The Noble Haltmann

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The Noble Haltmann
30 second clip from The Noble Haltmann.
Debut Appearance Kirby: Planet Robobot
Composer(s) Hirokazu Ando
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Susie performs The Noble Haltmann inside the Access Ark Executive Office

The Noble Haltmann is a song performed in Kirby: Planet Robobot, and is the anthem of the Haltmann Works Company. It is performed on multiple occasions throughout the title, at least in part, and serves as the base for many other musical themes in the game.


Each time the anthem is performed in-story, it is done so by secretary Susie. She sings parts of the anthem before the fights with Mecha Knight and Dedede Clone, and part of the lyrics are also revealed in the pause screen during the battle with President Haltmann.

After the player achieves 100% completion of Planet Robobot, a special video is unlocked, wherein Susie performs the entire song to Haltmann in the executive office on Access Ark.


The following are the full lyrics to the song:

Noble Haltmann, we adore him - Noble Haltmann, we adore him
Kingly lord of time and space!
Every day we wish him glory - Every day we wish him glory
Gazing on his noble face!

Master, crush the competition!
In your presence let us stay!
Yours is every star and planet
Now and ever, night and day!

We implore you, dear Haltmann - We implore you, dear Haltmann
Bless our work and be at ease!
Pay and ergonomic seating - Pay and ergonomic seating
Give us favors such as these!

All we wish for you our lord is
That you never lead us wrong!
Rule us all, beloved Haltmann!
That we may all sing our song!

おお 偉大な ハルトマン - おお 偉大な ハルトマン
永遠に 果て無く 栄えよ
おお 我らが ハルトマン - おお 我らが ハルトマン
銀河に 名立たる 王者よ

星星を 手折り 束ねて
全て 捧げて しまえば
皆を 約束の地へと 導く
銀河の 父よ

おお 輝け ハルトマン - おお 輝け ハルトマン
過去に 未来に いまに
おお 讃えよ ハルトマン - おお 讃えよ ハルトマン
讃え 願えば 叶う

宇宙を舞う 青き 翼も
夢歌う 桃色の 花も
心 その身さえ 捧げよ
我らが 父へ

おお 崇めよ ハルトマン - おお 崇めよ ハルトマン
主への 絶対の 忠誠
おお 願えよ ハルトマン - おお 願えよ ハルトマン
黄金の 化身を 信じて

手に入れし 野望 儚く
消え行くは 記憶
時を 巡る歯車
みつめて 願うは 父よ

Oh mighty Haltmann - Oh mighty Haltmann
Eternal glory shall be yours
Oh our Haltmann - Oh our Haltmann
The king’s name is heard throughout the galaxy

He who takes and unites the stars
His kindness knows no bounds
He leads the way to promised wisdom
As the father of our galaxy

Oh shining Haltmann - Oh shining Haltmann
In the past, in the future, now
Oh praise Haltmann - Oh praise Haltmann
With praise he makes our wishes come true

And on blue wings he soars through the galaxy
Singing the song of the peach flower’s dreams
We give our hearts and flesh and blood to him, our father

Oh worship Haltmann - Oh worship Haltmann
Swear loyalty to our lord
Oh pray to Haltmann - Oh pray to Haltmann
Believe in the symbol of wealth

The fleeting ambitions that we hold slowly fade away until only memories remain
The gears of time, ever turning
We look up and pray to our father


  • The lyrics strongly suggest that the Haltmann Works Company is a form of Corporatocracy, as President Haltmann is seen as a ruler, in addition to the company's head.
    • In turn, the Japanese lyrics suggest an even greater fanaticism within the company, comparing Haltmann to a divine figure who deserves to be worshiped.
  • The Japanese version of the song contains an extra two verses, making it longer than the localized English version.
  • The first verse of The Noble Haltmann was sung by Makiko Ohmoto in the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert.

Video Gallery[edit]

High quality rip of the performance video from Planet Robobot.