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Ethereal Altar

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Ethereal Altar
KRtDLD Ethereal Altar area screenshot.png
Magolor standing beside the Ethereal Altar, after completing the story.
Area 5
Boss(es) Crowned Doomer
Master Crown
Area order
Locandra Dimension Last area
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Ethereal Altar is the last area of Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. It is the central part of the hub, where the Fruit Fragments gather after being collected. Once all five fragments are collected (by defeating the bosses of each other dimension), they combine to form a large red Gem Apple. When Magolor approaches this apple, he is taken into the last stage of the game, where he battles Crowned Doomer and then the reformed Master Crown. Once both bosses are defeated, Magolor Epilogue is finished, Magolor goes through a rift to the Dream Kingdom, and the staff credits roll.

Stage overview[edit]

Last Stage
KRtDLD Ethereal Altar complete apple and Magolor screenshot.png
Magolor standing before the completed fruit in the Ethereal Altar.
Stage type Main
How to Unlock Complete 4-BOSS
Boss(es) Crowned Doomer
Master Crown
Stage order
Locandra Dimension - 4-BOSS
Locandra Dimension - Extra Stage (optional)
Last stage
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This stage begins as soon as Magolor approaches the Ethereal Altar area after completing Locandra Dimension (and can be revisited afterward by tapping up near the reformed fruit). Magolor stands before the completed fruit when the shards of the Master Crown come flying in and take it over. What emerges is Crowned Doomer - a reformed version of Grand Doomer empowered by the Master Crown - who battles Magolor.

Main article: Crowned Doomer

Crowned Doomer has a similar set of attacks to its main mode counterpart, though it also possesses a great number of new ones, taking elemental cues from all of the previous Magolor Epilogue bosses. In addition to this, in the second phase, after it destroys the altar, it uses a lot of attacks similar to those of Magolor in his boss form from the main game. Once Crowned Doomer is defeated, it dissipates, leaving the shards of the Master Crown and the fruit behind.

Main article: Master Crown (boss)

However, the battle is not over yet, as the shards implant themselves directly into the apple to form a gigantic tree-like aberration. Magolor must fight this new form of the Master Crown by attacking its roots when they attempt to stab at him from portals. In addition to this, Magolor will have to dodge razor-sharp leaves, laser blasts, apple bombs, and summoned Doomer enemies. Once Magolor has the boss on the ropes, he looks around for a way to finish it off and finds a sword left over from the crumbled altar. He grabs it and powers it up to form his own Ultra Sword, which he then uses to cleave the Master Crown in two and finally destroy it.

From here, Magolor is left alone as he observes the hailing remnants of the crown raining gently down. From there, a portal to a new realm opens before him, and Magolor is relieved to finally escape this dimension. During the staff credits, it is revealed that the portal led to the Dream Kingdom from the Team Kirby Clash series, and Magolor takes up his role of Shopkeeper after planting a Gem Apple seed he retrieved from the remains of the Master Crown.


Crowned Doomer[edit]

Master Crown[edit]


Video walkthroughs[edit]

Video of the battle with Crowned Doomer.
Video of the battle with the Master Crown.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エデンの
eden no ma
Room of Eden
Traditional Chinese 恩惠房間
Ēnhuì Fángjiān
Room of Favor
Simplified Chinese 恩惠房间
Ēnhuì Fángjiān
Dutch Lumineus altaar Luminous altar
French Espace éthéré Ethereal space
German Luminus-Altar Luminus-Altar
Italian Dimensione Terra-Aere Earth-Air Dimension
This may be an oblique reference to Genesis 1:1 ("in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"), keeping with the religious themes of the game mode.
Korean 은총의 방
eunchong-ui bang
Room of Grace
Portuguese Altar Etéreo Ethereal Altar
Spanish Altar Etéreo Ethereal Altar