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A race on the Sky course, in progress.

Sky is a course of the Top Ride mode in Kirby Air Ride.

This course takes place in a ruin setting high in the clouds, similar to the sky towers of Butter Building. The course is a clockwise affair around various walkways, circular platforms and a ramp. It starts with the left circular platform, which is connected by bridges which can extend and contract, as well as convey. To activate these bridges, a button in the center of the platform can be pressed by jumping onto it using the boost panel. From there, a ramp can be found with 3 additional boost panels on it. As racers ride on the ramp, it will bob up and down, reacting to the racers' weight. From there, a large circular platform needs to be crossed, which bears some cylindrical structures on it - serving as obstacles. This platform can spin either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the way the wind is blowing. After this, the track loops.

With the hazards turned off, the boost panels don't work, the button to move the left circle platform about does not work, and the right circle platform does not spin.

The default amount of laps required to finish is 6.

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