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Winter Horns

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Winter Horns
KatFL Winter Horns opening shot.png
Screenshot from the reveal of Winter Horns.
Level No. 4
No. of Waddle Dees 49
Stages Northeast Frost Street
Metro on Ice
Windy, Freezing Seas
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
An Unexpected Beast King (boss)
Treasure Road stages Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze
Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial
Cast a Line! Chain Bomb Trial
Dig and Dash! Path of Fences
Triple Strike! Over Freezing Water
Sliding Road! High-Speed Skating
Roll Up and Throw! Clutter Needle Trial
Long Shots! Noble Ranger Trial
Stop Time! Slow-World Scramble
Speed and Swerve! Conveyor Circuit
Boss(es) King Dedede
Theme music

Theme for the map of Winter Horns.

Level order
Wondaria Remains Originull Wasteland
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Brrr! We're not gonna stay here too long, right? I might f-f-freeze...
— Elfilin, in reference to Winter Horns

Winter Horns is the fourth level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, accessible after clearing Wondaria Remains. It consists of five main stages and ten Treasure Road stages. There are a total of 49 Waddle Dees to rescue in this level. The boss of the level is King Dedede, who is fought in the final regular stage, An Unexpected Beast King. Winter Horns is, fittingly, filled with stages that take on a frigid winter theme, with snow, ice, and freezing water being commonplace. The ruins here are largely made of brick and cobble, reflecting an architectural style similar to that of Victorian-era London.


Winter Horns features five regular stages and ten Treasure Road stages. The regular stages are played and unlocked in sequence, while the Treasure Road stages have separate unlock criteria. For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stages in Winter Horns  
Stage Unlock Req. Waddle Dees Mouthful Modes Bosses/Mid-Bosses Notes
No 10 Vending Mouth, Stairs Mouth
Complete Northeast Frost Street. 10 Cone Mouth, Dome Mouth, Storage Mouth
Complete Metro on Ice. 11 Pipe Mouth, Ring Mouth, Scissor-Lift Mouth This stage contains the blueprint for Dragon Fire.
Complete Windy, Freezing Seas. 11 Car Mouth, Cone Mouth, Dome Mouth, Pipe Mouth, Vending Mouth Fleurina, Wild Bonkers, Wild Edge, Wild Frosty This stage is a Tower of Mid-Bosses, and has a secret path. The blueprint for Frosty Ice can be found here.
Complete The Battle of Blizzard Bridge and rescue at least 23 Waddle Dees. 7 No King Dedede Clearing this stage unlocks Originull Wasteland. This stage contains the blueprint for Homing Bomb.
Treasure Road stages in Winter Horns  
Stage Difficulty Unlock Req. Ability/Mode used Spring-Breeze Mode Time Wild Mode Time Target Time Notes
★★ Find it in the World Map Light-Bulb Mouth 2:30 2:00 1:10
★★★ Find it in the World Map Meta Knight Sword 3:30 3:00 1:30
★★ Complete Northeast Frost Street Chain Bomb 3:30 3:00 1:30
★★ Complete Metro on Ice Pencil Drill 2:00 1:30 0:45
★★ Complete Windy, Freezing Seas Tornado 2:00 1:30 0:30
★★ Complete The Battle of Blizzard Bridge Ice 2:00 1:30 0:45
★★ Rescue 5 Waddle Dees in Winter Horns Clutter Needle 3:30 3:00 1:20
★★ Rescue 16 Waddle Dees in Winter Horns Noble Ranger 3:30 3:00 1:30
★★★ Rescue 27 Waddle Dees in Winter Horns Time Crash 0:40 0:10 0:07
★★★ Rescue 38 Waddle Dees in Winter Horns Car Mouth 1:30 1:00 0:40



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホワイティホルンズ
Howaiti Horunzu
Whitey Horns
Chinese 雪白角峰
Xuěbái Jiǎofēng
Snow-white Horns
Dutch Witpiek White peak
French Winterwald Wald is the German name for forest.
German Winterkuppe Winter hilltop
Italian Ortonevoso Snowy Garden
Korean 화이티 호른즈
Hwaiti Horeunjeu
Whitey Horns
Spanish Olvido Invernal Wintry Oblivion