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KatFL Elfilin artwork.png
Artwork of Elfilin from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Latest appearance Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023, reference)
Other appearance(s) Kirby's Dream Buffet (cameo)
Related Fecto Forgo, Fecto Elfilis
Similar Elline, Mr. Star, Ribbon
Voice actor(s) Kurumi Mamiya
Theme music

30-second sample of Elfilin's theme.

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A mystical new friend you met in a mysterious new world. You found Elfilin as he was trying to save the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack. He seems happy to be Kirby's guide, sharing helpful advice to save the Waddle Dees and rebuild their town. Thanks, Elfilin!
— Elfilin's figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Elfilin is a supporting character who appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, serving as Kirby's primary companion. He is a small flying chinchilla-like creature capable of speech with giant ears (the right one having a large missing section on the rim) and turquoise fur. His eyes are bright blue and appear to shimmer in the light. Elfilin appears to be largely helpless at first, and is not keen on fighting, but he is later shown to have potent abilities, including the power to open wormholes through Another Dimension to connect distant worlds. Aside from that, his main role is to give Kirby (and the player by extension) advice and information on various things in the new world and in Waddle Dee Town.

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Elfilin joins Kirby after being rescued from a Beast Pack cage in the stage Point of Arrival, hoping to help the pink puffball save all the Waddle Dees, who Elfilin had gotten to know before they were captured. Along the way, Kirby and Elfilin become fast friends, and are later separated when King Dedede kidnaps him and takes him to an abandoned laboratory atop a volcano. Later on, it is revealed that Elfilin was (unbeknownst to him) derived from a primordial life-form known to the new world civilization as "Specimen ID-F86", who is kept in that laboratory and who seeks to be reunited with him to reform the ultimate life-form: Fecto Elfilis. When this eventually happens, Kirby has to fight this life-form and split Elfilin back out again, and then destroy the remaining life-form with Elfilin's help.


The origin of Elfilin's name has not been concretely confirmed. It may be a corruption of his ID, "F87," as a result of splitting off of F86. It is also an anagram for "Nil Life"; "Nil" is the Japanese name for Void. The opening cutscene of Lab Discovera contains Morse code that spells "EFILLIN" when decoded; "Efillin" is "Nil Life" spelled backwards, and more similar to his Japanese name.[1] In the Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions of Leongar's figure description, it is also revealed that his full name is "Fecto Elfilin" (フェクト・エフィリン, 菲克特·艾菲靈 / 菲克特·艾菲灵, and 펙트 에피린, respectively), matching with Fecto Elfilis.


Kirby agreeing to help Elfilin rescue the Waddle Dees shortly after they meet.
When I'm with you, Kirby, everything becomes an adventure!
— Elfilin on the World Map in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Through his actions and dialogue, Elfilin is characterized as a kind and energetic, yet unassuming creature who only wishes to live in peace with the Waddle Dees in the new world. When the Waddle Dees are captured, Elfilin is eager to rescue them on his own, but decides to let Kirby take the lead once he offers to help. Despite being imbued with incredible power, Elfilin seems to be unaware of this until after merging and re-separating from Fecto Forgo; up to that point, he is largely helpless without Kirby's protection. Even after this, he states that his power is still weak, as he can only open and close a single portal to Popstar at a time.

Game appearances[edit]

Elfilin's video game appearances  
Game Role Notes
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Supporting protagonist
Kirby's Dream Buffet Cameo Appears as part of a costume for Kirby, and also appears on a couple Character Treats. The Elfilin Cake stage is based on him.
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe Reference Appears as a golden statue in Merry Magoland as a reward for completing 100 Missions, and his likeness appears in the form of two Dress-Up Masks.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

Kirby and Elfilin teaming up to defeat the final boss at the end of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Elfilin makes his first appearance in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and is the very first that Kirby frees from one of the Beast Pack's cages in the Point of Arrival stage. Once freed, Elfilin is eager to help Kirby free all of the captured Waddle Dees, and so he accompanies Kirby on his adventure from then on. In stages, Elfilin may pipe up with some instructional dialogue, for instance, informing Kirby that he can keep his Copy Ability while using a Mouthful Mode if he keeps discarding his ability near a mouthful object. He will also make a remark when entering a new area on the new world and give Kirby advice and expository dialogue, both on the World Map and in Waddle Dee Town. Elfilin is also present with Kirby when he is collecting figures from Gotcha Machine Alley, eating food at the Waddle Dee Café, sleeping in Kirby's House, or playing Flash Fishing.

Elfilin is critical to the story of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, since his capture and reabsorption into ID-F86 is the goal of the Beast Pack's leader Leongar, who is being possessed by Fecto Forgo directly. When Kirby defeats King Dedede at the end of Winter Horns, Dedede manages to sneak up from behind while Kirby is dancing and capture Elfilin for this purpose. When Kirby eventually catches up to them at Lab Discovera, he does his best to fight off both Leongar and Fecto Forgo to save Elfilin, but he is absorbed anyways. The two beings combine together to form the final boss of the game: Fecto Elfilis. Kirby has to battle this ultimate life-form until they are weak enough to the point where Kirby can separate Elfilin from them using Dome Mouth. From there, Elfilin helps Kirby destroy Fecto Elfilis for good by powering up his Big-Rig Mouth transformation. Elfilin uses up the last of his power to stop Popstar from crashing into the new world, but is saved from this otherwise-sacrificial act off-screen by Clawroline. He repays the favor to Clawroline by traveling with Kirby into Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams to recover the lost pieces of Leon's soul and bring the lion back to life. Lastly, when Kirby defeats Chaos Elfilis in the final cup of the Colosseum, the last remnants of Fecto Forgo dissipate into a benign life force that reunites peaceably with Elfilin, ending the split for good.

In addition to appearing physically in the game's narrative, Elfilin also appears in the form of a handful of collectible figures.

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

Elfilin as he appears in Kirby's Dream Buffet.

Elfilin appears in Kirby's Dream Buffet as a costume for Kirby. Since Elfilin moves and blinks, it is safe to assume that it is the real Elfilin, and not a prop. In addition, a Minigame stage themed after Elfilin is available to unlock. Elfilin also appears on a few Character Treats.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Elfilin is referenced in a few different ways. In Merry Magoland, Kirby can earn two Dress-Up Masks based on Elfilin: one has a neutral expression, and the other is of him "smiling" (despite not having a visible mouth). The former is unlocked by reaching the end of Stamp Rally card No. 20, while the latter is obtained by completing 100 Missions (this also unlocks a golden statue of Elfilin in the Magoland plaza). Wearing either mask causes the wearer's voice to be replaced by Elfilin's, using voice clips from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

In Magolor's Tome Trackers, Elfilin appears as one of the possible designs on a tome's cover. Additionally, one of the missions for this Sub-Game requires the player to win while wearing the Elfilin mask.


  • While Leongar refers to Elfilin as Fecto Forgo's "missing half" in his dialogue prior to his boss fight, this is not meant to be taken as Elfilin and Fecto Forgo being literal halves of one being; it is more accurately stated elsewhere that Elfilin is "a small, compassionate soul that hid behind greater, invasive ambitions", comparatively a much smaller part of the whole that makes up Fecto Elfilis. By comparison, the Japanese text uses the term 片割れ (kataware), which can be translated as "fragment" in this context.
  • The large hole on the outer rim of Elfilin's right ear is reminiscent of the practice of ear punching, wherein laboratory mice have specific sections of their ears punched out in order for researchers to more easily identify them.
  • From behind, Elfilin is shaped like a chipped heart.[2] This might be a reference to his kind-hearted nature, and/or the fact that he "was born from a small, compassionate soul" of Fecto Elfilis.[3]


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Quotes from Elfilin in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
  • "Phew! You saved me! Thank you..."
  • "But what about those other guys, the Waddle Dees? They were all captured! And taken away!"
  • "We fought those beasts as hard as we could, but they kept coming back for more."
  • "I have to go save them. I have to!"
  • "What? You'll help me save everyone? That's great!"
  • "So...your name is Kirby?"
  • "I'm Elfilin! Nice to meet you!"
  • "Such incredible power! Whatever it's trying to do, it's going to be pretty bad..."
  • "What is it, Kirby?"
  • "Whoa! Is that..."
  • "Is that your home? That's Planet Popstar?!"
  • "Oh no! It's pulling Popstar through that huge vortex! It wants your world to collide with this one!"
  • "We have to stop it! But how?!"
  • "Is this...Planet Popstar?!"
  • "Everything is being pulled in!"
  • "I need to close the connection between worlds..."
  • "even if it takes all the power I've got!"
  • "Hey, Kirby..."
  • "Thanks for everything."
  • "Hey, look! Clawroline is visiting our town! She looks a bit upset... Hmm..."
  • "Ah! Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Kirby?"
  • "When things finally calmed down and the animals came to celebrate with us...Leongar was missing."
  • "I bet Clawroline has been looking for him..."
  • "She might have found something! We should ask her what's going on."
  • "Is this...another mysterious vortex?!"
  • "What? You sense Leongar somewhere in there?"
  • "Oh my gosh..."
  • "This feeling! This is exactly how it felt when I was absorbed by my other half, Fecto Elfilis!"
  • "It's possible that, after that big battle, Leongar became trapped in this strange place..."
  • "C'mon, Kirby! We have to check it out!"
  • "Ooh, look! Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop is open! Looks like a quick way to grab Copy Abilities..."
  • "I also heard the Waddle Dee inside knows a secret to growing stronger. Let's pay 'em a visit!"
  • "When you're ready to explore some more, just hop on the Warp Star and fly to a new area!"
  • "When the Waddle Dees were first being captured, I thought I would end up all alone again..."
  • "But then I met you, Kirby. And you worked so hard to save everyone and rebuild this town..."
  • "Thank you, Kirby. Thank you so much!"
  • "Something is written on this wall! Let's see... "FIRSTPASSWORD" Is this a hidden Present Code?"
  • "Ooh! There's a strange message in this pamphlet... "KIRBYSTORY" This must be the hidden Present Code!"
  • "Huh? There's something written here... "KIRBYTHEGOURMET" Is this a hidden Present Code?"
  • "Say... What do you think the Beast Pack wants the Waddle Dees for anyway?"
  • "I had just gotten to know all of them when the pack arrived and starting capturing everyone."
  • "We're far from the beasts' territory, so we thought building a town here would keep us safe..."
  • "Thank goodness you came along, Kirby!"
  • "The Waddle Dees work really hard. I can't believe they rebuilt this town so quickly!"
  • "The Waddle Dees told me they used to live in the same place as you! Did you know each other there?"
  • "..."
  • "Huh."
  • "So THAT'S how you all knew each other before you came here? I never would have guessed!"
  • "I bet that keeps things interesting. I'm kinda jealous!"
  • "Hey, look at this! There's a code hidden here... "BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM" Is this a hidden Present Code?"
  • "When I severed the connection between our two worlds, I used up all of my power. I blacked out..."
  • "But Clawroline found me. She kept me alive!"
  • "That's how I was able to see you again, Kirby. So...if she needs help, then I volunteer!"
  • "Wow! They built a corner stage! Looks like that band is named the Deedly Dees."
  • "Can we stop and listen? Maybe they'll play requests if we toss Star Coins into their guitar case."
  • "This band is great! C'mon, let's keep our Star Coins flowing by holding down A!"
  • "Have you wondered why the Beast Pack stopped attacking and left this town alone?"
  • "You certainly helped when you arrived, Kirby, but..."
  • "The Waddle Dees told me that Meta Knight has been fighting to protect the town all on his own!"
  • "He keeps watch day and night... He's even doing it right now from that perch up there!"
  • "Gosh, Meta Knight is so strong...and so cool!"
  • "Something is written on this wall... "THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT" Is this a hidden Present Code?"
  • "Hey Kirby! I think there's a Present Code back here! "THANKYOUKIRBY" Maybe it's a thank-you gift from the Waddle Dees?"
  • "Sorry we disappeared on you, Clawroline!"
  • "The space through that tiny vortex is so weird! It's made from powerful psychic energy."
  • "I think I've been in that place before... It felt just like getting absorbed by my other half!"
  • "Leongar must be stuck in that mysterious space somewhere..."
  • "We'll keep looking for him in there, OK? Just hold on a little bit longer!"
  • "Don't worry! I'm sure we'll find Leongar in there..."
  • "Once he returns, your pack will finally have its old leader back. Just hang on a bit longer!"
  • "Looks like you already collected all the pieces of Leon's Soul in this spot. Let's check the next area!"
  • "Look, Kirby! That photo was taken when the whole Beast Pack came to say hello."
  • "Let's make a bunch of unforgettable memories and fill this whole wall with photos!"
  • "Whoa! We have to stop Leongar! Here, Kirby—use this!"
  • "I'm really glad we were able to bring back Leongar—oops, I mean Leon—and bring him back!"
  • "I haven't forgotten, y'know. When I used up all my powers to close the connection between worlds..."
  • "You saved me, Clawroline. You kept me alive and made sure I'd be able to see Kirby again!"
  • "You helped me when I needed it, and we helped you in return. Now we can all be friends together!"
  • "When we heard Leongar had gone missing, I wasn't sure what we should do..."
  • "I'm so glad we managed to save him!"
  • "Now that everyone is safe, I hope we can make all kinds of unforgettable memories together!"
  • "Oh my gosh! Look, Kirby! The Deedly Dees gave us a special figure to thank us for supporting them!"
  • "The Waddle Dees in town all chipped in and had Star Coins delivered to your house, Kirby!"
  • "If you lose a whole lot of Star Coins during your adventure, the Waddle Dees will help you regain roughly half of the lost amount. They're so sweet!"
  • "Gosh, Kirby! I'm glad you like talking to me so much."
  • "Say...I never told you about what happened here before you arrived, did I?"
  • "In the past, all the animals of this world lived in peace and harmony—kinda like we are now!"
  • "I mean, we fought every now and then, but..."
  • "We all tried to share our food and work together. Things were really nice!"
  • "Then one day...a big, scary figure calling himself Leongar rose to power."
  • "Under his rule, everyone started going wild!"
  • "I got pretty scared, so I went into hiding for a long time...until the Waddle Dees started appearing!"
  • "They were lost and afraid, so I wanted to help them. We eventually decided a town would keep us safe!"
  • "The first few buildings had just gone up when the animals—now called the Beast Pack—found us."
  • "We fought as hard as we could, but in the end, the town was destroyed...and everyone got captured..."
  • "That's when you dropped in, Kirby!"
  • "Thank you so much for saving me back then. I'm so glad I met you..."
  • "I hope we can go on another adventure someday!"
  • "My power to create vortices isn't very strong, but I can open one to Planet Popstar anytime."
  • "So no matter what the future holds...I hope we'll always stay friends, Kirby!"
  • "C'mon, Kirby! Let's go save those poor, captured Waddle Dees!"
  • "Looks like the Waddle Dees have been hard at work! Wanna take a look around?"
  • "The Waddle Dees are returning! Things here are starting to pick up!"
  • "I wonder how the Waddle Dees we saved are doing... We should check up on 'em!"
  • "I wonder what the Waddle Dees are planning to rebuild next..."
  • "All of these movies look so interesting! I can't you pick!"
  • "Picked a movie yet, Kirby? We should find our seats soon...but quietly! Shhh!"
  • "There are so many movies playing here! Which one should we watch, Kirby?"
  • "Hey, Kirby! Come check this out!"
  • "So many Copy Abilities... Which one is your favorite, Kirby?"
  • "Have you picked which ability you want? It's hard to choose... There are so many!"
  • "Mr. Sandbag is in the next room. You can practice your moves on him!"
  • "There are so many different figures... Do you have a favorite, Kirby?"
  • "Gosh. Once you start collecting's hard to stop!"
  • "We still need to collect a few figures... Let's use a Gotcha Machine!"
  • "There must be a Rare Stone waiting at the end of each Treasure Road. Hmm..."
  • "Ahhh. It's nice to be surrounded by all this greenery...right, Kirby?"
  • "The ocean looks so beautiful! We should go for a swim while we're here."
  • "Hey, Kirby! Where should we go next?"
  • "Adventures get me so excited...especially when I'm with you, Kirby!"
  • "When I'm with you, Kirby, everything becomes an adventure!"
  • "Looks like they finished a new building in town. Let's go take a look!"
  • "There are Present Codes hiding all over this town... Who could be writing them?"
  • "Hey, Kirby... Do we have any new Present Codes that we haven't used yet?"
  • "If you need to rest, a quick nap in this cute little house oughta perk you right up!"
  • "Low on health? Kirby's House will always cover your a cozy blanket!"
  • "Gosh, Kirby. Your house sure is round...almost as round as you are!"
  • "You're low on health, Kirby... Maybe we should head back to town and rest up!"
  • "Your health looks a bit low, Kirby. Wanna rest up in your house?"
  • "If you take a nap in your bed, you'll recover all of your health."
  • "Look, Kirby! They have Maxim Tomatoes—your favorite! Should we get one to go?"
  • "Ooh, something in the café smells gooood! Wanna get some tea together, Kirby?"
  • "It's such a nice day... We should eat up on the second floor of the café!"
  • "If you keep doing amazing things, you might get enough special photos to cover this whole wall!"
  • "Let's head back to town and hand over that new blueprint you just got!"
  • "Hey, Kirby! I think one of your Copy Abilities is ready to be evolved!"
  • "If you wave at the Waddle Dees with , I bet they'll wave back. Let's say hi!"
  • "Kirby... I'm scared... But we can't stop now. We have to keep going!"
  • "Whoa! It's an amusement park! There are so many rides here... I can't wait!"
  • "Ooh! The Colosseum is hosting something called the Meta Knight Cup. Let's enter!"
  • "Whoa! I can hear the crowd cheering from all the way out here!"
  • "Whoooa, my gosh! You can see the whole town from up here!"
  • "Doesn't the wind feel great up here, Kirby?"
  • "Brrr! We're not gonna stay here too long, right? I might f-f-freeze..."
  • "Ooh! An item that will double your health! We can use that if a boss gives us trouble."
  • "Buy some Attack Boosts! They might help you win your Colosseum battles."
  • "They have an item to increase your speed! You'll zip-zoom through any stage with this!"
  • "The Waddle Dees are fishing... We should try some fishing too, don'tcha think?"
  • "Tilt-and-Roll Kirby is so! Much! Fun! I like to make it tilt...then feel it tumble!"
  • "People are beating Tilt-and-Roll Kirby in record times from all over the world!"
  • "Know what I heard? I heard there are Present Codes hiding all over town!"
  • "I heard there's a Present Code hidden somewhere in town. Let's find it!"
  • "If you at the Waddle Dees, they'll get excited with you!"
  • "Clawroline is in town! Do you think we should, um...check in with her? Maybe?"
  • "This band can play all kinds of music. We should make a request!"
  • "Looks like this band is taking requests! What should we ask them to play?"
  • "Should we visit the Gotcha Machine alley? We might "gotch" the last ones we need!"
  • "You should enter the Colosseum battles! I wanna watch you test your skills!"
  • "Statues? Of us? Right in the middle of town?! Aww! I think I'm blushing..."
  • "This place is just sand, sand, and more sand! I wonder how far it goes..."
  • "Gosh! So much lava! If we don't keep moving, we might start to melt!"
  • "I'm so glad to be safe with you again, Kirby. I want us to stay this close forever!"
  • "This place feels unstable. It's like we're inside someone's dream..."
  • "This place feels like it's made from super-strong psychic energy... Let's be careful."
  • "There's only one piece of Leon's Soul left to find here! But...where is it?"
  • "I think we got all the pieces of Leon's Soul in this area..."
  • "I'm not scared...'cause I've got you right by my side, Kirby! Right? Right!"
  • "I wonder if Leongar is OK back there... We've gotta find him, Kirby! Let's go!"
  • "An intense tourney is underway at the Colosseum. I'm nervous, but...let's enter!"
  • "One of the fish in this pond is so amazing, it's become a local legend... Let's catch it!"
  • "The band's guitar case is out. Maybe we can upgrade their stage even more!"
  • "There are so many pretty flowers out here in the plaza...and they're all in bloom!"
  • "Wow, this town is really coming together. There's so much to do here now!"
  • "Are you ready? Then let's get going! Adventure, here we come!"
  • "Let's bring that new blueprint back to the weapons shop in town!"
  • "Hey, isn't there a reward waiting for us at the Colosseum? Let's go claim it!"
  • "OK, Kirby! Hurry, hurry! Let's get out there and save some Waddle Dees!"
  • "King Dedede is visiting! Maybe he wants to give us something... Let's go check!"
  • "The café always looks so busy... Maybe we can help 'em out!"
  • "They say a legendary "Bling Blipper" lives in the fishing pond. Let's try to catch it!"
  • "Ooh! Ooh! Can we play a few rounds of Tilt-and-Roll Kirby? I bet we beat it today!"
  • "The Ultimate Cup is underway! You should enter, Kirby. I know you can win!"
  • "You saved all the Waddle Dees! Let's head back to town and celebrate with them!"
  • "The next boss might be tough... Should we head back to town and prepare first?"
  • "There must be <number> pieces of Leon's Soul hidden around here somewhere..."
  • "Ooh! It looks like you can inhale this big object without dropping your current Copy Ability..."
  • "Approach the object, then press B to give it a try!"
  • "See the stars that keep popping up? You can use B to inhale them, then spit 'em back out with B again!"
  • "If you don't have a Copy Ability handy, try to spit those stars back at the enemy. That'll show 'em!"
  • "If you need to rush back to town, you can just press B on the World Map!"
  • "Hold down R while you tilt the control stick to move a bit faster!"
  • "To decorate your house with figures, just open up your collection with -..."
  • "Then select the figure you want, and press + to display it!"
  • "Watch out, Kirby! Your health is running low! Hold down X to use your stock item and heal up!"
  • "Whoa, hang on! You almost left a blueprint behind."
  • "Blueprints are important, so be sure to grab them."
  • "Hey, Kirby! Didn't you pick up a blueprint?"
  • "You should bring it to Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop to evolve the ability into something more powerful!"
  • "Hey, Kirby! I think the <ability name> ability you used in that last battle is ready to be evolved..."
  • "We can evolve that ability to be even stronger, then come back and use it to fight the boss!"
  • "Hey, Kirby! Evolved Copy Abilities are extra powerful, aren't they?"
  • "They all have unique qualities too. Try experimenting with different abilities when you fight!"
  • "Don't forget about your stock items, Kirby! Just hold down X to use them. It even works during battles!"
  • "If you have food saved as a stock item, you can use it to recover some health."
  • "Just stop by the Waddle Dee Café in town and grab a to-go order!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エフィリン
Traditional Chinese 艾菲靈
Transliteration of the Japanese name
  • The character 靈/灵 is also derived from 精靈/精灵 (jīnglíng, elf).
Simplified Chinese 艾菲灵
Dutch Elfilin -
French Elfilin -
German Elfilin -
Italian Elfilin -
Korean 에피린
Portuguese Elfilin -
Spanish Elfilin -


  1. Video decoding the Morse code in Lab Discovera's opening
  2. Shinya Kumazaki, Nintendo DREAM June 2022 interview (translation by Gigi)
  3. "The Elfilin we first met was born from a small, compassionate soul that hid behind greater, invasive ambitions. Without a soul to temper its power, the creature's spatial-teleportation ability ran amok, opening mysterious vortices left and right. Now that they're whole again, they're already planning their next invasion..." --Fecto Elfilis figure flavor text