is first encountered in the Crystal area of The Great Cave Offensive. The battle is split into three sections, each with a different enemy. Once one enemy is beaten, the next one appears. During this encounter, the enemies fought are a Slime (between 70 and 90 HP), Dancing Doll (between 100 and 110 HP) and Witch (between 140 and 160 HP). Each of these enemies has to be defeated either by using one of the Copy Abilities provided between each round, or by inhaling certain projectiles generated by their attacks, usually stars.

The Slime and Dancing Doll can fire a star, but they do this rarely. The witch attacks by launching spells from her staff, and she can attack each turn and can defend herself.

The boss is encountered a second time in the Halfmoon area of Milky Way Wishes. The battle is similar, but different adversaries are fought. The Witch is fought first, followed by an Evil Knight (between 240 and 270 HP) and a Red Dragon (between 360 and 365 HP). This version of the boss is also encountered in The Arena.

In the second battle, the Witch retains her strategy, the Evil Knight can fire stars and crescent blades, as well as increase his defeanse. The Red Dragon can fire stars in a much more difficult-to-avoid pattern. He can also increase his defense, launch flame-breath, and can also launch crescents by flapping his wings, and can attack with his claws.

Whenever the Computer Virus is defeated, a number of messages pops up, stating that Kirby has gained a random amount of points in various made-up stats, including "humor points" and "final exam points". As none of these are actual stats in the game, they do not affect gameplay in any way.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Computer Virus Ultra.png
A collection of sprites showing the bosses fought and their alternate colors

The Computer Virus returns in Kirby Super Star's remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. Although its battle has not changed, the enemies fought have been renamed and received graphical makeovers; the Dancing Doll has been changed to Puppet, the Witch has become a Magician and the Red Dragon, not being red in Kirby Super Star Ultra, has been renamed Great Dragon. In addition to its original appearances, it is also encountered in Meta Knightmare Ultra and Helper to Hero. In the latter, the enemies from its Milky Way Wishes appearance are fought, but their palettes have been changed.


  • The music that plays during the battle with the Computer Virus is an 8-bit remix of the normal boss music.
  • In the original Kirby Super Star, the windows take their appearance from the Classic Mac OS.