Prism Plains - Secret

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Prism Plains - Secret
Kirby admires some pillars.
Level Prism Plains
Mid Boss(es) Doc
EX Stage? Yescheck.png
Treasure(s) Graphic Piece
Stage Order
Boss stage Nature Notch - Stage 1
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Prism Plains - Secret is a secret bonus stage of Prism Plains in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It can be accessed by collecting the Secret door key from the large Treasure Chest in Stage 4.


This stage consists of six main areas. It begins inside a series of interconnected rooms in the castle, where Kirby will be greeted by Maigas and a Bio Spark.

The next area takes Kirby through a long narrow hallway which snakes in places past more enemies, including the notorious Crimp.

From there, Kirby gains access to a much wider hall where he can swallow a Twister and wreak havoc on the enemies up ahead.

Kirby ends up next in a tall vertical chute, where he can use the Hi Jump ability to progress. On the left side of the ascent is a doorway leading to a room with a Treasure Chest inside. The main door forward is up top.

Kirby will then have to walk along the crumbling outer wall of the castle, dodging flying enemies and Shotzos as he goes.

The last room is an open area with lots of interspersed platforms. The large treasure chest can be seen being carried away on a moving platform, and Kirby will have to catch it to get the chest. Once obtained, Doc and his Squeakers will appear to harass Kirby. Kirby can ignore them by proceeding right to the stage exit, but he can defeat Doc to get the UFO ability if he so wishes.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
Piece Red.png Graphic Piece Part of a big picture. PrismPlains-Ex Treasure1.png
Heart Half.png Vitality Collect two to extend your life. PrismPlains-Ex Treasure2.png