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Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams

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Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams
KatFL Isolated Isles Forgo Dreams opening shot.png
Screenshot from the opening of Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams.
Level No. EX
Stages Forgo Plains
Forgo Bay
Forgo Park
Forgo Horns
Forgo Wasteland
Forgo Zone
Forgo Land
Boss(es) Phantom Gorimondo
Phantom Tropic Woods
Phantom Clawroline
Phantom King Dedede
Phantom Sillydillo
Phantom Forgo Dedede
Forgo Leon
Morpho Knight
Theme music

Theme for the map of Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams.

Level order
Lab Discovera Last level
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This place feels unstable. It's like we're inside someone's dream...
— Elfilin, in reference to the Isolated Isles of Forgo Dreams

Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams (referred to in-universe as the Isolated Isles of Forgo Dreams) is an extra level in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, available after clearing Lab Discovera for the first time. It is accessible from the Observation Tower in Waddle Dee Town. This area is a dream realm created by Fecto Forgo, and where its soul retreated to after its body was destroyed by Kirby and Elfilin. Here, it scattered the soul of Leon so that it could inhabit his body. Kirby and Elfilin travel into this realm to reclaim the pieces of Leon's Soul and break Soul Forgo's influence over the king of the Beast Pack.


Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams feature seven stages, each being unlocked in sequence. These stages are based on earlier levels from the main game, featuring a mish-mash of areas from previous stages with new enemies and obstacles. Instead of rescuing Waddle Dees or completing mission objectives, Kirby and Elfilin need to find the pieces of Leon's soul scattered throughout each stage, with five of those pieces belonging to the boss of the realm. There are no Treasure Road stages in this level. The first six stages are structured in the same way, containing one area for each stage in the level it is based on (plus Point of Arrival for Forgo Plains), each separated by Warp Stars, followed by one unique area, and then a more powerful phantom version of the level boss. Elfilin will inform Kirby when all soul pieces in an area are collected, and how many remain when returning to an incomplete area. Each stage also contains one Vol. 4 capsule and one Rare Stone, making this level the only one in which Rare Stones can be found within stages (however, these Rare Stones can only be collected once).

For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stages in Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams  
Stage Unlock Req. Pieces of Leon's Soul Mouthful Modes Bosses/Mid-Bosses Notes
No 50 Cone Mouth, Dome Mouth, Vending Mouth Wild Bonkers, Phantom Gorimondo Based on Point of Arrival and Natural Plains.
Complete Forgo Plains. 48 Ring Mouth, Stairs Mouth Wild Edge, Phantom Tropic Woods Based on Everbay Coast.
Complete Forgo Bay. 51 Cone Mouth, Light-Bulb Mouth Wild Frosty, Phantom Clawroline Based on Wondaria Remains.
Complete Forgo Park. 51 Cone Mouth, Ring Mouth, Vending Mouth Fleurina, Wild Bonkers, Wild Edge, Wild Frosty, Phantom King Dedede Based on Winter Horns.
Complete Forgo Horns. 49 Cone Mouth, Dome Mouth, Ring Mouth, Scissor-Lift Mouth, Vending Mouth Fleurina, Phantom Sillydillo Based on Originull Wasteland.
Complete Forgo Wasteland. 51 Coaster Mouth
Cone Mouth
Ring Mouth
Vending Mouth
Water-Balloon Mouth
Fleurina, Wild Bonkers, Wild Edge, Wild Frosty, Phantom Forgo Dedede Based on Redgar Forbidden Lands.
Complete Forgo Zone and collect at least 250 soul pieces. 0 No Forgo Leon, Morpho Knight Based on Lab Discovera. The blueprint for Morpho Knight Sword can be found here.


  • To prevent Forgo Land from being unlocked too early, the total amount of soul pieces that can be collected prior to Forgo Zone is 249. Because of this, even a diligent player will have to clear Forgo Zone to reach 250 pieces and unlock Forgo Land.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 絶島ぜっとうドリーミー・フォルガ
Zettō Dorīmī Foruga
Isolated Isles: Dreamy Forga
Traditional Chinese 絕島 幻夢·遺忘
Juédǎo Huànmèng Yíwàng
Isolated Isles: Dream Forgot
Simplified Chinese 绝岛 幻梦·遗忘
Juédǎo Huànmèng Yíwàng
Dutch Isolatia-eilanden: Vergeto-dromen Isolated isles: Forgetto dreams
French Îlots isolés d'Oniro-Oublio Isolated isles of Forgo Dream
Oniro is derived from onirique, which describes something dream-like / related to dreams.
German Isolierte Inseln: Ver'Ges-Träume Isolated Islands: Forgo-Dreams
Italian Isole da sogno Perdis Dream Islands Perdis
"Perdis" is derived from "perduto" (lost).
Korean 외딴섬 드리미 포가
Oettanseom Deurimi Poga
Isolated Isles: Dreamy Forga
Spanish Islas de Sueños Olvi Forgo Dreams Islands