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Screenshot from Kirby: Planet Robobot.
Debut Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
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President Haltmann (full name Max Profitt Haltmann[1]) is a character in Kirby: Planet Robobot, serving as the game's primary antagonist. He is President of the Haltmann Works Company, even receiving the dignity of an anthem in his glory, and is responsible for the invasion of Planet Popstar and many worlds before it. He manages this invasion from the comfort of his executive suite on the Haltmann Works' flagship, the planet-sized Access Ark, powered by an ancient relic which he refers to as the Mother Computer.

Role in Kirby: Planet Robobot

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Main Game

Boss InfoBox
Haltmann Boss.jpg
President Haltmann, in his mech and ready to fight.
Debut Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Last Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Similar to Susie
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President Haltmann's likeness is first seen in Stage 1 of Access Ark, after Kirby has already boarded the mothership. He is later encountered directly at the end of that same level, in the Haltmann Works executive office. He dismisses Susie after Mecha Knight+ is defeated, and then proceeds to address Kirby directly. Haltmann then shows him Star Dream, explaining that they'd managed to reactivate it using the knowledge of lost ancient civilizations. He then mans a large mech made of pure gold, presumably built by the computer, and engages Kirby with it.

When he is defeated, he runs a tantrum, calling Kirby and his friends savages. In his rage, he turns to Star Dream and begins to activate it using a special helmet. As he boots it up, however, Susie steals the helmet from him, causing him to black out. As it turns out, Susie was aiming to betray Haltmann this entire time, and take Star Dream for herself. Star Dream itself then intervenes, knocking Susie out as well with a lightning bolt. Star Dream then uses Haltmann's body to declare that it will destroy all of history up to this point, in order to pave the way for 'infinite prosperity'.

At this point, it is explained, primarily through Pause Screen notes, that Haltmann's mind and soul have been intertwined with Star Dream's OS. It is this fusion that sends the computer on a berserk fury. When the machine is finally destroyed, along with Access Ark, Haltmann is destroyed with it.

Meta Knightmare Returns

President Haltmann is encountered at the end of the Access Ark stage, this time as Pres. Haltmann 2.0. After his defeat at the hands of Meta Knight, Star Dream appoints the victor as the new admin. Haltmann is not seen again after this point.

Other Appearances

President Haltmann is encountered as a Boss in The Arena, and his 2.0 form in The True Arena. He is also seen again during the special performance video which is unlocked upon 100% Completion of the game.

Haltmann's likeness can be collected as a Sticker, which is awarded for collecting every Code Cube in the game.

Boss Fight

The following lists all of President Haltmann's attacks in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Haltmann prepares to launch his drones in Phase 1 of the fight.

Names of attacks listed are conjectural--only meant to describe the attack itself.

Attacks - Phase 1
Attack Description
Drone Strike
Haltmann launches his four Susie-shaped drones, which home in on Kirby and leave stars on impact. They can be swallowed for the Spark ability. Haltmann 2.0 uses six drones.
Cyclonic Dash
Haltmann attaches to the central platform, and spins repeatedly around it, leaving two stars when the attack concludes. If any drones are out, they will spin in sync with him.
Drone Ballet
Haltmann deploys two drones, then hops down to the ground level, while the drones do the same. Then all three entities hop around the stage in synchronicity. Haltmann 2.0 uses four drones.

When Haltmann has lost one-fifth of his Stamina, he lowers the central column in the battlefield, changing the arena into a straightforward one.

Haltmann summons a robot minion to deal with Kirby in Phase 2 of the fight.
Attacks - Phase 2
Attack Description
Haltmann rises into the air, and summons a large robot bodyguard to deal with Kirby. Haltmann himself takes severely reduced damage during this attack. The minion leaves a star whenever it punches.
Cyclonic Dash
Haltmann charges up and does a spin dash across the stage, several times, and in several different patters. He occasionally leaves a star in his wake.
Ruby Shot
Haltmann jumps into the air, hovers for a moment, then fires the ruby attached to the bottom of his mech on the ground, leaving a magenta conflagration where it hits. This attack repeats several times. Each shot can be swallowed for the Bomb ability.

When Haltmann is down to half health, he smashes a hole in the middle of the arena, making it a circular one again.

Haltmann has more cash than he knows what to do with...
Attacks - Phase 3
Attack Description
Drone Barrage
Haltmann fires a multitude of drones, which bombard the arena in a large wave.
Haltmann fires a multitude of Haltmann dollar bills into the air, which partially obscure the screen.
Cyclonic Dash
Haltmann does a spin dash around the arena, occasionally jumping across the hole and leaving stars on impact.
Bounce Attack
Haltmann performs a series of bounces across the arena, leaving stars wherever he lands. Haltmann 2.0 may also do some spin attacks in-between jumps.
Haltmann summons two bodyguards into the arena. Haltmann takes minimal damage while they are out.

When Haltmann is down to one-fifth health, he conjures a large square platform to appear in the middle of the arena, and conjures holes in it.

Haltmann goes a little cube-crazy in Phase 4 of the fight.
Attacks - Phase 4
Attack Description
Haltmann summons two bodyguards into the arena. Haltmann takes minimal damage while they are out. Haltmann 2.0 summons four minions.
Cube Beam Attack
Haltmann jumps into the cube, and causes it to fire large beams outward. The third attack causes the cube to swivel before it commences (during the attack for 2.0).
Warp Drill Shot
Haltmann fires his mech like a drill into the cube, which causes him to warp after firing through. He may then crash into the ground and produce shockwaves and stars. Haltmann 2.0 fires as the cube swivels.
Drone Barrage
Haltmann fires a multitude of drones, which bombard the arena in a large wave.

Once Haltmann is defeated, he attempts to pilot his mech further, but it short-circuits and explodes on him, leaving him helpless in his chair, as singed Haltmann dollars rain down on him.


President Haltmann is portrayed in one of the Celebration Pictures in Kirby: Star Allies titled 'Robobot Memories'.


A portrait of Haltmann from Stage 1 of Access Ark.

Haltmann is fairly large and egg-shaped, with pale skin, and disembodied hands and feet. He sports solid cyan eyes, a prominent brow, and purple hair and moustache. He wears a very dark indigo suit with a maroon tie and pink collar. He also sports a small golden radio piece on the side of his head. His gloves and body are adorned with gold-encrusted rubies.

When not piloting his mech, he moves about by means of his hovering golden chair, which suggests a generally sedentary lifestyle.


President Haltmann 2.0.
  • President Haltmann has an anthem in his own glory, called The Noble Haltmann. It is performed by Susie several times during the course of Planet Robobot.
  • Susie was once Haltmann's daughter, though he does not seem to recognize her anymore.
  • The dollar bills that spew out of Haltmann's mech have his face on them. The purple bills that spew out of Haltmann 2.0's mech however, have Susie's face on them.
  • Haltmann's voice can be heard when the last phase of Star Dream Soul OS takes damage and is destroyed.


  1. "His full name is Max Profitt Haltmann. Ever since losing his only child in an accident long ago, he's dedicated his life to the company. However, his only wish is to see his daughter once again..." -Pause Screen Description for Pres. Haltmann 2.0