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Everbay Coast

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Everbay Coast
KatFL Everbay Coast opening shot.png
Screenshot from the reveal of Everbay Coast.
Level No. 2
No. of Waddle Dees 47
Stages Abandoned Beach
Concrete Isles
Scale the Cement Summit
Fast-Flowing Waterworks
The Tropical Terror (boss)
Treasure Road stages Sweet Success! Invincible Rampage
Step It Up! Moving the Stairs
Hammer Road! Hit the Stakes
Dig and Destroy! Drill Trial
Up and Over! Across Spike Road
Light 'Em Up! Lantern Switches
Slash and Slice! Sword Trial
Fling, Twirl, Return! Hit the Switches
Boss(es) Tropic Woods
Theme music

Theme for the map of Everbay Coast.

Level order
Natural Plains Wondaria Remains
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The ocean looks so beautiful! We should go for a swim while we're here.
— Elfilin, in reference to Everbay Coast

Everbay Coast is the second level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, accessible after clearing Natural Plains. It consists of five main stages and eight Treasure Road stages. There are a total of 47 Waddle Dees to rescue in this level. The boss of the level is Tropic Woods, who is fought in the final regular stage, The Tropical Terror. Everbay Coast is a bright and balmy tropical region with lots of open seas, lush greenery, and beaches. It also contains a large amount of flooded structures, including a factory and a dockyard.


Everbay Coast features five regular stages and eight Treasure Road stages. The regular stages are played and unlocked in sequence, while the Treasure Road stages have separate unlock criteria. For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stages in Everbay Coast  
Stage Unlock Req. Waddle Dees Mouthful Modes Bosses/Mid-Bosses Notes
No 9 Ring Mouth Wild Bonkers
Complete Abandoned Beach. 10 Cone Mouth, Pipe Mouth, Scissor-Lift Mouth There is a secret room in this stage.
Complete Concrete Isles. 10 Arch Mouth, Storage Mouth Fleurina This stage contains the blueprint for Clutter Needle.
Complete Scale the Cement Summit. 11 Ring Mouth, Stairs Mouth This stage contains the blueprint for Chain Bomb.
Complete Fast-Flowing Waterworks and rescue at least 19 Waddle Dees. 7 No Tropic Woods Clearing this stage unlocks Wondaria Remains. This stage contains the blueprint for Noble Ranger.
Treasure Road stages in Everbay Coast  
Stage Difficulty Unlock Req. Ability/Mode used Spring-Breeze Mode Time Wild Mode Time Target Time Notes
★★ Find it in the World Map Normal 1:30 1:00 0:30
★★★ Find it in the World Map Stairs Mouth 3:30 3:00 1:45
Complete Abandoned Beach Hammer 3:30 3:00 0:45
Complete Concrete Isles Drill 3:30 3:00 1:10
Complete Scale the Cement Summit Tornado 3:30 3:00 0:30
★★ Complete Fast-Flowing Waterworks Volcano Fire 2:30 2:00 1:00 Despite the given stage order, this stage is unlocked last if the player is methodical in collecting Waddle Dees.
Rescue 5 Waddle Dees in Everbay Coast Sword 3:30 3:00 1:00
★★ Rescue 20 Waddle Dees in Everbay Coast Chakram Cutter 2:30 2:00 1:00


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エバーブルグ海岸かいがん
Ebāburugu Kaigan
Everburg Coast
Traditional Chinese 蔚藍海岸
Wèilán Hǎiàn
Azure Coast
Simplified Chinese 蔚蓝海岸
Wèilán Hǎiàn
Dutch Eeuwigblauwbaai Eternal blue bay
French Estivalia Derived from estivale (summer)
German Ewigblau-Küste Eternalblue-Coast
Italian Oasi Voce d'Oceano Oasis Voice of the Ocean
Korean 에버브룩 해안
Ebeobeuruk Haean
Everbrook Coast
Spanish Eternidad Costera Coastal Eternity