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Sprite from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
First game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Tac
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Droppy is a common enemy in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is a round, yellow creature with two pointed tips for feet and another at the top of its head, giving it a drop-like shape. Its face consist solely of two large black eyes and a small red mouth.

Droppy moves about in an swift and light manner, being able run very fast and jump, as well as inflate itself and float around. If it manages to collide with Kirby, both he and the enemy lose health. In addition, if Kirby gets near it while in possession of a Copy Ability, it begins to inhale in a similar manner as Kirby himself, attempting to rob him of his ability. Once it has successfully stolen a Copy Ability, Droppy transforms into a pink and slightly quicker version of the enemy that most commonly yields the ability it absorbed, assuming its behavior and pushing Kirby away a bit in the process.

Although Droppy has low health and can be defeated with any attack, doing so in any other way than by swallowing it after it has pilfered Kirby's Copy Ability results in the permanent loss of said ability. Kirby can only regain it by inhaling and swallowing the Droppy that has taken it from him. If it has not absorbed any, Droppy grants no ability.

List of Forms

Depending on the Copy Ability they manage to acquire, Droppies are able to take the form of one the following creatures:

Ability Base Enemy Appearance
Beam Waddle Doo K&tAMDroppyBeam.png
Bomb Foley K&tAMDroppyBomb.png
Burning Flamer K&tAMDroppyBurning.png
Cook Cookin KatAMDroppyCook.png
Crash Bomber KatAMDroppyCrash.png
Cupid Cupie KatAMDroppyCupid.png
Cutter Sir Kibble K&tAMDroppyCutter.png
Fighter Boxin K&tAMDroppyFighter.png
Fire Hot Head KatAMDroppyFire.png
Hammer None* K&tAMDroppyRed.png
Ice Pengy KatAMDroppyIce.png
Laser Laser Ball KatAMDroppyLaser.png
Magic None* K&tAMDroppyRed.png
Mini Minny KatAMDroppyMini.png
Missile Bang-Bang K&tAMDroppyMissile.png
Parasol None* K&tAMDroppyRed.png
Sleep Noddy KatAMDroppySleep.png
Smash None* K&tAMDroppyRed.png
Spark Sparky K&tAMDroppySpark.png
Stone Rocky K&tAMDroppyStone.png
Sword Sword Knight KatAMDroppySword.png
Throw None* K&tAMDroppyRed.png
Tornado Twister KatAMDroppyTornado.png
U.F.O. UFO KatAMDroppyUFO.png
Wheel Wheelie KatAMDroppyWheel.png

*When Droppy absorbs these abilities, it does not transform, but instead turns red and starts to frantically run around.


  • The enemies that Droppy is able to transform into by stealing abilities are identical to those displayed as part of the respective abilities' Copy Essences.
  • While Droppy is transformed into a different enemy, it is referred to by that enemy's name on its health bar when Kirby attacks it.
  • Droppies earned their name from "drop" (referring to their drop-like appearance) and "copy" (due to their ability to steal your Copy Ability).

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロッピー
French Copigoutte From copier (to copy) and goutte (drop).
German Droppin -
Italian Gocciola Little drop
Spanish Gotita Little drop