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Formula Star

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Formula Star
KAR Formula Star Artwork.png
Artwork of the Formula Star from Kirby Air Ride
Flavor text "The best top speed of all! Keep moving..."
Unlock for Air Ride Complete Frozen Hillside's Time Attack under 03:14:00
Emphasis Top Speed
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This machine is incredibly powerful when touching the ground and boasts a very high top speed. When racing this machine, you should try to maintain its top speed!
— Kirby Air Ride North American instruction booklet, page 34

The Formula Star is a rideable machine in Kirby Air Ride. It is best known for possessing the highest maintainable top speed of all non-legendary vehicles in the game.


This vehicle is relatively large, in comparison to other vehicles. It is a sleek, neon-blue machine, with a floating crescent-shaped spoiler at back, and two white propulsion units at each side. The Formula Star's name is most likely derived from the term "Formula Racing".


The Formula Star has a top speed of 42.86 mph (68.98 km/h), the highest of all machines usable in Air Ride mode. Both of the two legendary machines in City Trial can vastly outperform its top speed, however. (The Dragoon specifically has a slightly slower top speed on the ground, but a faster top speed in the air and a much better acceleration than the Formula Star.)

It also has decent HP, offense, and defense, and average weight. However, all of its other attributes are abysmal. Its turning and acceleration are terrible; because of this, the vehicle can rarely reach, and maintain, its top speed without crashing into a boundary or obstacle. On top of that, it is absolutely the worst glider in the entire game, in terms of both flight distance and jump height.

These factors render the Formula Star unsuitable for most tracks in Air Ride mode; it can even have difficulty on the relatively straight course that is Nebula Belt. In City Trial, however, it can be a fearsome contender if the rider holds enough turn and boost patches to make up for the machine's flaws, and it is almost always a top contender in Drag Race Stadiums, regardless of patches.

How to Unlock[edit]

To unlock this machine for use in Air Ride mode, the player must beat Frozen Hillside's Time Attack in under 03:14:00 with any machine.

In City Trial, the Formula Star can occasionally be found randomly throughout the city and be mounted like most other air ride machines. It is always available in Free Run as well.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Artwork of the Formula Star from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
And now let me present our first Air Ride Machine! Formula Star! When the Formula Star gets revved up, there's no stoppin' it!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, in Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I

The Formula Star appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, specifically in Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I and Part II, where it is ridden by one of the Air Riders. It is the first Air Ride Machine that Kirby commandeers and learns to pilot, though he notably never rides it in Fright to the Finish.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フォーミュラスター
Fōmyura Sutā
Formula Star
Brazilian Portuguese Formula Estrela (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!) Formula Star